Prepositions after "critical"

"critical of" or "critical to"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 40% of cases critical of is used

It was not being critical of anybody.

I'd critical of the mark-up on inported goods.

You've been critical of the president's policy.

He is critical of the mass marketing approach, typical of evangelical youth ministry.

Warren's been critical of the others all week and the girls decide it's payback time.

Many commenters on Time's official announcement are critical of the magazine's choice.

She had been an observer at the Nightingale School and had been critical of the lack of scientific training there.

The requests were focused on removing YouTube videos, blogs and other content that was critical of the government.

Not to say that people in Japan are nt critical of each other, but they generally try to do so in an indirect way.

The few doctors left working in the area are critical of the UN after vaccine supplies dried up nearly a year ago.

In 30% of cases critical to is used

He was critical to each one of them.

Deep sleep is CRITICAL to good health.

Sound is critical to the IMAX film experience.

IDAP will be critical to the delivery of DWP's flagship Universal Credit programme,.

The first three rows are the most critical to the success of a well formed subfloor.

I think that finding the right therapist for you is critical to the healing process.

Critical to fulfilling this responsibility is motivating employees to successfully accomplish assigned activities.

Quinn has established herself as a fighter for policies and services that are critical to the lives of New Yorkers.

The rotational speed of the planet is somewhat critical to the ecosystems that may be found on a particular planet.

In 15% of cases critical for is used

Repair is critical for the environment.

Keword research is critical for the smb.

That is critical for the war on terrorism.

Of the B-vitamins, choline is specifically critical for the preservation of memory.

No 1 priority is Law and Order (b) patriotisim is extremley critical for a country.

And thus, it is critical for the consumer to entertain a variety of interpretations.

I couldn't afford to be aware of any more sensitive information than was critical for the success of my missions.

While a decision on these arguments is not expected any time soon, the outcome is critical for the wider process.

Adams ' aggressiveness proved to be critical for the Bruins, as the freshman was a perfect 16-of-16 from the line.

And in case I haven't mentioned it - the MOM program is critical for the further development of the equity market.

In 10% of cases critical in is used

This is critical in the integration.

That becomes critical in a partnership.

The situation is critical in the extreme.

We also see manpower development as being very critical in the attainment of growth.

I think that the personality of Ireland is critical in this business of connections.

Fahim was, I think, critical in the aftermath of the Rabbani assassination in keeping the northerners on our side.

This will challenge you, but also broaden your perspective, which is critical in terms of your role as a director.

Building a strong women's movement that is independent of bourgeois parties is critical in the fight for socialism.

In 2% of cases critical about is used

I am super critical about bathrooms.

Chinese are very critical about tea.

I am also too critical about myself.

So allow me to be critical about my country because I have a stake in its future.

They were being very critical about her, basically saying how badly she had done.

My posts today are critical, highly critical about those, be they Chomsky, Stoller, Moore, Walsh, Bill Black et.

In London they're a lot more critical, but no one else does what we do, so you can't really be critical about it.

I have developed my capacity to think about my practice to a greater extent and to be critical about my practice.

Like you, I was also critical about what the Americans had initially presented to the public about the 9/11 case.

In 1% of cases critical at is used

Distance is CRITICAL at this moment.

Morgan Kelly was very critical at the time.

It's critical at the Augusta Plus store too.

With the situation critical at the losing club it's no time for any caretaker manager.

My mother-in-law (who is critical at the best of times) said the food was ' outstanding '.

I work in the art room of a newspaper so I'd going to be very critical at how it performs.

This webinar will help you to identify what resources are critical at key milestones in your business ' lifecycle.

Professors also become critical at this level, as access to their classes requires a level of support for the movement.

Neither he nor Graeme are particularly big but both are particularly skilful and also -- critical at this level -- fast.

There are actually two different datasets although this is not obvious but highly critical at the precision I was working.

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