Prepositions after "courteous"

courteous to, in, at, of or with?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 52% of cases courteous to is used

She was courteous to her elders.

He is courteous to all and sundry.

Please be courteous to other members.

Please be courteous to them like you are to the GMs as well, and do not abuse them.

Although he was courteous to the court, he clearly would have preferred not to be here.

All users are expected to abide by the forum rules and and be courteous to other users.

So far, it's been pretty accurate -- if she isn't courteous to me, she usually isn't to others, which doesn't fly.

I'd more courteous to people that don't make bloated salaries like waitresses, people at burger king, wal-mart etc.

Be Courteous to Your Guests Be certain to note any food restrictions or allergies as good as hope for swap options.

In 14% of cases courteous in is used

Always, always be courteous in every comment you make.

You have always been perfectly courteous in our dealings.

Jamaican drivers are neither the most cautious nor the most courteous in the world.

This is more than most on the road salesman do to be safe and courteous in my experience.

Your office honored my appointment promptly and was courteous in the use of my time and theirs.

She has always been extremely courteous in her dealings with me and I can not say how much I truly appreciate that.

Are you being polite and courteous in the middle of battle, in a tough negotiation or uncomfortable staff interview? 20.

Also, the thing which goes without saying is you have to be gentle and courteous in any situation, positive or otherwise.

Bushbuck safaris were very professional and courteous in their operations, and assigning Carlos to be our driver and guide.

In 7% of cases courteous at is used

Other Tips: Be courteous at all times.

Service is prompt and courteous at this corner location.

However it ends, remember to be courteous at the end of the night.

I will, as a driver, observe the rules of the road and be courteous at all times 9.

He never feared to speak the truth, and yet remained dignified and courteous at all times.

He was more like a business man, but very professional and extremely courteous at the wife.

Please also pass on my thanks to your reservation staff who were very helpful and courteous at the time of booking.

Top of the list was service excellence with agents being contactable, responsive to queries and courteous at all times.

Driver had been warned and informed on the importance of providing good service performance and to be courteous at all times.

In general when dealing with the police, environmental health and any other officials or general busybodies and members of the public, remain calm and courteous at all times.

In 5% of cases courteous of is used

Respect the Venue Be courteous of your host and their business operation.

Tell him that he needs to be more courteous of others and clean up after himself.

You need to be courteous of their rules and regulations because they DO apply to you.

People of different languages and cultures come here and all are courteous of each other.

You can not get a Rain Check on clearance prices When redeeming Rain Checks, be courteous of your checker.

You and I know that cyclists break laws to keep themselves safe and to be courteous of pedestrians and drivers.

They were spotless and the owners paid us a visit to see if we needed anything which was was very courteous of them both.

How courteous of them to tip off the enemy on what to expect on the battlefield! Save the champagne until the planes make it back.

It would be courteous of the administrator if contributors to the discussion/debate were informe of the content and could respond.

It's all about finding the right balance! Finally, follow the rules of the road Keep to the speed limit, and be courteous of other drivers.

In 4% of cases courteous with is used

He was polite and courteous with Betty's mom.

He was polite and gallant, always courteous with women.

I will be polite and courteous with the TSOs performing their duties.

You also have been very courteous with the several commentators responding to your blog.

He is an elderly Pole, courteous with a wry sense of humour - and an extraordinary story to tell.

Those are possibilities and the important point is to be courteous with your audience on the net, and off.

I thought how nice it was going to be to work around people who were friendly and courteous with an easy going personality.

And I'd sure that these solutions will even be useful for those of you, who are usually courteous with your freelance writing duties.

Roger is famous for being extremely warm and courteous with fans and the press, is a UNICEF ambassador and a devoted husband and recent father.

Jiang, and he was slightly drunk and chain-smoking, but gentle and courteous with the few customers who came up and bought things as we talked.

In 3% of cases courteous about is used

Roy There is nothing courteous about Chicago Thugery Doc Back stabbing Chicago thug.

People who bring in their boyfriends or girlfriends into flats would also do well to remember to be courteous about it.

You figure that will be the end of it; you are used to dealing with other scientists who are almost always courteous about such matters.

DO NT BE VULGAR: If you are discussing a particular topic that may get you excited or emotionally involved, be courteous about your ways of doing or showing it.

Try to network and seek referrals from contacts, each time asking politely for help - just be honest and courteous about what you are trying to achieve and many people will be extremely helpful.

In 3% of cases courteous on is used

Other Answers (4) Tell your b/f he needs to learn to be courteous on the road, you are definitely in the right.

I love that they have clean beaches, you don't see litter on the streets, and people are courteous on the roads.

We have nothing against bus drivers and often, they are more understanding and courteous on the roads as opposed to normal motorists.

While I agree that we should be remain civil, calm and courteous on social media, it has to be a place where we can passionately disagree.

As he was a very well-bred and very good-natured man, he addressed himself with much civility to his brother physician, who was not quite so courteous on his side.

The operators was most courteous on the phone when I made the reservation 5 days ago, and was equally so when they called me on the morning to confirm the booking.

Unfortunately, any first time insured will not have a No Claims Bonus (NCB) because they are only starting out driving a van and have to build it up by being safe and courteous on the roads.

In 3% of cases courteous towards is used

AMSA has never been anything other than reasoned and courteous towards us.

So how about we start being more courteous towards others and less of a moron.

One should not be arrogant or insolent but rather be kind, considerate and courteous towards them.

He stole horses, money, clothes, provisions and arms, but never hurt his victims and was courteous towards women.

Eichmann did not kill a single Jew with his own hands and he was often courteous towards Jewish leaders who did his bidding.

However, what was heartening to see was passengers being courteous towards ladies and making sure they had adequate place to sit.

We are dedicated to treating you with respect; being courteous towards you and creating a positive experience for you each and every time we connect.

If you are always courteous towards your shaykh, then because of the love that is created you'll win a place in the heart of your shaykh and then the eye of the mercy of God will rest on you.

In 2% of cases courteous for is used

But be courteous for the person who you saw the source from.

The Wiggo effect and the all-round good feeling spread through the public and the traffic was courteous for a while.

If it's safe to do so, it's courteous for slow vehicles to move over onto the shoulder, which is separated from the road by a solid yellow line.

In 1% of cases courteous as is used

Courteous as the examiner was in explaining why I did fail, I was shocked.

In 1% of cases courteous by is used

If you are staying in a hotel room, be aware of your neighbors, and be courteous by not being excessively loud.

There is even a system of thanking fellow motorists for being courteous by briefly putting on one's hazards on.

What is Sri Lankan culture like? Sri Lankans are friendly, helpful and courteous by nature and you are likely to be welcomed with a smile in any part of the country.

As I traveled the incredibly busy highways the drivers were very courteous by allowing an extremely overwhelmed and sometimes confused driver to smoothly transition from one lane to another.

In 1% of cases courteous during is used

Be courteous during the examination times.

Try to be extra kind and courteous during this month.

In 1% of cases courteous throughout is used

You were extremely organized, professional, and courteous throughout the planning process and during the climb.

As he had been extremely kind and courteous throughout my GP problem I didn't know whether he was just being reassuring, or whether to believe him.

In 1% of cases courteous toward is used

I'd saying we need to be more courteous toward them.

It is a time to be considerate and good, decent and courteous toward one another in all of our relationships.

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