Prepositions after "contending"

"contending with" or "contending for"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 50% of cases contending with is used

It also meant contending with grainy images.

Be happy with what you are contending with now.

But he apparently has no interest in contending with Iran.

The enemy we are contending with is not playing fair neither is he playing dead.

Meanwhile, his wife is contending with taking care of his two boys here in Lagos.

That's a funny thing that I'd always contending with, this certain idea of realness.

We wrote then that to put this question in Russia is almost as amusing as contending with fools and bad roads.

She gets the raw end of the mom deal since she's contending with a high-energy toddler and my swollen cankles.

At the peak of the tourist season, you may be contending with 80 other vehicles, surrounding a single cheetah.

They also share how they've avoided the spending sinkhole despite contending with ever-increasing data volumes.

In 42% of cases contending for is used

He'll be contending for championships for years.

Yet the big 4 are contending for international recognition.

This letter will discuss contending for the faith once delivered.

And this, at the Bottom, is no longer contending for the Thing, but for the Name.

No doubt that LH is supremely talented and should be contending for the Championship.

Sadler and Cruz are contending for the Senate seat being vacated by Kay Bailey Hutchison.

The strong words of verse 16 demonstrate Jude's passion for contending for the faith and confronting the ungodly.

It's been a slow start so far in Denver, but the Broncos have a serious shot at contending for a Super Bowl this season.

In 4% of cases contending in is used

Also contending in the Player of the Year race were Weber, the 2012 U.

He knew he'd be shopped and he knows who's contending in the playoff race.

BERTRAND RUSSELL Well, I'd not contending in a dogmatic way that there is not a God.

Given the US's constrained two-party system, there's no true progressive contending in this election.

The upside is that they're coming to a team with a good shot of contending in a city that's STARVING for a winner.

A 0-2 start in the division for the Panthers would put a serious dent in their hopes of contending in the division.

Now that he's seen all the golf courses across Asia, Henson could well start contending in the bigger tournaments this year and compete for victories.

Bremner sat third after round one and second at halfway only to suffer over the weekend, presumably struggling to cope with the pressure of contending in his home Open.

The bill will undoubtedly be tough to swallow, but contending in the NBA comes at a cost, and for the Thunder Harden's extension -- on top of their other commitments -- is it.

It had com- menced with the native merchants of the north who found themselves incapable of contending in their own ports with foreigriers; and was soon communicated to others.

In 2% of cases contending against is used

Both acts will be contending against other big names such as EXILE, Jolin Tsai, and Yuna.

Whatever would put God in a poem or system of philosophy as contending against some being or influence is also of no account.

In the 18th century Roshan became a vassal to the Shughnan, both contending against their closer neighbours, Badakhshan and Darvaz and alternately falling under the supremacy of one or the other.

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