Prepositions after "crazy"

"crazy about" or "crazy for"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 27% of cases crazy about is used

There's nothing crazy about it.

Not crazy about the sequencing.

They really are crazy about it.

One night, after work, I was walking home, thinking about the guy I was crazy about.

Unless you know she's crazy about you already, don't tell her you've fallen for her.

Indeed, Grace! A man who is crazy about a woman will make her feel she is a priority.

Comments moon virgin Fri, 2012-11-09 13:02 Okay, we get it, you're not real crazy about the play on second viewing.

Though I'd not crazy about the corny love-song marathon during the Roger Moore era, this one doesn't really bug me.

I'd not all that crazy about the book's cover or the design, but I do like the photos and that's what matters most.

I really wasn't crazy about the extra batter because that means extra calories that I will have to lose or not eat.

In 18% of cases crazy for is used

All these films I go crazy for.

Now l have 2 Min Ho to crazy for.

My girls were crazy for this cake.

I usually go during the slower times of year, and this list doesn't seem crazy for me.

Coming back to Zimbabwe across the borders was easy for us, but crazy for some others.

Lately, it has been crazy for me seems like every decision I make has its consequences.

I mean how long ago, would we have been talking about that price as crazy for a Cup Final, let alone a league match.

The month of December can be so crazy for people trying to fit in the shopping, cooking, cleaning and other parties.

Don't use it as an excuse to go crazy for the rest of the day, just get back on track and start afresh the next day.

Ahmad in fact prefers instead to wonder why others have gone crazy for not attaching any value to their life and limb.

In 12% of cases crazy with is used

Then get crazy with the frosting.

I went crazy with my city garden.

Don't go crazy with the layering.

But, then the foodie internet went crazy with the Black Hoof shakeup on Aug 31, 2011.

CRAZY IS AS CRAZY DOES!!! Come be CRAZY with us for that ONE special day in the month.

Work like crazy with the time you have dedicated to each goal to reach and surpass it.

Pineapple ice is good with basil, not kidding! Just don't go crazy with the herbs -- a little goes a long, long way.

Crazy with love, I dived into the sea, leaving behind my passport and every cent I owned, I swam back to the island.

Then finally, as if it was inevitable, out pops Burton and Twitter went crazy with an expected underwhelmed reaction.

I drive my husband crazy with my obsessive need to read something or watch some show, or endless phone conversations.

In 10% of cases crazy in is used

Crazy in love with it actually.

They can go crazy in the spring.

But crazy in a good way, you know.

Lungs bursting, I head for the surface and fin like crazy in a bid to repeat the trick.

So, there was a consistency in approach and companies invested like crazy in that area.

According to the legend, when the twins left their posts, the world went crazy in space.

Why Chitralis are so crazy in having Punjabi, Pathan, Giltik sons-in-law is a million dollar question to be answered.

He's like Mr Explorer so I can imagine him going crazy in the South Island with all the mountains + treks down there.

But this latest series of information means that things are only going to get crazier in the next month and a half.

The Twilight series may not be that harmful itself, but for some reason, it brings out the crazy in some of its fans.

In 5% of cases crazy on is used

Chubby teen going crazy on cam.

It's a bit crazy on some level.

That's crazy on the Red Sox part.

It did nt take me long to realise though that am just a little bit crazy on the inside.

I don't even go that crazy on them, but I can manipulate them as I go just to add space.

The original form we took was kind of punky, because we were crazy on the New York Dolls.

We are a one-car family w/3 kids, and that car is 20 years old, but I think we would go crazy on a PBJ-every day diet.

Before going crazy on the stock market and buying government securities, you need to stock up on your emergency funds.

They are happy little dogs, but recently we have caught the female mounting the male and just going crazy on his back.

We're going crazy on it! It's unbelievable, but the campaign has reached our first funding goal of $250k in four days.

In 5% of cases crazy over is used

Boracay goes crazy over Easter.

When u go crazy over the person.

A man who agrees with you 80% of the time is your friend; don't go crazy over the 20%.

I remember when they released the GTAV logo and the whole net went crazy over nothing.

You will see their stock price drop like crazy over the next five years, its inflated.

We went to Jan's garage studio where he plugged it in and we both went crazy over the Langcaster's incredible sound.

So halfway through the series and the Facebook, Twitter and Blog have been going CRAZY over Shuga: Love, Sex, Money.

I know quite a few people are/were crazy over these rookies but y'know, I only started checking out rookies recently.

We found a pod of enthusiastic Freshwater Needlefish that went crazy over a quick twitched DUO Yurameki sinking pencil.

In 5% of cases crazy to is used

It seems more than crazy to me.

It sounds kinda crazy to me too.

But even that seems crazy to me.

I began pumping like crazy to stock up on what I could so I could give it to her later.

Barca deserved the win but it's crazy to think that Ronaldo couldn't bury those chances.

I know that might sound crazy to fans of the series, but a movie is a different monster.

It's crazy to me to see how often it's just a simple, little problem in your system that isn't working quite properly.

Yes it is dry season and the river was low, but it is still a little crazy to me that we just drove through the river.

It seems crazy to me but I get the sense that Ferrari team treat Massa as their own and Kimi as the free agent outsider.

Off-Shoulder Dresses An off-shoulder dress may sound crazy to you for plus size clothing, but trust me! It really isn't.

In 4% of cases crazy at is used

It was a little crazy at times.

A man can go crazy at one point.

The bars are CRAZY at this time.

I went pretty crazy at the start playing with it, installing apps, trying them out etc.

I'd looking forward to you going crazy at the 30th Anniversary on 21 June in Hammersmith.

One of the top nightspots in town is Jamaic'n Me Crazy at the Renaissance Jamaica Grande.

We managed to stay in the first one for a full 10 minutes but we were already perspiring like crazy at the end of it.

This will be my first year cooking for myself, and things are going to be pretty crazy at the beginning of September.

The past 7 days has been SO crazy at uni and I honestly don't think I've been stretched this thin for such a long time.

Full steam ahead!!! October 25, 2012 12:09 AM HKT Hello all- I'd working like crazy at the moment and still eating well.

In 3% of cases crazy like is used

You aren't even crazy like a dog.

They don't go crazy like horses can.

Sometimes, I feel crazy like that too.

CH is very meaningful to me, it drove me crazy like never before BUT I learned a lot.

This doesn't mean that I want to run off and get married or anything crazy like that.

I'd slightly crazy and I believe we should all stop saying crazy like it's a bad thing.

I assume you haven't either (unless you've been, like, firebombing Indian reservations or something crazy like that).

LOL!! They are so crazy like a FOX!!! LOL!! It is so funny to rread the comments from the rightwrongers I mean wingers.

My husband and I began a fitness program called P90X (and went on to complete P90X2, just ' cause we are crazy like that!).

Spending it with my family who I love like nothing else in the world and who drive me crazy like nothing else in the world.

In 2% of cases crazy after is used

Still crazy after all these, er, months.

My hair usually goes CRAZY after hair-washes.

He had gone crazy after the 4-1 loss i guess.

We were not crazy after all! (I mean, we are, but so is USAID!; so, no problem there.

Handsome Rajesh Khanna and beautiful Mumtaz danced like crazy after having bhang in this song.

I think if Julia comes back emma could go real crazy after thinking her whole life she was dead.

Some people said she'd gone crazy after her husband had left her, others said that she'd lost a son or a daughter.

Apparantly this was common after the Mugello GP, the Italians always go crazy after the finish and injure themselves.

So, maybe the Mormons are not soo crazy after all? I used to have 3 100-ounce bars of silver, bought for $7 an ounce,.

Oh yeah, FYI, you'll bleed like crazy after having sex for the first time, plus the pain of having approx a 6 inch long.

In 2% of cases crazy by is used

She was getting crazier by the year.

I know I'd considered crazy by some, but to.

Bombay the city, turning crazier by the day.

Mind you they still think I'd mad! We launched a wine brand called ' Crazy by Nature '.

Or he could have been turned crazy by watching The Sopranos, or any other violent imagery.

I'd Republican by the way: chuckle: We do look crazy by the way since the BC was confirmed.

My work schedule is crazy by itself, but when you add in 7 kids and their school activities, sports, Jay's work, etc.

Get ready for the results folks, because this US Open Cup tournament is going to get wilder and crazier by the week.

Or your morning routine during the week is so chaotic that it makes you almost crazy by the time you get to your desk.

When some national teams lose a game, the players have went crazy by yelling and screaming while on the playing field.

In 2% of cases crazy of is used

She was the craziest of us yet.

We have been particularly crazy of late.

I realise this was most probably crazy of me.

Do you think I am crazy of making this decision? I mean I am getting very close to EDD.

Cultural currency is most powerful vehicle, driving minds to the craziest of places.

See Authors Posts (392) Sometimes it is the craziest of ideas that actually work out.

I may have been on an emotional roller coaster this past year that has been quite possibly the craziest of my life.

I found out, through extensive medical testing, that I exude a pheromone that attracts the craziest of the crazies.

You see the crazy of Kathy pulling up a comment I made about her husband's jokes on her phone and pretending to be shamed.

In 1% of cases crazy as is used

As we all know, he's crazy as a loon.

It gets crazier and crazier as the day goes by.

Kenya Moore is still crazy as a betsy bug and her skincare regimen might be questionable.

Are we as hockey crazy as the media up in a city like New York or Toronto or Montreal? No.

The crowd went crazy as the opening riff to ' Paranoid Android ' kicked off their epic eight-minute-long rock number.

This pool has a swim-up bar, but is not as loud and crazy as the sunset pool at the top or the main pool by the beach.

Ideally, I'll be able to train him to be selectively stubborn so that he doesn't drive the people in his life crazy as an adult.

And, it's about time for the rest of the party to note that not only is Ron Paul crazy as a freaking loon, he's not a Republican.

In 1% of cases crazy during is used

The crowd go crazy during the set.

The weather was crazy during the afternoon.

News organizations were fact-checking like crazy during the debate.

I go crazy during festive seasons because women spend a lot on glamorous and embellished gowns.

Add one more: MR has driven Bill crazy during this entire campaign, by choosing to campaign on his own terms.

I personally consider Madrid as better place to have party but Valencia is also going crazy during the nights.

This gets crazy during the morning where all guests go for breakfast Breakfast was a buffet full of carbohydrates.

I've written this before, but when Beltran went absolutely crazy during the 2004 playoffs for Houston -- when he hit.

Photographed by: Jacques Boissinot, THE CANADIAN PRESS CALGARY -- Many Canadians thought America went crazy during the U.

Everything in Kakadu seems to flood like crazy during the wet season, so most roads take a severe beating during that time.

In 1% of cases crazy from is used

We were boy crazy from a really young age.

Don't worry, it gets so much crazier from there.

What, do you really think these things start out crazy from the start? Don't be silly.

If you were ranking crazy from 1 to 10 with 10 being the craziest, this cast would rate a 13.

Nothing too spectacular and could of given them a miss, however I was going crazy from doing nothing.

I feel good about what happened today, I feel good about yesterday, and I'd going to fight like crazy from here on in.

Unfortunately when we think we have damped-down the crazy from our political discourse, it keeps popping back up again.

I know that sounds crazy from an old guy but this game has given me 100s of hours of enjoyment and I hope for many more.

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