Prepositions after "congruent"

congruent with, to, in, by or on?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 82% of cases congruent with is used

The pad should be congruent with the mouse.

These things are not congruent with my brand.

It is not congruent with the mood of the viewers.

Bizarre behavior is not congruent with rationality? especially in foreign policy.

These depressive episodes had a psychotic component congruent with the depression.

The way we play and enjoy this is subjective and congruent with our understanding.

This is certainly not congruent with the government's plans for Malaysia to develop as a knowledge-based economy.

But as a child in that situation my mind dyed her eyes red because it was congruent with what I was REALLY seeing.

An incongruous stimulus was rendered congruent with expectancy by the operation of either form or color dominance.

Take the long view As a fee based financial planner, you need to be congruent with your message and your branding.

In 13% of cases congruent to is used

We then say that M is congruent to a modulo n.

It is congruent to Biblical principles and it works.

Thus A + B is congruent to a valid cipher character.

Make it congruent to your professional goals, in alignment with your personal brand.

Thus, hypothetically, it is indeed congruent to the today's rising issue about LIBOR.

The rhombi have sides congruent to each other, but the angles in the shapes are different.

Then during that time, you'll have to work or find work that isn't really congruent to what you really want inside.

It is a military democracy as a result and congruent to the aims of its US backed sponsor in controlling global energy.

But Cordell actual meant that the quote was stylistically and thematically congruent to the maxims of La Rochefoucauld.

In 2% of cases congruent in is used

Be congruent in tone and words.

The world to which I get to belong is more complete because I am more congruent in myself.

This sense of emptiness is their heart? s way of telling them that something is not congruent in their life.

Qatar and Saudi Arabia have been congruent in their calls for action on Syria, however they may run into trouble over their differing views on Iran.

Hence, be congruent in dealing with yourself and you could achieve this by embracing your negative experiences and be authentic to your personal feelings.

Yet those conditions are less commonly congruent in the fields that Aramco must now exploit to address the coming falls in production from the historic sources.

The period of this ecological catastrophe is almost exactly congruent in time and space with the introduction and large scale use of neonicotinoids on arable crops in Europe and the UK.

And then there are the folks who don't believe, have faulty or immature beliefs, and then there are the folks that are true believers, They are knowledgeable and congruent in their life and belief.

In 1% of cases congruent by is used

Two triangles with two equal sides and equal included angles are congruent by some theorem or another -- you look it up.

It was you who made that suggestion, and it was only logical to believe that someone would want to be congruent by following their own admonitions before expecting others to do so.

In 1% of cases congruent on is used

Therefore, the starting place for removing complications is to get congruent on the inside -- thus making peace on the outside.

Increasing their influence (both externally and internally essential!) And major ugg classic short boots, inside a is congruent on their behalf.

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