Prepositions after "crispy"

crispy on, with, without, at or in?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 67% of cases crispy on is used

It gets nice and crispy on both sides.

They were grilled to crispy on the outside.

Moist on the inside, crispy on the outside.

Actually they're rather delicious! Crispy on the outside, squishy-mushy on the inside.

You have a sandwich which is crispy on the outside and juicy and cheesy on the inside.

The bread was perfectly crispy on the outside and yet so soft and creamy on the inside.

The result means the chicken is slow cooked all the way though, leaving it moist inside, while crispy on the outside.

When its nice and brown and crispy on the outside (usually about 1 1/2 hours) take it out, cover it with foil tightly.

The meat was juicy and tender I must add and the bun is crispy on the outside, soft and tasty by itself on the inside.

The fried roll was crispy on the outside, but it had this strange spongy texture on the inside, kind of like fish balls.

In 6% of cases crispy with is used

The phyllo was nice and crispy without being overly oily.

Salads were farm fresh and crispy with variety of dressings.

The outside was superbly crispy with a soft, creamy interior.

I like this Rice Crispy with a bit of the sauce and crumbs from the next dish below.

Fried a little crispy with some sharp cheddar cheese on white bread wit a little mayo.

Dad totally loved his fish and chips, he said the batter was gorgeous, crispy with no grease.

He made this for around 6 hours! Deep-Fried Rice Crispy with Shrimp Sauce* - It's like sweet Kropek but not really haha.

The crust won't be as crispy with this one, unless you double layer -- sometimes the sauce makes the tortilla a little soggy.

It wasn't the fluffy kind; it was thin and crispy with a good mix of tartness from the blueberry and sweetness from the dough.

The sausages were crispy with meat flavour (of course ), but i would say those in Swiss Chalet (which i tried a week before) were better.

In 4% of cases crispy without is used

The phyllo was nice and crispy without being overly oily.

The bacon is nice and crispy without getting too brittle.

However, even the fries were well done: very crispy without being over cooked.

These potato pancakes were perfectly fried -- really crispy without being greasy.

The Chili Tofu Fritters (Rs 225) also turned out to be delightfully crispy without being oily.

The veal croquette starters ($12) were crispy without being oily, and we loved the texture and the interplay of sweet and spicy in the apple chili glaze.

The bacon was the right level of crispy without stealing the tender asparagus ' thunder, and the delicate versus saline flavours worked perfectly together.

In 4% of cases crispy at is used

Roast them for 15-20 minutes until soft inside and crispy at the edges.

I usually pack the nori in a separate baggie so it's still crispy at lunch.

Crispy at the top, cheesy in between, and fresh steamed cauliflower within.

We baked each batch in an oven tray for about 30-45 minutes till crispy at around 150 C (300 F).

Meat was fresh and tasty, skin was crispy at the bottom, however it lack juices and also the outer skin was a bit thick.

A good topping is thin slices of aubergine pre-roasted in the oven so that they go crispy at the edges and chewy in the middle.

I mean, who likes to bite into rice that's soggy and crispy at the same time? That happened to me today, but I'd not really complaining.

Debutant director Karthik Subburaj's premise, milieu and overall packaging of this romantic thriller make this Pizza crispy at the same time yummy.

The Ikan Bakar aka grilled fish was expertly done; retaining the juice within while the exterior of the fish was grilled to a charred finish; even crispy at the sides.

We used Whole Foods whole wheat tortillas and stuffed them with WF black refried beans, salsa and lots of white cheddar cheese -- baked in the oven until nice and crispy at 350*.

In 3% of cases crispy around is used

Nuggets should be slightly browned a crispy around the edges.

Beautiful and well-colored, soft yet slightly crispy around the edges.

They come out slightly crispy around the edges but deliciously chewy on the inside.

And hot liver mush fried crispy around the edges made into a sandwich with crisp lettuce and mayonaise on toasted white bread.

They take about 5 minutes to make, 10 to bake before reaching biscuit perfection: crispy around the edges and chewy in the middle.

Towards the end of his seven film run, he was certainly looking a little crispy around the edges, but Moonraker just oozes with 70s style.

Liver mush fried crispy around the edges with fried eggs and buttered toast -- some egg, with runny yolk, sitting on top of the liver mush, all resting on the toast.

In 3% of cases crispy for is used

One batch is made thin and crispy for him and the other batch is made thick and chewy for me.

She said that for it to turn out nice and crispy for a long time, we had to peel the shallots, wash and then dry them.

Note that although a thick wrapper may keep the spring roll crispy for hours, make sure there is substantial filling inside the wrapper.

Not to be left behind, government aficionados flocked the funeral looking somber one moment but managing to look crispy for interviews with the media.

Put the potatoes in the roasting tray and coat the potatoes in the hot duck fat, add a sprinkling of salt and roast them in the oven until crispy for about 40-50 minutes.

Chun Guen / Crispy spring rolls with assorted fillings *You'll learn how to deep fry golden spring rolls, which is not greasy to touch at all, and can stay crispy for much longer hours.

In 3% of cases crispy in is used

It was warm, gooey, and crispy in all the right places.

They are so wonderfully crispy in every bite that you'll find it a bit addictive.

Once the peppers have cooked for a few minutes they should be lightly charred but still a bit crispy in spots.

We had the fried wantan which is simply crispy in the inside and the fillings of it is quite delicious and lovely.

The skin is crispy in that magical goldilocks zone where it's not drenched in grease nor too dry - always just right.

In 1% of cases crispy like is used

The way it goes all yummy and crispy like.

It did not break, it became a bit crispy like last time.

I know this is very basic but whenever I make it, it comes out crispy like pappads and I have to break it to eat: (.

I've had it for quite a long time and I thought of re-frying it to get it crispy like KL fried noodles, Cantonese style but in the end, I changed my mind.

In 1% of cases crispy to is used

Crispy chicken is not a novel dish to Cantonese cuisine, but Tim's Kitchen gets it just right with a perfect amount of salt, tender meat and skin that is crispy to the last bite.

In 1% of cases crispy through is used

The breading is light and crispy, and stayed very crispy through the life of the sandwich.

The sandwich isn't greasy as all, and the breading stays crispy through the life of the sandwich.

In 1% of cases crispy round is used

Cook till slightly crispy round the edges (any sooner and it won't flip!) and cook the other side.

The Yorkshire was lovely - very light and crispy round the edges with a soft claggy centre, just how I like it.

In 1% of cases crispy outside is used

Should you be producing Von Miller Jersey french fries, you desire that crispy outside the house.

In 1% of cases crispy from is used

The Greek salad was crispy from the fresh veggies, tangy from the feta (yes, real) and salty from the olives (not Kalamata, ordinary sliced black olives).

In 1% of cases crispy as is used

Crispy as a Benji out Diddy's pocket, when I'd on stage ain't no question.

The skin was as extremely crispy as the best versions of the dish I've encountered.

I'd not even a Madrid fan (gunner through and through) and yet I much prefer Crispy as a footballer AND person.

It came with a layer of melted cheese that was not quite as charred and crispy as the French onion soup at other local French restaurants.

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