Prepositions after "convenient"

"convenient for" or "convenient to"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 69% of cases convenient for is used

Not so convenient for the cast.

Convenient for some, not for all.

Its so convenient for the bankers.

New Function: - iSMS add fetion function, It will convenient for the user to use.

The child will just have to learn to hold it until it's convenient for the teacher.

Convenient for the village amenities and close to Scotland? s most southerly point.

Every tax ought to be levied at the time, or in the manner, in which it is most convenient for the contributor.

It is convenient for the rich and powerful that people like you attempt to ridicule serious study of Bilderberg.

That's too convenient for the proponents of assisted suicide who wish to advance their view as the only sane one.

This decision was probably made because it is far more convenient for the school if the child is in a wheelchair.

In 17% of cases convenient to is used

It just seems too convenient to me.

Seems pretty darned convenient to me.

So this is awesomely convenient to me.

We are convenient to all of Birmingham and only 15 minutes from the downtown area.

If you are not convenient to the embassy, we can just communicate by mail or phone.

It is very convenient to the city center and can be walked in less than 10 minutes.

The NHS is working hard to make sure that you are seen as soon as possible, at a time that is convenient to you.

Manley Airport is an easy 15 miles from Kingston's main hotel district and convenient to the Kingston Free Zone.

Reviews Most recent hotel reviews The hotel is very convenient to the train station and major sites in the city.

If I'd being forced to do something illegal either way I'll choose the illegal act that is more convenient to me.

In 4% of cases convenient in is used

MRT is very convenient in Singapore.

Houses are more convenient in this respect.

But ebooks are very convenient in this case.

It is convenient in this place to complete our review of the land tenures of Lanka.

It is also far less polluted and more convenient in terms of public infrastructures.

I am also well aware that this is not always possible or convenient in the real world.

Certainly, there are several things that are usually beneficial as well as convenient in your quest to lose fat.

The app is convenient in situations where you're not supposed to be sending an SMS, but you need to do so anyway.

My ability to converse in Korean did not give me an advantage at all either, though it is convenient in many ways.

You could save! Procuring online can come on handy, but it also makes the whole lot too convenient in time to time.

In 2% of cases convenient with is used

Very convenient with all the shops around.

The ride is made more convenient with the use of T-Money.

It's also convenient with a huge industry infrastructure.

Also you ought to have all of the emergency contact numbers convenient with you.

Buying from Lianne Landman is easy and convenient with their online store facility.

Find out if facilities are convenient with minimum distractions and no malpractices.

Particularly when it comes to uploading music, videos, ebooks and more is very convenient with an FTP program.

Indian Railways has made booking railway tickets simple and convenient with its online ticket booking facility.

However, not all people are convenient with certain restrictions for running and developing several applications.

The phone conversations really helped me to keep track of my progress and were so convenient with my busy schedule.

In 1% of cases convenient as is used

Convenient as well as for an all in one small charge.

Poison is only one method and is most convenient as: 1.

Though convenient as a shorthand notation, this usage has a cost.

Using your own car or hiring a taxi is most convenient as the only means of transport.

Getting to Colombo is very convenient as the city is well connected with rest of the world.

It isn't convenient as a lot of walking needs to be done, but it is certainly faster than the bus.

Since you will be playing more often, it is good that you find a payment method that is convenient as well as secure.

Through Train (Kowloon, Hong Kong -- Guangzhou East) This is the most comfortable, convenient as well as expensive way.

Exercise balls are used for similar purposes, but are not as small and convenient as the Disc ' O ' Sit or Balance Fit.

It is blatantly ironic, but also convenient as a label for three characters who are not especially clearly distinguished.

In 1% of cases convenient at is used

Obama and Tammy say whatever is convenient at any cost.

The word of God means whatever is convenient at the time.

This means that we just do whatever is most convenient at the time.

It is convenient at times to tether your computer but the tablet is a stand alone device.

It's across the river from Bercy a very nice park, but not convenient at all for where you want to be.

It was also convenient at times for foreigners to place news in Chinese papers for strategic purposes.

The staff is friendly and car-parking is very convenient at the hotel-own garage directly beside the main entrance.

I don't think that's a class issue though, most people with a car will choose whichever's more convenient at the time.

This is particularly useful and convenient at the end of a seminar, presentation or workshop you or your team conducted.

Of course it was politically convenient at that time to massage the unemployment figures by transferring people onto the benefit.

In 1% of cases convenient by is used

It was really easy and convenient by the way.

This is made easy and convenient by Virgin Blue (www.

India travel will be convenient by availing services of best travel agents in the country.

You can also make reading more convenient by buying an e-book or reading with digital gadgets.

You can extend the time period as per your convenient by paying a few nominal charge to your lender.

The heliports will make some locations that seem far away in road traffic very convenient by helicopter.

The possibilities of making life even smother and more convenient by using these home gadgets are promising.

Browsing has been made easier and convenient by the increase in bandwidth limits that is served to the country.

It's very convenient by default, but there are a couple of tweaks that can make it much faster and easier to use.

In the second place, our everyday lives have been made more convenient by scientific and technological inventions.

In 1% of cases convenient of is used

How convenient of you to forget all that Mick.

I also envision M-pesa being the most convenient of mobile payments for.

Prime Marvel offers ideal lands that are set in the most convenient of locations.

It's not the most convenient of locations, except perhaps for people working in the vicinity.

You do not need to go to China to buy wholesale handbags because of the convenient of internet.

It was in a PM conversation with me (which, yes, I know is awfully convenient of me, I admit) on here.

For the tourist visitor, Indra Regent is the most convenient of all Bangkok 4 star hotels close to shopping outlets.

Realistically, I don't think we're capable of achieving that convenient of a future, but it's certainly nothing to fear.

This is likely to have been Dutch Walloons, presumably without somewhere convenient of their own to worship at that time.

I just want to upgrade our appliances and stuffs for the convenient of my Nieces and Nephews who are living with my Mother.

In 1% of cases convenient on is used

While it is convenient on the part of those who dislike Mr.

What I mean is that it's more convenient on the 3DS as there's two screens.

Tool and toy now are more convenient on ereaders, cell phones and the laptop.

It's convenient on a bike to do all the things folks have complained about up thread.

Blame is convenient on one level, it lets you off the hook, but it also strips you of power.

I invite children because I want to, my child wants to and it's convenient on a particular day.

Ques 6: What is AutoPay and why would I use it? Answer: In order to make things more convenient on Spuul we have enabled PayPal AutoPay.

With services like AlterNetRides at NC State, GreenRide at Duke and Zipcar at UNC-Chapel Hill and Duke, carpooling is now convenient on campuses.

Search is especially convenient on mobile devices, where it's often faster to search for a file rather than drill down long hierarchies of folders.

It is smaller than a computer, and much easier to transport, but large enough to offer several more features that are not that convenient on a Smartphone.

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