Prepositions after "consequent"

"consequent upon", "consequent on" or "consequent to"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 36% of cases consequent upon is used

Consequent upon this, it made the rounds that Dr.

Consequent upon the proposal made by the British Govt.

Consequent upon the alleged mismanagement of the said $12.

Consequent upon this agreement, IPS did not find the need to respond to the law suit.

In the Lord's Prayer the two are placed together, one being consequent upon the other.

Consequent upon gaining this status s/he has the right to reside, work and be educated.

Consequent upon this, the Muslim League on July 29 withdrew their acceptance of the Cabinet Mission proposals.

Any object that can stimulate in our feelings a concentration on desirelessness, consequent upon inclusiveness.

Consequent upon the omission of Paragraph 3, it is not now permissible to claim a split in the legislature party.

In 35% of cases consequent to is used

It added that the murder was consequent to this.

It was not consequent to a civil event of spoteinity.

Further, the natural law is consequent to human nature.

One reason is due to the scandals which were sometimes consequent to public penance.

If you wish to change the name consequent to marriage - Original Marriage Certificate.

Consequent to that refusal, the applicant, who had already lodged a notice of appeal on 13.

This offers a unique window of opportunity to look at the thermal comfort transition consequent to urbanization.

When stimuli from the external world impinge on the sense organs there is feeling consequent to sensory contact.

Unfortunately to help children in distress consequent to custody and access disputes, the solution can be complex.

You see the volatility in the last six to eight months in the currency market consequent to the market going down.

In 22% of cases consequent on is used

Married accommodation consequent on marriage.

Consequent on the retirement of Mr F W MacLean, Mr.

Now our oil wells have gone consequent on the ceding.

While this was notionally to rate of interest consequent on until such time as they.

Thus, action and passion are different from the permanent relations consequent on them.

It is also an examination of the dehumanization consequent on the strained relationship.

No one has shared with us the privilege of governing them, nor the responsibilities consequent on that privilege.

Their arrival must be consequent on the stoppage of harvest labour, for there is no other work for them just now.

The lapse rate is some kind of useful construct consequent on holding T constant for the purposes of integration.

It is not an exemption from any law or duty, and much less from the obligation consequent on certain kinds of sin, e.

In 5% of cases consequent of is used

NEP was implemented in 1971, as a consequent of the bloody racial riot of May 13, 1969.

So did was his father and as a consequent of these unions the shenanigan always maintains he is a Malay.

The submitter(s) pays for any additional costs consequent of the appointment of the independent commissioner.

IMHO, This 2013 budget is a natural consequent of previously gaming the system and playing chicken with budget.

Many times, as a consequent of this, the girls take the way of suicide or they are killed by their husbands or others.

Is this assertion correct if (i) we read ' rationality requires ' as governing only the consequent of the conditional (i.

An example of this decision was consequent of a request from Fier to aid a young woman who had just begun a degree course in Tirana.

Of course, it is not true in general that an agent must believe the consequent of a true entailment when she believes the antecedent.

Steve, you say you want inclusiveness, but that you're worried about a ' subsequent ' shift in positioning consequent of involving more people.

In 1% of cases consequent in is used

The antecedent in the conclusion must be an antecedent in its premise, and so also the consequent of the conclusion must be a consequent in its premise.

That won an establishment of four police for the islands--and a consequent in general crime to make it one of the safest and drug free places in Queensland.

Construct an ordinary language argument illustrating the fallacy of affirming the consequent in which the premises are obviously true and the conclusion obviously false.

If Apple can contunue his success with this (which the company had, but now the focus is not clear and not consequent in that ), it will continue to brighen up its great future.

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