Prepositions after "culpable"

"culpable for" or "culpable in"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 49% of cases culpable for is used

We are culpable for our actions.

Then DCC would be culpable for negligence.

Rio, Evans and Evra all culpable for the goal.

Arteta prompted ceaselessly, yet was culpable for the goal which gave Fulham the lead.

He may be culpable for the politics he espouses but not what happened to him as a baby.

Avoid buy food travelled long distance (I am culpable for not strictly follwoing this).

They all function under a basically unworkable set of assumptions: they are all equally culpable for the results.

Assuming that's true, a jury may ultimately determine if Papa John's is culpable for the irritating SMS campaigns.

Teachers, parents and government are equally culpable for the predicament our youth have found themselves in today.

His decision-making could be poor, his kicking was suspect and he had the capacity to be culpable for the odd goal.

In 25% of cases culpable in is used

Both are culpable in this sorry state.

There is nothing culpable in this in God or Man.

SEC could be culpable in the crash of the market.

Meanwhile, President John Dramani Mahama has hinted that those found culpable in the.

This may seem harsh, but it is the truth; we are all culpable in what is brazen murder.

But is he somehow culpable in her death? I want to look him in the eye and ask him that.

Okei-Odumakin urged the government to prosecute all the parties found culpable in the controversial oil subsidy scam.

Meanwhile, President John Dramani Mahama has hinted that those found culpable in the disaster will be held accountable.

To that extent this paper and its many authors calling for the legalisation of drugs is culpable in this woman's death.

And may the long arms of the law bare their fangs on anyone found culpable in these highly condemnable and brutish acts.

In 14% of cases culpable of is used

A worker found culpable of an offence may also be demoted.

The clergy (including the Bishop) would be even more culpable of this sin.

He urged those culpable of the act to refrain from it to promote Ghana's peace.

And every writer who colludes in this queasy mulch is as culpable of Ronald MacDonald.

In the case of rape (and incest ), the viable fetus is in no way culpable of wrongdoing.

The Ecuador national oil company was equally culpable of contamination and poor clean-up,.

Justice Geoffrey Venning said Steigrad was the least culpable of the five directors and had shown genuine remorse.

We also had to remain immune to the charge that we were in some way culpable of assisting or counselling those we met.

He said if a child was found culpable of committing a crime, he would be tried and sentenced in accordance with the law.

The dominant US/UK model of leadership is not only inherently flawed but also culpable of the many recent corporate failures.

In 4% of cases culpable to is used

We are all culpable to some degree.

We all sin in different ways and all are culpable to that.

They are not culpable to the same degree for their wrongdoing.

It seems even private sex tapes consumed with mutual agreement were culpable to the law.

Santos will get pelters for both goals and there's no doubt he's culpable to a certain extent.

Without this undertaking, anyone who ratifies the accounts will be culpable to the same offence.

Generally, many individuals, organisations and governments are all culpable to some degree for not preparing for rising costs.

By Nuremberg standards, top-ranking members of the US media too, are culpable to charges of criminal complicity in mass murder.

By that rational, our former and current president may only be culpable to the extent that they have not recognized peak cheap energy as a fact of life.

By the way, I do regard the Key government in NZ as similarly culpable to Rudd/Gillard in Australia, for basically doing nothing about housing affordability.

In 2% of cases culpable as is used

He's equally culpable as the rest of them for this fiasco.

It is the lack of morality and boundaries that I wish had been shown as just as culpable as the lack of a mother's love.

While the SDT did not question the integrity of the first three respondents, it did consider that they were culpable as well as responsible for the regulatory breaches that had been identified.

In 2% of cases culpable by is used

Others who know but do not partake are culpable by their silence.

Senior officials in the OPM, including Mr Bigirimana, are held culpable by the Auditor General's report.

The Court said that someone who has that level of mental retardation is simply not sufficiently culpable by definition.

If he was enchanted at the time, well, he might not be criminally culpable by our standards, but that doesn't change anything about what took place.

This development comes less than 24 hours after the President assured the nation, on his visit to the accident scene, that all those found culpable by their negligence, would be punished.

In 1% of cases culpable on is used

Walsh was culpable on too many occasions of not doing the right thing in possession.

A series of individual errors cost Liverpool dear, with Reina culpable on more than one occasion.

She was found culpable on three counts:dishonest election practices, excessive election expenditure, and misusing the govt machinery and officials for party purposes.

The government was culpable on two accounts: failure to carry out inspections of the workplaces, and failure to carry out a health check when the workers were sent home.

The Argentine had a nightmare at Southampton, but Warnock?? who all the fans wanted to see given a game, as a local and a gritty Brit?? was equally culpable on both goals.

In 1% of cases culpable under is used

Palemar culpable under Section 67 of the IT Act.

One of the charges levelled against him was that he was culpable under Section 66A of the Information Technology Act, 2000.

Willful destruction of property and assault are culpable under the law yet the Embakasi MP has made these two his trademark.

Apart from this dukkata, the monk would, of course, be guilty of an offence under NP19 for dealing in money, and would also, of course, be culpable under civil or criminal law.

Juvenile Justice Administration And Correctinal Service in Bangladesh Introduction It is accepted that children who are criminally culpable under the State's penal codes are in conflict with the Law.

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