Prepositions after "convicted"

convicted of, for, by or in?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 91% of cases convicted of is used

He was convicted of manslaughter.

Convicted of aggravated assault and D.

Come to Britain get convicted of a crime.

So these habitual offenders (convicted of elder crimes) basically got away with it.

There is no parole in the federal system for defendants convicted of recent crimes.

He may be convicted of voluntarily causing hurt, an offence triable by a Magistrate.

Khadr was 15 at the time, becoming the first juvenile since World War II to be tried and convicted of war crimes.

I may be wrong here but I thought that Qatada had already been tried &; convicted of terrorist charges in Jordan.

The criminals are not LEGALLY allowed to own firearms once convicted of a crime even when they return to society.

Convicted of murder of drug dealer Justin McAlroy in 2002 in Glasgow on seriousaly defective eyewitness evidence.

In 5% of cases convicted for is used

He was convicted for all of them.

The rape that he was not convicted for.

He didn't just get convicted for the politician.

This insurance covers all convicted drivers who have been convicted for different offences.

In the international statistics of convicted for rape, Sweden is number two, after Lesotho in Africa.

You send a naked picture of yourself to your SO and you get convicted for spreading of childponografy.

Got convicted for driving offence? Thinking how much you'll be charged for your van insurance after this? No worries.

So when I hear your question, I try and think what unbeliever gentile I know who felt convicted for eating a piece of bacon.

And even after he was caught he didn't get convicted for many of the NA women he killed because they went with him willingly.

Please remember in most countries people with more than one wife will get convicted for bigamy, does that apply to Pakistan? D.

In 1% of cases convicted by is used

I was very convicted by the uncompromised generosity.

Libby remains convicted by a jury of serious felonies, and we will continue to seek to preserve those convictions through the appeals process.

In 1% of cases convicted in is used

I know and I have seen-I'd not alone standing convicted in this court today.

The prosecution has demanded death sentence for all the accused convicted in the Naroda Patiya case.

It also asked the authorities to ' show clemency toward the convicted in the hope that they will refrain from new sacrilegious actions '.

Moreover, if anybody tries to refuse the government order, it would be considered a convicted in the view of law and such person would be liable to get five years jail with fine worth Rs 0.

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