Prepositions after "consistent"

consistent with, in, across, at or for?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 82% of cases consistent with is used

Consistent with this finding, B.

Consistent with the other states.

Head hair consistent with Evonitz.

That's no accident -- it's actually very consistent with Progressive skepticism.

Those results are consistent with the way Americans voted on local tax measures.

We will acquire them by arrangements consistent with the United Nations Charter.

And, three, that explanation is at a minimum plausible and consistent with the Commission's statutory mandate.

Consistent with this holistic view, forest health has always been and remains a central concern for the Karuk.

Consistent with this idea, only in Neurog1/2? /? double mutants are severe defects in OB development observed.

Victoria has been consistent with the national trend, with more people than ever before working in healthcare.

In 8% of cases consistent in is used

Be consistent in your formatting.

Be consistent in your discussions.

And LAC is not consistent in this.

Be consistent in your approach to potty training Take things slowly to begin with.

Be consistent in your communication, whether it's by email, or by regular meetings.

Oh, they would - many animal rights activists are pretty consistent in their views.

There are many benefits to this strategy: - You are likely to be much more consistent in your marketing efforts.

All members of the family need to be consistent in the use of commands so mixed signals are not sent to the dog.

The problem is, you have to be consistent in your position and you have to be genuine and firm in your position.

Guest blogging helps you build relationships, and as it takes time, you should be consistent in your activities.

In 2% of cases consistent across is used

And be consistent across the web site.

Men are more consistent across situations.

That is pretty consistent across the councils.

The navigation on the Galaxy Tab is also much more consistent across all apps.

Raza Habib Raja As a liberal, I believe we should be consistent across issues.

The process execution time becomes more consistent across multiple executions.

The trend is consistent across different surveys and different consumption measures (GHS, SHS, CHS and HSE).

This relationship is consistent across geographic areas from specific intersections to cities and countries.

These estimates were consistent across strata of selected covariates, including age, education, and smoking.

In 1% of cases consistent about is used

I'd pretty consistent about that.

If you do, be consistent about it.

I've been very consistent about it.

Romney's been unusually consistent about wanting an extra $2T for the military.

The only thing that is consistent about encountering God is that we must listen.

Cutting sockpuppet reviews wouldn't be so bad if Amazon was consistent about it.

Took a few attempts, gosh did she push back but when we were consistent about it she wasn't long catching on.

Moreover, neither canon nor paratext has been terribly consistent about Sam definitely believing Dean was dead.

Straight off, the first thing that is always consistent about the organisation of the PIC is its disorganisation.

Is there another trophy in the cards??? WEEK 9 If there's one thing consistent about the BAC, its our inconsistency.

In 1% of cases consistent at is used

I'd like Sabi to be consistent at 1.

The difference was consistent at all ages.

Keep your branding consistent at all times.

Or maybe the attendance will be so consistent at 8:30 that the service should stay.

Statements have been remarkably consistent at the EU level over the last 12 months.

Again, the marking is quite consistent at this level and the average proportion of 2.

I'd very proud because it's not the most glamorous thing, but it's most difficult to be consistent at our level.

They are obviously not consistent at the level of form, but it seems to me there is consistency at other levels.

At the same time, Scholes has a higher ' bottom level ' and was far more consistent at United than Pirlo at Milan.

SHOTS per game 18 SHOTS ON TARGET per game 4 The Liverpool of the Dalglish era was atleast consistent at the back.

In 1% of cases consistent for is used

So that is consistent for all of them.

But they would be consistent for each site.

Hope to be consistent for the next 28 days.

This approach is consistent for all types of emergencies throughout the province.

The 100 per cent pass rate, she said, has been consistent for the last six years.

The effect is very small, but consistent for many objects passing near the Earth.

You're not making it fair and consistent for riders, you're putting cricket players into a baseball tournament.

They have been very consistent for the last few years and have won all major events in the lead-up to the Games.

As the series went on, the episodes improved and became more consistent for the whole 30 minutes of each episode.

My run training has been a lot more consistent for a longer time, so I've had another six weeks or more of miles.

In 1% of cases consistent from is used

It's consistent from the start.

They aren't consistent from beginning to end.

It's fairly consistent from vendor to vendor.

Do your normal training and keep it consistent from week to week, month to month.

Therefore, it is crucial that the Experience be consistent from portal to portal.

And that they happen at some regular rate that stays consistent from year to year.

They attempted to keep the amount that a family would have to pay for tuition consistent from school to school.

It felt like a respite from years before to have a winter that settled evenly, that was consistent from day-to-day.

How did your approach to gaining new readers evolve as your audience grew? Kam: We've been pretty consistent from day one.

This integer need not remain consistent from one execution of an application to another execution of the same application.

In 1% of cases consistent on is used

I have been consistent on this.

David has been consistent on this.

Be consistent on whatever you decide.

The testimonials on this page are consistent on all review pages for these products.

The Hawks were consistent on offense, with everyone but Rock Shoulders hitting safely.

Genesis and the NT are pretty consistent on monogamy, and I am not an advocate of divorce.

Always been a fan of his game, but he needs to put in the extra work to be consistent on both ends of the floor.

Jason Miller/Getty Images The Vikings on the other hand have been much more consistent on both sides of the ball.

It's written in the Party Platform, and most Republicans from Todd Akin to Paul Ryan are consistent on that point.

Throughout the campaign, Mitt Romney has been consistent on one point: the quality and consistency of his hair care.

In 1% of cases consistent over is used

That has been consistent over the years.

It should be said they were consistent over the years.

Obama has been pretty consistent over the past 4 years.

No seriously the toughest part will be remaining consistent over the three days.

The performance of both universities has been consistent over the last four years.

I find that very troubling and is fairly consistent over the last couple of years.

Rather, she has earned our trust by being consistent over time in the way that she delivers her service to us.

The top fifteen countries using the 457 program have been fairly consistent over the past two years and make up 84.

I feel that perfume companies who can not be consistent over a great number of batches should sometimes be avoided.

Your hypothesis goes a long way to explain how our temps can be so incredibly consistent over the course of the year.

In 1% of cases consistent throughout is used

This was consistent throughout the game.

This is consistent throughout the whole stay.

Their effects are consistent throughout the day.

The average temperature is 82 F and remains consistent throughout the year.

This dicing and slicing by region has been consistent throughout fiscal 2011.

The voice of Little Bee was well-defined and consistent throughout the story.

The BASIC assumption used by Doppler was that the medium is consistent throughout the transmission path.

He remained decently consistent throughout the series while others had an innings or two out in the sun.

Climate Singapore enjoys warm tropical weather that is relatively calm and consistent throughout the year.

You want your color scheme to be consistent throughout your entire wedding to create a harmonious setting.

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