Prepositions after "convinced"

convinced of, by, about, after or at?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 77% of cases convinced of is used

And here's what I am convinced of.

I am convinced of this, by the way.

I'd personally not so convinced of it.

Meanwhile the serenissima BBC, convinced of it's own infallibility and omnipotence.

Erds arranged to see him and, convinced of the young man's talent, lent him $1,000.

With ' Tai Chi Zero ', Stephen is even more convinced of his calling as a director.

Nonetheless, I am convinced of the truth, accuracy, and integrity of Miss Howe? s account as she has reported it.

There is evidence that the French themselves are convinced of the folly of proselytising their revolution abroad.

As for our anchor person who is so convinced of the guilt of the person who has been hanged without a fair trail.

Thank goodness, I accepted and found my way there, as I came away convinced of the power of a passionate teacher.

In 10% of cases convinced by is used

I remain convinced by both of them.

Convinced by propaganda broadcasts that U.

Oddly enough I was less convinced by Emma.

New clients are getting convinced by these cheap designers to o for a cheap design.

Convinced by his teaching, they were ordained by him and became his first disciples.

It was very interesting and I was very much convinced by the blurb on the deal site.

Individuals who experience used this kind of vaporizer have been completely pretty convinced by their experience.

Inability to withdraw - The RadFems are so convinced by their ' evidence ' that they are unable to admit a mistake.

I am convinced by this spiritualist's worth of spiritual knowledge and how it governs how we all behave and thinks.

Quote: Originally Posted by pblive Not to convinced by what I've seen of Scene it! though, but I've yet to play it.

In 6% of cases convinced about is used

I certainly am convinced about GW.

Not so convinced about sequestration.

But I'd not very convinced about that.

Frankly, we aren't too convinced about the usefulness of the dual-screen design.

That's why I'd even more convinced about the accuracy and meaning of this: Reason.

He's less convinced about Pakistan's commitment to going after the militant leader.

By repeating words at least 3 times in a paragraph, it enables the reader to become convinced about something.

Yashwant Sinha became convinced about the need for a trade-oriented regime after the political setback of 1998.

Since you are so convinced about that Army is disguising as ' grease yakka ', I do not want to change your mind.

Chief Executive of the charity 4Children, Anne Longfield however remains convinced about the effectiveness of Sure Start.

In 1% of cases convinced after is used

I was more convinced after hearing myself talk.

I am convinced, more convinced after reading Mr.

See, there are chances, that both of your parents gets convinced after your marriage.

I'd pretty convinced after watching this episode that Eun-sung has serious boundary issues.

I became convinced after reading the book that I got even more of these e-mails than usual.

I am further convinced after reading a Federal Court judgement relating to a wrongful termination case4 involving a GLC.

And we are even more convinced after reading the latest Barron's and seeing many of the top strategists calling for 1400 or higher by the end of this year.

In 1% of cases convinced at is used

It was a wonderful experience to feel convinced at the visual level as well as the aural.

I hope I've confused you enough because I am convinced at this point that it might help clarify.

I? m convinced at this point in time that making reductions based on conditions on the ground are very important.

The president was amazed and convinced at NASA's activities as it can share its vision properly even with its lowly employees.

I'd convinced at some point, or just about 60% into the interview, he broke off from me and then ended up in a cab to finish the interview.

Yes, any woman under the age of 30 was pretty much convinced at that point that Tom Cruise was destined for her, but Kidman both won and lost.

After reading the book Half the Sky, I was motivated to encourage girls ' empowerment and convinced at how critical it was to the developing world.

Sadly I am convinced at this point Bioware has their heads up their rear because they're obviously trying to make this game as WoW like as possible.

The day after the deadline to add a candidate's name to the ballot; and became more and more convinced at every calculated move that has come out of the Jackson camp since then.

In 1% of cases convinced beyond is used

I am convinced beyond all doubt that there is a big harvest in Canada.

I totally believe and am convinced beyond doubt that I made the best life choice.

I am convinced beyond a shadow of a doubt that all news media is niether unbiased nor fair and balanced.

He said, I am convinced beyond reasonable doubt that I have found the formula for mainstream staying power.

While no one is perfect, I am convinced beyond any reasonable doubts that President Obama has done a wonderful job.

I beg to disagree and am convinced beyond a doubt that, every individual has the ability through his/her actions to effect a change.

The foremost reason why I am convinced beyond any shadow of doubt about the benefits of honey is because it is often mentioned in the Bible.

Deep down, I'd convinced beyond every reasonable doubt, that 7th April was your set time that had been signed and sealed, as far back as 9th September, 1964, by the Big Man sitting high up there.

In 1% of cases convinced from is used

The founders became convinced from their reading of the Bible that baptism should be by trine immersion.

Convinced from an early age that women should have the same rights as men, Lizzie embarked on a career that changed America.

However I am convinced from real facts of observations and strong intuition that there is strong connection between way of walk and personality.

However, as I look at the Philippines and across the sea to China I am convinced from Scripture and from church history that the gospel can radically transform both cultures.

In 1% of cases convinced in is used

I am convinced in this system, it works fine for me and will work fine for you.

I don't think I've ever been so convinced in the dangerously seductive qualities of cinema.

I am convinced in my case that it has more to do with brain chemistry than lack of will power.

I've had personal experiences with these things thats why I'd so convinced in their existence.

I am too convinced in my heart and soul that Nigeria is the MOST CORRUPT COUNTRY IN THE WORLD.

After the anger of strangling him, and the shambles in that report, I'd convinced in the merits of alcoholism.

Macdonald was so convinced in fact that D'Arcy McGee was finished that he gave him no support in the election of 1867.

So defined side is incapable even to consider such possibility and remains convinced in their righteous cause, no matter what.

So many are still so convinced in the illusion of linear evolution, when our very quantum sciences show this whole way of thinking is obsolete.

The military leaders in the new government had become convinced in late Tokugawa days of the superiority of civilian conscripts to samurai units.

In 1% of cases convinced with is used

I am convinced with our diplomats, SLA, and SLN.

I am convinced with what I have read here about.

I'd not so convinced with England chance this year.

But i am sort of not 100% convinced with regards to home schooling.

Convinced with my intelligent reasoning I went back to sleep until 0700 hrs when the sun was already out.

Find your core strengths: Now you are 100% convinced with what you want to do and how it is going to add value.

Even so, because they were so convinced with the promise of the Prophet, that there would be a future victory for Islam.

Bring on the new season I'd more than convinced with this article that Arsenal will spring surprises this coming season.

Although not entirely happy or convinced with our performances this season, you can't ask for better cards than what we have been dealt with this weekend.

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