Prepositions after "crucial"

"crucial to" or "crucial for"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 47% of cases crucial to is used

Crucial to the Kingdom Hearts series.

And these 4 steps are CRUCIAL to selling.

Crucial to a renewed Green Party will be a progressive and reforming policy platform.

Trade planning Planning is crucial to online forex trading as a profitable investment.

Crucial to that understanding, is grasping the dominant role financial speculation has assumed in the world economy.

Right The First Time touches on many of the topics that are crucial to the development of today's high-speed boards.

Crucial to the mix was their burgeoning skills as composers, which meant the music they played really was their own.

In 30% of cases crucial for is used

That is very crucial for the team.

These fields are crucial for the U.

These days are very Crucial for him.

If tonight is a meaningless match for the visitors, it's quite crucial for the Turks.

So, in that since, if they're obsolete, it makes them more crucial for the dictionary.

The environmental protection is crucial for the survival and development of enterprise.

It is thus clear that early control of HSV replication in the initial phases of infection is crucial for the host.

The world has lost a great leader for causes that are so crucial for the future of humanity and all living beings.

We recognize that sound management of chemicals is crucial for the protection of human health and the environment.

It was crucial for the future of the petrodollar system that this money be recycled back to the West, and so the U.

In 18% of cases crucial in is used

Crucial in moving mankind forward.

It's crucial in the public discourse.

There's something very crucial in the math.

The new plant studies show that microbiomes are similarly crucial in the plant world.

These speciality areas have proved crucial in the success of Spanish tennis recently.

Needless to say, the right casting will likely be crucial in the success of the film.

Given the shape of the group, that match could turn out to be crucial in the race for reaching the knock out stage.

Crucial in the academic success of students, is the delivery of the widest range of alternative format information.

So while food aid is crucial in a crisis, more imaginative solutions are needed to stop the cycle repeating itself.

This letter was crucial in the founding of the ' Manhattan Project ' that led to the construction of the atom bomb.

In 1% of cases crucial as is used

His loose forwards combo is crucial as well as his No9 and 10.

First, income equality is crucial as to development of democracy.

So the question of food is crucial as an entry point to Transition.

So the scale of measurement is crucial as to how performance is judged in these areas.

His 93 yards of total offense was crucial as the team awaits the return of DeMarco Murray.

This is crucial as the SWIFT requirements become more challenging with each annual release.

Such changes in Wing Tai Retail's business operations have become even more crucial as the retail landscape evolves.

In Malaysia, this could be crucial as the record number of first-time voters could have a huge impact on the outcome of GE 13.

This is crucial as the world gets smaller, global demand for higher education gets bigger, and choices become more bewildering.

He's more suited as a defensive midfielder, I would argue, than Arteta, who was crucial as a creative player for us last season.

In 1% of cases crucial at is used

The war was crucial at the time.

Play is crucial at every stage of life.

I believe this is crucial at all levels.

However, the games are too crucial at this stage, and one bad performance can bury you.

It just worked out on the weekend that the two long-rangers were crucial at that stage.

Authority between ranks is crucial at all times if the army morale is to avoid collapse.

Therefore agitation by all Sri Lankans for the implementation of the LLRC recommendations is what is crucial at this juncture.

Demonstrating commercial awareness and knowledge of Grant Thornton, its products, services and values is crucial at this stage.

Knowledge of fresh water location -- multiyear ice and icebergs -- turned out to be crucial at the beginning of the expedition.

Tasked with containing a rampant Chelsea attack -- before THOSE red cards -- his saves were crucial at Stamford Bridge on Sunday.

In 1% of cases crucial of is used

It was the most crucial of kicks.

Most crucial of these, to Reina anyway, was Xavi Valero.

The third factor, foreign aid, was the most crucial of all.

You'll also learn who seems to be supportive and who seems to be crucial of the routine.

We're also brainstorming with Ashton on that most crucial of issues: building an audience.

Most crucial of all, there were no sanctions for failing to comply with the terms of any treaty.

The most crucial of them was the abolition of the monopoly right of the East India company by the Charter Act of 1813.

Most crucial of all is the fact that nothing has happened to solve our power crisis which, in fact, continues to worsen.

Did this mean a genuine transference of power in this most crucial of State functions from Government to people? Not at all.

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