Prepositions after "cruel"

cruel to, of, in, for or on?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 55% of cases cruel to is used

He was also cruel to the Irish.

I thought life was cruel to me.

Krishna is not being cruel to us.

If you are cruel to your parents, God will punish you in this world and the next world.

She would have to have been very cruel to her husband for him to demand his dowry back.

Weaving the fur into yarn after it is removed from brushes is hardly cruel to the dogs.

Gustavo now believes Natalia's story that Flor and Bella, mere servants in his home, have been cruel to his daughter.

That God told them not to be cruel to their animals (such as muzzling an ox while it was threshing (Deuteronomy 25:4).

Islam does not permit any form of cruelty or revenge being adopted, even with those people who have been cruel to you.

Implicitly the message is give your funds and tolerate the crimes because your forefathers were cruel to these people.

In 10% of cases cruel of is used

Still, it was a little cruel of you.

How thoughtless and cruel of Radiolab.

That'd be way too cruel of the writer.

That would be cruel of Neville though to have Charmaine and his family think he's dead.

Think of it -- the most powerful and cruel of political forces could not remove God's Word.

And it was cruel of you to push inconvenient truths upon a man with no desire to learn them.

She resented Nigel cooking, competed over baking and, most cruel of all, refused to give him her secret recipe for her lemon meringue pie.

But he was dismissed in the cruellest of fashions when a Dhoni drive was deflected on to the non-striker's stumps by Swann's fingertips.

It's just over two months since, in the cruellest of ironies, the NZ Bus director stepped out in front of a bus in the centre of Wellington.

Amongst all the cruelties inflicted on the Bangalees that night, I think the destruction of the central Shaheed Minar was the cruelest of all.

In 9% of cases cruel in is used

Humiliation is cruel in any form.

Just don't be cruel in your ideas.

I feel it is cruel in the extreme.

Plus: Taylor Swift sings and judge Simon Cowell gets cruel in Thursday night's episode.

In Uganda, mobile operators are cruel in their gimmicks to attract and retain customers.

First of all Thanks for the person who had the courage to share this cruel info with us.

As to its being cruel, it can hardly be said that depriving a person of the right to possess a firearm is cruel in itself.

Yes, there was more to her comment than ' I doubt it ', but those initial three words were unnecessarily cruel in the moment.

NCSoft has been cruel in the way they fired all the devs in one day and closing the game without explaination to devs or gamers.

In 7% of cases cruel for is used

SK death will also be cruel for JS.

Your sis is cruel for that That's not true.

It was cruel for the gang to do that to Mr.

That poor woman, how cruel for her, what a terrible, terrible way to end a young life.

You couldn't then look back and say everyone was unkind and cruel for calling them this.

They embrace the idea of coming across as cruel for the domineering presence it allows them.

A mile down the road I told him to speed up since it was cruel for me to make the dog follow us an unknown distance.

To bump so many sick people off, to leave them helpless, is too cruel for most people - so you turn them into things.

From the band he helped choose to the hours of DIY he helped with, I felt it would be beyond cruel for him to miss it.

I never set out to get him, if that's what people think, and it's very cruel for him to say I deliberately seduced him.

In 4% of cases cruel on is used

You are forcing me to be cruel on you.

I've been called cruel on many occasions.

The present situation is cruel on several counts.

Hydrogen peroxide isn't as cruel on your mouth as whitening strips and in addition is more reasonable.

The loss of independence is cruel on anyone &; limitations of everyday things is a major part of my depression.

My decision not to give her sugar or cakes or anything like that has been described as cruel on many occasions.

The descent is cruel on the knees and you will appreciate the walking poles! If you scree run then this isn't too bad.

It sounds cruel on paper but in reality it often results in a large number of original insults which makes us all laugh.

One disappearing stunt called The Unattainable Attained was so cruel on the assistant that no woman was willing to perform it so he used a man in drag.

It was a penalty, just like Hleb's was -- it is so cruel on Hleb really because he can't shoot so he has been relying on trying to win penalties lately.

In 2% of cases cruel as is used

The Mantis is fierce as a tigress, cruel as an ogress.

A beast can never be so cruel as a man, so artistically cruel.

I have not been cruel as to inflict pain or hurt or harm either cat.

We could become even colder and crueller as a race than we already are.

No-one is suggesting that science is altruistic -- it can be hard and cruel as well as beautiful.

But no victim was so naturally calculated to raise the initial difficulty of striking the first blow in a form so acutely cruel as the mother.

Set me as a seal upon thine heart, as a seal upon thine arm: for love is strong as death; jealousy is cruel as the grave: the coals thereof are coals of fire, which hath a most vehement flame.

In 2% of cases cruel at is used

Life can be so very cruel at times.

Photography could be very cruel at times.

Interrogations were particularly cruel at the prison.

Nature can be so cruel at times-prayers go out to the people of Japan, particularly in the worst hit areas.

In the anime, he appears downright cruel at times, although in the manga, he is simply just icy and elitist.

As you say life can be so cruel at times &; i am sure that the despair &; sorrow you must be feeling is harrowing.

Carlos also wrote of the conflicting visions of America - how it could be so cruel at times, while certain aspects could be so kind.

I'd no great lover of the Jews myself, they can be unjust and cruel at times, but they are a damned site more civilized than Muslims.

Nature can be so cruel at times and these two youngsters have a hard road to travel, but perhaps knowing no other, will live happy lives.

Aah! Our society can be too cruel at times!! And certainly, it's tough to maintain your sanity with constant remarks, questions, pressure from those around you.

In 2% of cases cruel towards is used

The police have been very cruel towards us.

The people are incredibly cruel towards animals.

Although if you think about it, it's rather cruel towards Eun-ki.

Thinking back, she realised that she had often been unjustifiably cruel towards him.

Society in general needs to stop being so incredibly cruel towards overweight people as well.

Answer: In fact Santiago, the old fisherman, is both compassionate and cruel towards the fish, Marlin.

As a result, their definition of themselves has faltered and society has been cruel towards their attempts to redefine themselves.

We human should take vegetables instead of meat, meat eating is cruel towards the aninmals, is cause for disaster if not fall sick.

Goblins can be bloodthirsty and cruel towards wizards and consider them to be arrogant while many wizards consider goblins inferior.

Why are you cruel towards me? I only gave you a push or stimulus in taking you to restaurants and hotels, cinemas and theatres, ball-rooms and bars.

In 2% of cases cruel with is used

History is cruel with exceptions.

Kids can be so cruel with their bullying.

If he is cruel with you, be kind and considerate with him.

I am cruel with my staff and suspend or dismiss them if they don't do what's to be done.

It is described as a french crueller with vanilla frosting, lemon dust, and three marshmallows.

And i was like where is the rain? Lol and i thought it was horribly cruel with Seneca and the nightlock.

Great grey cliffs towering upward into the snowy murk, the bottoms alive and cruel with the huge seas breaking on them.

The single pairing Don't Be Cruel with Hound Dog ruled the top of the charts for 11 weeks - a mark that would not be surpassed for 36 years.

The permission is wise because, if God were not to repel the cruel with the help of the righteous, there would be no freedom of faith and worship in the world.

The open highway of holiness had become a mechanical treadmill of moral exhortation and abstract law, unfeeling, indifferent, merciless and cruel with no way to evolve.

In 1% of cases cruel about is used

Nothing cruel about this and so entertaining.

I just think that being cruel about it is unnecessary.

I did say I was going to be brutal and cruel about this.

There is something so unbelievably cruel about this form of abuse.

Don't despise or be cruel about any mannerisms or habits they have.

What's cruel about this illness is that I've been given a time limit.

Still, I think that was unnecessarily cruel about Sarah, Lady Archer.

There's something really cruel about it, yet it's a ritual that so many women partake in.

For example, say this adult bully insults your age and lack of physical fitness by saying something cruel about this.

There is something cruel about it, something vaguely absurd too, but the league's joint longest serving manager may not be serving very much longer.

In 1% of cases cruel beyond is used

It was cruel beyond belief what happened.

This is a lie! The process is cruel beyond belief.

Here's one last cartoon, which is cruel beyond words.

Indeed, it is cruel beyond words, but sadly, all too believable.

It is cruel beyond bearing when epilepsy (for instance) is labelled as devil possession.

As well as sent to jail if found to have been cruel beyond expectation of a civilised people.

How much longer can this go on? ' To have this one chance of life taken away after a lifetime of suffering is cruel beyond belief.

In 1% of cases cruel by is used

They are cruel by nature, and very fond of gratifying their bellies and genitals.

So I suppose there is still some hope for us - generally - cruel by nature, humans.

PONTIUS PILATE Pontius Pilate is described as greedy, vindictive and cruel by historians of the time.

I wish the gift of despair on people sometimes! One might think I am cruel by saying that I wish this upon a person.

If you're nervous or just having trouble slowing down into a fence don't think you're being cruel by using a stronger bit.

Don't be cruel by raising their expectations - they were just coming to terms with the inevitable massive Coalition victory at the next elelction.

They have been tormented enough since the episodes came to open, and as Malaysians, we need not behave so evil and cruel by bashing them too much.

This remark, cruel by any measure but particularly so given Mr Jones ' fond memory of his own father, was intended to cause as much pain as possible to its absent target.

Seneviratne writes that his enemies make him out as a man of overweening ambition and wicked disposition while De Queyroz described him as inclined to evil and cruel by character.

In 1% of cases cruel like is used

Show business is cruel like that.

The broken bone gods can be cruel like that.

He was heartless and cruel like soulless vampires.

None is cruel like love, it is very deadly and painful.

You're not so cold and cruel like Enric or patronizing like Felip.

Cruel like posting this play index chart, showing all the hitless seasons since 1900.

Because it too bhii is cruel like you, or because the sky does its work in obedience to your gestures.

In other words, if we continue to be cruel like animals, selfish, jealous, anger, wars, crime, terrorism THEN maybe someday God might say ' You broke my rules.

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