Prepositions after "curious"

"curious about" or "curious as"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 68% of cases curious about is used

I was curious about the change.

I am curious about the legumes.

Curious about opinions on that.

I'd particularly curious about the local, Colorado Springs/El Paso County numbers.

Curious about how far we had to go, we asked someone how close we were to the top.

OP, I'd curious about the size and organization of the companies you've worked at.

They are telling us that they are curious, but we aren't bothering to offer the subjects they are curious about.

Any of you curious about the psychology of this stuff, as displayed above, might enjoy it if you get the chance.

These questions may seem irrelevant but people out here are more curious about the status of these two projects.

In 20% of cases curious as is used

Curious as to what others think.

I was curious as to why that was.

Curious as to your reactions to that.

Before leaving, he suggested that he was curious as to what lied beneath her surface.

Harriet I noticed it:) I was actually really curious as to how you did it, so thanks.

I'd curious as to when and where this particular prediction of the future originated.

But I am curious as to why adjuncts don't see a similar tradeoff: comparatively few high school teachers have a Ph.

I felt that the sky was the limit for us and I was very anxious and curious as to see where the story would unfold.

TIME Tom Ohio I was curious as to just how much the touted video was responsible for these crazed muzzie outbursts.

So I suppose I'd just curious as to what it could be You spent too much time online with supposedly attractive girl.

In 2% of cases curious in is used

That seems curious in and of itself.

I'd just curious in the christian viewpoint.

I'd curious in what sense was he illiterate.

It's curious in the Civil War, the men who were most hated were not very dangerous men.

It is a curse to be intelligent, educated and curious in a time of vast systemic upheaval.

Here is a fragment of a very old cross, one of the most curious in Ireland, covered with numerous grotesque figures.

If you're that curious in what I have to say next, then keep it plugged in because I'd not going anywhere, obviously.

On the day he studied the craterised district, he also jotted down: ' The Thenca very tame &; curious in these Islds.

Ali seemed very interested and curious in all manner of subjects as well as quite knowledgeable, characteristics I admire.

In 2% of cases curious of is used

Here is what I would be curious of.

Everyone was curious of this smell.

Now I'd curious of who you think I am.

He becomes curious of who Phil is and commits himself on a journey to search for him.

The Masai herd boys around the Manyatta were curious of him, afraid of him, yet curious.

Dave Sherrill Not judging but curious of why both cases involve cycling so early in the AM.

For us, we have always been curious of things we are uncertain of and the only way to find out is to ask questions.

On the other hand, if you have never been there; may be you are just curious of ' the lasting experience feeling '.

Although it would be nice to be curious of every possible topics, two or three would be sufficient sign for a start.

Where do you live? For number 4, I am only asking purely because I am curious of what is considered normal for places.

In 2% of cases curious on is used

I am curious on his background.

Curious on this new development.

Anyway, curious on your thoughts.

I was just curious on any comments, ideas, explanations or similar stories out there.

It was my first time on FLAWLESS and so I was a bit curious on how the clinic is set-up.

By Curious on Tuesday, September 11, 2001 - 3:20 am: XXX, The Ahir/Jat clan names please.

This is likely to be partly due to the thanatos instinct which is naturally curious on the ideas of gore and mayhem.

I'd curious on what they base their claim of life, as we know it, not being possible in other parts of the universe.

I'd sure many are curious on both counts, but equally sure you can see why we would not think either is a good idea.

In the course of the history of man, certain clues have been left which lead the curious on to find a meaning to life.

In 2% of cases curious to is used

I was curious to study all these.

It was curious to me at the time.

I'd curious to what your position is.

If you are curious to why I joined an affiliate marketing forum, I will briefly explain.

Everyone was so curious to why this kid made the team and some other great players didnt.

I'd curious to what Aaron Paul (Jesse from Breaking Bad) and the man formerly known as Mr.

Also b curious to c the before and after pics! So I have decided its time for a little lift on my 2011 Sierra 1500.

But agents get to step in when those buyers are truly prepared and eager to take the step from curious to committed.

So when I found out that Ozuma is airing in a channel that gave me great anime, I am curious to what surprise has for me.

I will admit that I am curious to Amber and Blondie's exact fate, but other than that the film was easy enough to follow.

In 1% of cases curious at is used

I was really curious at how things will run.

I do tend to be a little morbidly curious at times.

I'd curious at how I will like it when I'd finished.

I am curious at how you feel about the companies forced transfer out policy to Walgreens.

This alone kept me reading because I was curious at least to see where the narration was going.

Whatever the reason, we all seem to be curious at one time or another about how some people live so long.

When you start off with all your main characters crying or looking somber, you're just curious at how they got there.

When It comes to the audience's online focus I am more curious at the change in their relationship with the presenter.

It might seem curious at first glance that in establishing its European headquarters, Apple would create two companies.

I think at this age their recognition is starting to be more developed and they are very curious at this stage as well.

In 1% of cases curious by is used

Human beings are curious by nature.

After all, people are curious by nature.

I also am curious by nature and want to experiment.

Curious by nature and photography lover, I believe in the power of people and love anything.

Cyber-criminals know people are curious by nature and take advantage of this to trick users.

I've heard so much about SUP that I've grown curious by the sport and really wanted to try it.

Curious by nature, they dipped and swayed, waiting patiently for the mango or bananas that pilgrims were offering them.

Get your visitors curious by talking about a discount or revealing a promotion code towards the final of your respective video.

Cyber-criminals know people are curious by nature and take advantage of this to trick users and infect them with their creations.

Being curious by nature and a consumer of expensive technology (mainly Apple ), I wanted to know what these guys had to offer so I click on the link.

In 1% of cases curious for is used

This is curious for two reasons.

I've been curious for awhile if there were.

He's too brainy and flat-out curious for that.

GameStop stores will market the tablet for gamers curious for $ 499 from October 31.

I have a few options as far as materials go, and am curious for some other opinions.

We never quite worked out what it was doing, but it had us curious for quite a while.

Most researchers by nature or by profession are, or should be, always hungry and curious for information about anything.

I think this happened back in the 50's or 60 's, so I'd now curious for the reason Montana is slow in its count in 2008.

Regardless of how excellent your product is, people will never be curious for those who have amateur-looking photographs.

I'd still curious for an answer from those who think that global warming (GW) has been completely debunked by this finding.

In 1% of cases curious with is used

Be very attentive and curious with them.

They folow him, curious with which is his destination.

I am curious with which guy has a great chemistry with her.

I'd just so curious with the feed from #WDS2012 about what type of introvert I am now.

After all, he was curious with who they where, from where they came, and where thry were going.

Had always been curious with B-T-Scenes Oprah -- loved how she took us there during final season.

Her drowsiness soon dissapeared as she gets curious with the her uncles and aunties keyboard typing and my mother's singing karaoke.

While others may be curious with the different ending that author Stephanie Meyer and screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg will offer the viewers.

What will you do in your website? Will you feel curious with your website? Make sure to optimize anything that you feel isn't right for you.

Even so, should you be like lots of people, you may be curious with regards to what to do you to ultimately create your landscape designs far better.

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