Prepositions after "cool"

"cool with", "cool for" or "cool in"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 23% of cases cool with is used

And I'd finally cool with that.

They're totally cool with that.

I'll be totally cool with that.

Playing hard with nothing to show for it or playing cool with trophies to show for it.

From there me and Young Money's Tyga grew close, we were always cool with one another.

They were cool with you having sex with men as long as you had children at some point.

Not many parents would be cool with their 16 year old buying drugs and condoms and running the streets of NYC alone.

The climate of this area is one of the best in the country being temperate and cool with clean, crisp air in winter.

By Friday and Saturday it will be even cooler with perhaps only 16C for London, Glasgow will likewise be near 16C.

It was hot and really humid if you were inside the house but outside, it was cooler with wind blowing from the sea.

In 18% of cases cool in is used

Snug in winter, cool in summer.

Nigga was cool in ' 94, but no.

He is clearly cool in a crisis.

That's just the way it is, so relax and smile: it's not cool to loose your cool in Laos.

John, who was looking very cool in the event, took keen interest in watching the fights.

Plus, the Yellowjacket costume is one of the coolest in comics history in my opinion.

The lower part of the house has walls of Mactan coral stone, which makes it deliciously cool in the middle of the day.

But when I will open the window, the air is so cool in which it will make my home's temperature go down to 73F easily.

Shindig is pretty cool in that -- just like in a real signing -- everyone else can see who's asking the question, too.

Show us something new and cool in the world of Open Repositories That's the pitch, and we want to see what you've got.

In 15% of cases cool for is used

So don't be too cool for school.

He's pretty cool for an old guy.

Let sit and cool for 30 minutes.

Keeping the door closed as much as possible will help your fridge stay cool for longer.

We try other stuffs and it seem cool for a while but other things pops up outta the blue.

If you were feeling too pale with the blonde it was probably too cool for your skin tone.

He made Swahili cool for every one of us, while at the time KBC still swanked the time worn and very dull KBC HABARI.

I sometimes make mix CDs with a sampling of music I think is cool for friends, just to turn them on to something new.

You can enlarge would be a lot of cool for easy viewing, send it to your friends or rate the song song become popular.

Those issues shouldn't be met with pretension and derision just because the lucky gays are too cool for the old scene.

In 8% of cases cool about is used

Ain't nothing cool about thugs.

But he had to be cool about it.

There's nothing cool about this.

And there is something cool about saying -- I come from the land of a billion sparks.

What's un-cool about America is telling a business owner how to run his/her business.

There's something cool about writing a muscular song based on a strong play or story.

Not everyone has an employer who's cool about their private opinions, and there's other conflicts of interests etc.

What's cool about social psychologists is that they take ordinary, everyday behaviors and study them systematically.

He was being very cool about the whole situation, until his foot slipped and he crashed down painfully onto the seat.

Lots of Jobs Another thing that's pretty cool about working in Taiwan is the seemingly endless pool of teaching jobs.

In 6% of cases cool to is used

A Let cool to room temperature.

Nasa was also cool to the idea.

Either way, it was cool to watch.

Add 20 mL of hydrochloric acid and 50 mL of water, stir until dissolved, and cool to 15.

You can't make some one cool to the tweeners by cited a popular show from ten years ago.

Also, the legs can be taken off so that it sits on the floor, which is mighty cool to me.

It's a political gamble that might fire up conservatives, many of whom remain cool to Republican candidate Mitt Romney.

The Breakfast Club has supported her throughout her career, so for her to berate them like that just wasn't cool to me.

If we stay cool to whatever is taking place outside of us then we are able to have a positive influence on a situation.

Too cool to text Things go in and out of style incredibly quick these days, and the industry has a hard time keeping up.

In 6% of cases cool on is used

And VERY cool on AmEx Platinum.

Her hands felt cool on the wound.

Let cool on wire rack completely.

They make it look cool on television to increase their viewership or target ad audience.

Everything looks cool on models, but this doesn't mean it will do the same magic for you.

Quite similar in taste and texture to ice cream, sorbet is deliciously cool on the palate.

The game still feels to me like a lot of ideas that sounded cool on paper, but did not work out that well in practice.

Haruko said that she had a crush on Rukawa Kaede because he was so good at basketball and looked so cool on the court.

When the cake is done, cool on a wire rack in the pan for about 10 minutes, then gently flip over onto a serving plate.

He came in my office and said he wanted to show me something very cool on the web: a blog by some guy named Nate Silver.

In 4% of cases cool at is used

It can get quite cool at night.

Delaplace looked very cool at times.

Usually cool at night and early mornings.

Average day temperature is 28C while average night temperature is a bit cooler at 25C.

Here are just a few minor things you should remember for yourself: Stay cool at the jam.

So if you have supportive family and servants for all house hold you can be cool at work.

I made a joke about her dancing, still trying to be cool at a time when I should have gone unselfconsciously with her.

The September peak can however be easily differentiated in data for the southern hemisphere which is cool at that time.

It can still be cool at other times of the year and so we recommend bringing thermal underwear and a warm sleeping bag.

That makes for a mixed bag of larger radiative area but lower intensity due to being cooler at that higher elevation.

In 2% of cases cool as is used

The hall of the house was cool as a vault.

It's the time for it to go around, like the cool as well as, use the actual environments.

Coastal locations are cooler as the temperature there does not usually exceed 35 degrees.

Growing up was pretty cool as well as adventurous, considering the fact that we are all boys.

Initially, it was very cool as the company was a startup and it was a chance to be in on the groundfloor type of stuff.

As the round progressed he was trying to fling the jab out, but Klitschko was slowly measuring him up, cool as an assassin.

The dispensary is as clean and cool as the rest of the space, with two birch-and-glass cabinets put together to form the bar.

The capital continued a trend of starting Labour Day with sunshine but getting cooler as a southerly change whipped through.

In 2% of cases cool by is used

The room should be cool by then.

I know they wo n't, which is cool by me.

He thinks he's being cool by being frugal.

They realised that water could be kept cool by placing it in porous earthenware vessels.

As it happens, Immersion Reading is a new feature that could be incredibly cool by itself.

Maybe is even black or a woman or a black woman or whatever is deemed cool by the High Command.

I shook his hand, I think, and tried to look important and cool by carrying my backpack on just one shoulder, I think.

Already, being chipped is deemed as cool by some people, and they will sell this by getting celebrities to promote it.

There are loads of activities around the city so fun and cool by tweens ' standards that they'll agree to your company.

The complainer is warning Brits not to try and sound cool by aping the speech styles of people they see on the telly/TV.

In 2% of cases cool under is used

It felt cool under his fingers.

He was just so cool under pressure.

Absolutely ice cool under pressure was Sampi.

Everyone was so very cool under pressure and were so friendly and courteous throughout.

I did want to say thanks Rebecca for keeping your cool under this firestorm of stupidity.

If you want to imagine someone who appears even cooler under pressure, think Usain Bolt.

The former Spurs defender was cool under pressure and snuffed out Arsenal's attacks before they could come to anything.

And those watching him deal with Superstorm Sandy have been reminded of how presidential he is, how cool under pressure.

There were tons of stuff to learn, ranging from configuration management using GIT, to how to keep my cool under pressure.

In 2% of cases cool during is used

The battery remains cool during charge.

Try to stay cool during the Summer Shows.

It can get cooler during the meditation.

It was interesting to see Haruto, who usually seems cool during battle, look afraid.

To make sure you're prepared to stay cool during a gloriously hot summer or comfy on.

However, it will be cooler during the night, especially if the cruise ship is moving.

Although tented, Amara's rooms are permanent, with stone floors that help to keep them cool during the hot months.

It makes the outfit so much more laid back and it's perfect for keeping you cooler during the hottest part of the day.

One thing I thought was really cool during that time period was when Dick Dale wanted to go out and play a gig with Flax.

Wool, for example, can act as an insulator during the cold winter months and can also help you keep cool during the summer.

In 2% of cases cool like is used

Because Bo is just cool like that.

Yeah, it was kinda cool like that.

Science is totally cool like that.

She called Chris (I think) and got it all squared away, because Renee's cool like that.

I spent all my dough on shirts at Urban Outfitters in an attempt to be cool like Brett.

It made sense that the light accenting off her should be cool like the background tones.

My mummy friends told me they all started tearing and I must say I did too!! Just a single tear, I'd cool like that.

But how can it not be genuine when its a topic even their parents brought it up? Yayyou are so cool like your login name.

Combat orders for higher leveled skills, magic crash to be loved while bossing and combo attack because you're cool like that.

If the 3310 batteries were still available, I would purchase on and use my 3310 as a secondary phone because it's cool like that.

In 2% of cases cool of is used

That's pretty gosh darn cool of them.

Shannon Eastman How very cool of you.

It'd be pretty cool of you guys to contribute.

I always thought it was really cool of him to remember me when he had no real reason to.

The coolest of the lot were the first Ford Transit, and this, the very-French Citroen HY.

It helps us get connected with the wonderful people that are making the coolest of things.

It was the first big show I ever opened up for anybody, it was really cool of Dave Bain at Surge to hook me up with that.

I noticed people are viewing but not responding to Cordelia's poll (which was very cool of you BTW, thank you for trying).

DOUG YEARWOOD: You had a hole in one at Desert Blume last Monday, how cool of a feeling was that? ADAM BRUCE: It was weird.

I'd glad he tried to make it right with Chael and it was pretty cool of him, even if it was fake and a show, it doesn't matter.

In 1% of cases cool from is used

Tre Cool from Green Day gave it to me.

This place is cool from the inside out.

This place is cool from afar, but far from cool.

Direct benefits, such as cool from shade or increased property value and indirect benefits.

You can enjoy swimming and sunbathing while staying cool from the mist of the towering falls.

His vision has led to these wicked public toilets -- they're pretty cool from the outside too.

Best Times to Go: The Monasteries of Meteora may be visited year round but the weather is wet and cool from December to March.

It is usually cooler from November until the end of March, with a temperature of 75F to 82F and a low of 72F in the evenings.

I like your thinking on this Mark, people don't want to be told that it is cool from Robert Scoble, Guy Kawasaki and Chris Brogan.

In fact, let's put you to the challenge: if you can match (or top) The Last Supper, we'll send you something cool from the office.

In 1% of cases cool without is used

Maybe a spinoff would be cool without use found footage.

Batman has just always been cooler without his sidekick.

You will look cool without looking like the rest of the pact.

There's no trace of that now, and you can wallow in retro cool without fear of the Mafia.

Cool without being intimidating, it had a New York feel - exposed brick walls, booths and a DJ in the corner.

And non-reactive mind, maybe I should use a different phrase for you, that is: to be cool without being cold.

I think he is really the backbone of the show and it wouldn't be that cool without him, even if he is a troublemaker sometimes.

They are flexible and fun and love my kids enough to think E and N are cool without being so focused on my kids that I'd not Alex anymore.

The sheets covering the terrace deflect all the rays of the sun making the apartments remain cool without air-conditioning even during the summers.

These tires provide thermal mass, which, when combined with passive solar design, can keep the building warm and cool without electricity -- so no utility bills.

In 1% of cases cool off is used

Buyers will also have the option to waiver their cool off rights.

You can voluntarily set aside a cool off period so that you stay in control.

Surrounded by mossy rocks it is a beautiful place for a picnic or cool off swim.

In class I'd always trying to find some way to cool off my hands, to chill the sweating.

Like how yuh seh yuh ah gwaan look round, it woulda good if yuh hold a cool off inna di sea.

Fire up the flames and cool off the austere office mode as you ease yourselves into the weekend.

During this cool off period think about your priorities and see where they got out of kilter and where the problems started.

The coldness helps, in a way, cool off the blood traveling through your veins that are exposed to your skin, along with your nerves.

The steppingstones of Dunn's River Falls shower and cool off guests and allow easy walking access up and down the cliff for guided tours.

Since we'll have almost two full days after the inspection to cool off, and the inspection is already scheduled, I figured that would be fine.

In 1% of cases cool down is used

Then do your cool down stretches.

This will help cool down each room.

Steps to follow for good cool down: 1.

As the session approaches its conclusion, the therapist incorporates a cool down period.

The cool down process helps to keep the blood circulating, and thus prevents blood pooling.

This is to allow cool air outside to penetrate inside the XB360 to help cool down temperature.

They are there to release hot air trapped inside to help cool down the roof hence your ceiling would not be that hot.

All I can say is OW!! Thankfully, it seems the water sprays in the station seems to help cool down the wheels on I305.

Reminding myself of the things I'd grateful for happens at the end of each run, right when I shift into cool down mode.

I started off with the breathing techniques and some of the cool down tricks and they helped me right from first night.

In 1% of cases cool before is used

Remove and cool before serving.

Let cool before making the pies.

Let cool before removing from mats.

Let cool before serving (I prefer it chilled for 3 days with foil cover before eating.

The warehouses where they were kept cool before shipping, now known as Banana Pier (www.

Wait until the bread is completely cool before cutting into it! It is still continuing to bake inside! 7 2.

Bake crusts for 7-8 minutes, then remove and let cool before filling and then bake on baking sheet as per directions.

Sometimes when working with a really stubborn fabric, you really do press down hard, and then let cool before moving the fabric.

I have done this with both pork and beef to allow it to fully cool before chilling and slicing for sandwiches both cold and hot.

My advice though is to visit the 2 conservatories first and wait for the weather to be cooler before visiting the outdoor gardens.

In 1% of cases cool after is used

The Other Side would be a cool after dinner spot.

No-Drama visibly lost his cool after getting schooled.

I don't think I've ever regained my cool after loosing it lately.

Shakhtar's midfielder kept his cool after belated cries for handball against John Terry.

Bees are cool after all! Can you spot the Queen? She is the larger one with a black body.

I am happy that he finally showed her the ring, but it wasn't as cool after the car incident.

He was well camouflaged sleeping under a bush just off the road, getting shade and cool after feeding on his buffalo kill.

Learn to give yourself the same break that you give others and you'll see that you are pretty cool after all! Thank you Tina.

Lennon lost his cool after the fan questioned his tactics as Celtic lost another league game directly after a big Champions League match.

After all, which woman would her her cool after murdering the most beloved person in her life, her husband? Thus, I think that Mary is abnormal.

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