Prepositions after "contemporary"

"contemporary with" or "contemporary in"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 37% of cases contemporary with is used

He was contemporary with Solomon.

He was contemporary with Jeremiah and Daniel.

Collodi was contemporary with Queen Victoria.

Bright, stylish and contemporary with a friendly enthusiastic can-do approach.

C, almost was contemporary with Confucius of China, who was born in about 551B.

Caravan is contemporary with a nod to the values of a hand-made artisan history.

This date is contemporary with the Splitty so I expected it to fit in with room to spare, given how low it is.

This is an important piece of the overall jigsaw, contemporary with botanical exploration in the Mediterranean.

So he was contemporary with Elijah and Elisha, although these two prophets belonged to Israel, and not to Judah.

Nadra al-Azdiya, a woman who was contemporary with the Imam Husayn, is said to have reported: ' When al-Husayn b.

In 21% of cases contemporary in is used

Also I found nothing contemporary in the pictures.

But the adjective contemporary includes much more complex values.

Our target is to be contemporary in this area in five or six years.

The book is very contemporary in terms of the equations in Nisha's relationships.

My own sense of it is that the debate on the contemporary in the West has run its course.

The interior is cool and contemporary in style and offers both indoor and outdoor tables.

Best then to avoid ' the contemporary ' and settle for contemporary in the much broader and ill-defined sense.

He reused much of the old stonework especially on the Chapel Street side and went for a contemporary interior.

And that in fact the contemporary in art resides in and is informed by in-between space, beyond the footlights.

I ask that question, because for this film and your previous films, they have been very contemporary in nature.

In 15% of cases contemporary to is used

He was one of the contemporary to Lord Chaitanya.

This Bacchus was therefore contemporary to Sesostris.

The Shang of China are contemporary to the Babylonians.

Contemporary to Ezra, he and Haggai urged the reluctant Jews to rebuild the temple.

Being a contemporary piece, it didn't really sound contemporary to me, which I loved.

Other sources contemporary to the First Crusade include William of Tyre and Matthew of Edessa.

Do you think that the audience prefer contemporary to traditional dance? Audience is one aspect that worries me.

Now Cepheus &; his daughter Andromeda were contemporary to Perseus &; therefore flourished in the reign of Solomon.

The 21 th &; 23 th Dynasties contain eleven kings of Tanis the second of which is represented contemporary to David.

In 7% of cases contemporary of is used

He was a senior contemporary of Buddhaghosa.

He was contemporary of Lenny Bruce and a unique voice.

Cobalt may be considered the most contemporary of its counterparts.

Buddhaghosha, contemporary of Buddhadatta also composed many Buddhist commentaries.

Its founder was Mulla Nizamuddin Sahalvi, who was contemporary of Hazrat Shah Waliullah.

Taranatha makes Nagarjuna contemporary of Kanishka whose date is also not firmly known (58 B.

Saint Campanthar, a younger contemporary of saint Appar, converted the pAnhdija ruler from Jainism to Saivism.

Turtullian, contemporary of Origen and Clement, mentions all the New Testament books except 2 Peter, James and 2 John.

Bambah, a distinguished Mathematician from India and an old time friend and contemporary of Salam paid a Tribute to Dr.

Maha Naga's older brother, Devanampiya Tissa, a contemporary of Emperor Asoka, was the first king of the Tissa dynasty.

In 4% of cases contemporary as is used

Bollywood pop art is contemporary as well as vintage.

This insurrection then marks the contemporary as a site of contamination in many such accounts.

As the evening progresses, the music usually becomes more modern or contemporary as the older guests leave.

Built in 1898, the 4-star deluxe Victoria Hotel Amsterdam features contemporary as well as monumental rooms.

I think capital will frame this historically, will always try to frame the contemporary as it does with politics.

Alain Silberstein produces watches which can be use daily and are known to be the resolute of the contemporary as well as authentic art world.

If you think it sounds as fresh and contemporary as the Rite of Spring you've obviously not listened to much 20th-21st Century Classical Music.

He was described by one contemporary as a ' foul-mouthed and dishonest man who bought and sold matches as though they were lots at an auction '.

So of all time? Re: What's the best piece of music of all time? I'll defer to Stravinsky's opinion as to whether it sounds as fresh and contemporary as The Rite.

I have head of several people who I know using the Turner Contemporary as a wedding venue and it has been reported as a fantastic venue and great value with superb food.

In 4% of cases contemporary at is used

Ranil was my contemporary at St.

One notable commander was Cen Can, a contemporary at court with Li Bo.

The music had to have the flavor of the 90s, yet look contemporary at the same time.

Wijaya's marriage to Nalini Kulatunga, a contemporary at the Bank of Ceylon, was a successful one.

Next we popped into Manta Contemporary at 51 King William, which is another new gallery slightly off the beaten James North track.

Axelrod's sound was considered bold and contemporary at the time, and the ensuing decades have done nothing to challenge that notion.

Again, Peiris ' remarks about former President Clinton being a contemporary at Oxford would naturally give rise to some questions in the Sri Lankan mind.

That the man in charge of the conduct of Sri Lanka's foreign policy could make a proud boast of his links to a former US President of being a contemporary at Oxford is one thing.

In 3% of cases contemporary for is used

It was contemporary for its time, yet this kind of equipment is now a collector's item.

A man has been married to his contemporary for twenty years then suddenly he's got middle life crises.

So it just goes under Adult Fiction and Contemporary for now, even though there is more to it than that.

There should be a flexibility in introducing courses which are contemporary for people who wish to pursue.

I also love Francena Arnold, but she wrote many years ago and her books were more contemporary for her time.

It's a contemporary movie -- just like Evil Dead was contemporary in 1979, this is contemporary for young adults now.

He never moved in, however, lamenting to a real estate agent that in retrospect the house was too contemporary for his taste.

Top marks should be given to the team for introducing something contemporary for Baroque-weary tourists -- although the ' enchanting melodies ' can be grating, beware! 8.

We seek to be neither traditional nor contemporary for their own sake in music or song, but rather seek to draw on the best of the rich hymnody of the past with the best of the present.

How to do 2200 acres of honeysuckle, is the lifeline of the villagers, while trying to solve the drinking water problem, JOURNAL OF CONTEMPORARY for rescue honeysuckle things to fidget.

In 2% of cases contemporary by is used

The harshness of modernism is smoothed over in contemporary by embellishment.

Contemporary by Angela Li is located at 90-92 Hollywood Road, Central, Hong Kong.

I only got this article into the Contemporary by leaving out India, and looking at the question from a purely English point of view.

It has been redesigned generating more pleasurable, fashionable, and contemporary by artists like Takashi Murakami, particularly in the well-received Mini Lin Monogram collection.

In April 2008, Angela moved one step closer to her dream by opening her own gallery - Contemporary by Angela Li -- taking new discoveries and established artists to the local and world stage.

In 1% of cases contemporary about is used

There is something very contemporary about this story.

So to me it's pretty obvious what is contemporary about the text.

There is something very contemporary about the description of Tyre.

NB That interests me because it goes to the heart of what is contemporary about your work.

Aside from the plot line, there is something contemporary about the theme of sheer deprivation and survival.

I remember being pregnant and questioned by a contemporary about when I was going to quit my job (so I could stay home with the kid/kids).

Part of what is so bracingly contemporary about her is her complete lack of self-deception about the importance of money to her characters ' lives, especially their love lives.

In 1% of cases contemporary after is used

It is nice to see something so happily contemporary after all that oil on canvas.

In 1% of cases contemporary from is used

Thompson Usiyan was our contemporary from Mid-West State.

Queuing at a Limerick book-signing in 1997 was another contemporary from the Limerick Lanes, Willie Harold.

The album features a selection of songs in Irish both traditional and contemporary from artists such as Brian Kennedy, Altan, The Dubliners, Katie McMahon (Riverdance) and Daithi O 'S of RTE fame.

In 1% of cases contemporary on is used

Home had become a 6,000-square-foot contemporary on three acres or a gutted and rehabbed townhouse in a gentrified ghetto.

In 1% of cases contemporary through is used

Assistance to accomplish the winters contemporary through presenting Moncler Women's Vest aural a bitter winter months selection.

Additionally we source art from international publishing houses with collections ranging from trendsetting &; contemporary through to traditional fine art.

In 1% of cases contemporary without is used

The Modern Prairie fa ç ade is contemporary without being funky.

So Tom's book just struck me because, it's again the thing with Geoff, a sound that's completely contemporary without, it seemed to me, a great deal of forcing or effort.

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