Prepositions after "coy"

"coy about" or "coy on"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 60% of cases coy about is used

Others are coy about who they use.

I'd not going to be coy about this.

Johnson- no need to be coy about it.

Dr Hashmi concedes that he has national political ambitions, but he is coy about them.

I don't think this will come as a surprise to you, I haven't exactly been coy about it.

This is not always easy to ascertain because private firms are often coy about these issues.

If someone wants to clobber her, though, they have to take a high-contrast position on Iraq and not be coy about it.

The mint has been very coy about revealing the actual cost of the penny and what it includes to calculate that cost.

The model has been notoriously coy about her private life, but seems keen for the public to see another side to her.

He later told election officials that he was excited to cast his ballot but was otherwise coy about who got his vote.

In 16% of cases coy on is used

ANNA HENDERSON: But he's remaining coy on the details.

Nakamoto was coy on when the bike would reach production.

Charles N'Zogbia was apparently coy on his chances of a move to a big club.

Maynard only signed for The Hammers in January but the manager remained coy on the transfer.

Frank Williams has been coy on the situation, praising both Senna and Maldonado intermittently.

I can't absolutely tell you who pays for it because the CFOI website is very, very coy on the matter.

Conservatives in London are coy on their real motive for becoming centrally involved with the two main Unionist parties.

No mention of revenue, even though they have customers, and both were coy on what equity stake they were willing to give up.

I don't want to get into Trotsky's language of united front and popular front But the AWL seem very coy on saying specifically whether he's a member or not.

Talking to the BBC, Take That's promoters said they were not certain of how many tickets had been sold, and remained coy on the prospect of further UK dates.

In 6% of cases coy with is used

Oh you two -- stop playing so coy with each other.

In her teenage years, while most of her peers were playing coy with Freddie Prince Jr.

If there is favored treatment or playing coy with the executive and legislature, say bye to credibility.

Her clothes are cutesy and coy with an undertone of sexy-chic working excellently with her modern vintage appeal.

Wade! We are not aware of actions taken by you against death penalty in America; but now you are being coy with the wafer.

Before then, she played coy with the media; hide and seek with the NDC; catch me if you can with the NDP but finally she decided to be bold.

I wonder if Angus King is playing coy with which party he'll caucus with so he can extract some assurances from the Dems about serious filibuster reform.

Apart from the Kenyan electoral market being coy with progressive reform, there is a broad perception that politicians are attempting to over-milk reform.

The Stones are playing it coy with reporters as they do the rounds to promote the new greatest hits album Grrr!, refusing to confirm or deny that it's the end of the road for the band.

In 5% of cases coy in is used

There's no point in being coy in times like these.

Apple was similarly coy in refusing to say what the phone was.

He then gets really coy in Men's Journal about why he did go to rehab.

It is quite coy in annoying other nations let alone push its dominance.

Maybe I should be more coy in expressing my feelings but I really can't.

Google Scholar is surprisingly coy in terms of what it allows you to download.

Being one to not be coy in backing a heavy road underdog, I like Jacksonville in Houston this week.

Beauty which is always coy in nature, becomes worried that someone being born who would try to admire the real beauty.

Some Coy in sg do not give AWS, but they justified that their pay is higher than market offer, so i guess in a way this is fair.

It generally promises to create a brave new world, even if it is a bit coy in spelling out what exactly that world may look like.

In 2% of cases coy as is used

Kiffin also remained coy as to whether Lee would get any snaps at defensive back against UCLA.

Being coy as a habit or way of life is foolish, but if you wonder why that one guy never talks to you.

He is stepping down as President Pro Tem for the 2013-2014 session of the General Assembly and has remained somewhat coy as to his future plans beyond that.

In 2% of cases coy for is used

I catch up to the runners doing the race and play coy for a bit.

I attempted to seduce her but she seemed rather coy for a dream girl.

It looks like they are accusing Coy for the unsolved disappearance of Carey and Ainsley.

I could, in fact, hear the battery Commander, asking the FOO party with B Coy for a sitrep, as they hadn't been heard from, for some time now.

Even tuition centres, which used to trumpet how they helped improve students ' performances, have grown coy for fear of incurring the wrath of the good folks in Buona Vista.

In 2% of cases coy of is used

This is where the brilliant coy of FYROMians come into play.

On October 26th, B Coy of 4th Sikhs was out on an recon patrol when it was surrounded by the Chinese.

If your presentation is informative and a lot of data is presented, handing out a soft or hard coy of your presentation is a good idea.

We had marshalled them into some sort of order and were preparing to move them into a nearby field when a Coy of 21 Bn, some tanks and Col.

In 2% of cases coy over is used

They've remained coy over their romance since they started dating on the set of X-Men nearly two years ago.

The Kremlin has been coy over the past several weeks, refraining from dropping support for the Syrian regime altogether yet signaling that it is ready to deal with alternatives.

In 1% of cases coy after is used

They are still so coy after all this, and it is thoroughly unnecessary.

Perhaps the weather people got a bit coy after talking up Hurricane Bawbag in December.

In 1% of cases coy at is used

Amerou Aww Anni, playing coy at your age.

At 0600 hours, A Coy at Dong Plateau was subjected to heavy shelling and mortar fire.

Mangotsfield chicks Annakatarina can be coy at times, but if commanded to pee, she will.

Why then, might there be chinks in the armour? First, Helm is just a little coy at crucial moments on his journey.

Between 0500 and 0530 hours supported by artillery, mortar and machine gun fire, they attacked the 4th Sikh's A Coy at Maha plateau, north of the D Coy at Lacman Ridge.

In 1% of cases coy by is used

The subplot about a banker's self-regarding wife who allows herself to be seduced by a Chinese-born butcher is too coy by half.

In 1% of cases coy from is used

Part of No 1 Pl, under 2/Lt Burkitt, returned to page 212 Coy from detachment.

The Unit which comprised of elements a 3 Bn Coy that had refrained from taking part in the Congo mutiny and another Coy from 4 Bn.

In 1% of cases coy regarding is used

Now at 39 years of age, Slater holds the record of being the oldest ASP World Champion ever, but was characteristically coy regarding any talk of retirement.

In 1% of cases coy to is used

I think if we want to develop a grammar of non-objectifying, non-sexist come-ons, it will have to cover all the bases from coy to gallant to direct.

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