Prepositions after "comprehensive"

comprehensive in, of, with, for or to?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 46% of cases comprehensive in is used

Its quite comprehensive in its depth.

It is truly comprehensive in its scope.

They were comprehensive in every regard.

Any time applying for a loan, a person's eye is comprehensive in the agreement.

He gives the impression of being suave in nature and comprehensive in awareness.

It's comprehensive in its options, with a variety of modes, perks and challenges.

Coverage on Channel 4 (a major commercial channel) is set to be the most comprehensive in Paralympic history.

This show is the most comprehensive in existence and is played on various public access stations around America.

Hence we can say that none of the traditions are fully comprehensive in listing the total number of Greater Sins.

His books and website are extremely comprehensive in their scope, and much more than your own historical surveys.

In 15% of cases comprehensive of is used

It was too comprehensive of a list to memorise.

The study was one of the most comprehensive of its kind.

The most comprehensive of all the agreements was Treaty No 6.

Goodyear's footprint is the most comprehensive of all tyre manufacturers on the continent.

To the best of our knowledge this policy is the most comprehensive of its kind in Victoria.

The OfficeRecovery suite is probably the most comprehensive of these, but it doesn? t come cheap.

His account of the epic disaster is widely regarded as one of the fairest and most comprehensive of its kind.

Some were comprehensive of local law, while others mentioned some of the laws that existed, and some proposed.

I urge you to please read the report by Sir Muir Russel, the most comprehensive of all the investigations (here.

When you use h2o that is certainly freezing, you will not get as comprehensive of your clean with your experience wash.

In 8% of cases comprehensive with is used

I went to my local comprehensive with people from all backgrounds.

This one is really comprehensive with good comparisns and details of the Arab world.

Be comprehensive with experience a proper the middle of reason for one's interest in tiers.

This place has Periyar wildlife Sanctuary that is comprehensive with 360 sq kms of dense forests.

The report should be comprehensive with a long term outlook for the Claimant's condition contained.

The content was comprehensive with relevant examples, case studies and full of useful tips &; tools.

How many additional bus routes will be added? The HKIS bus routes are already very comprehensive with 35 routes.

This sort of Wilshire substantial handbag with Monogram canvas, comprehensive with leisure produced stylish sort.

Data Details The data recorded this year is more comprehensive with day and night time records of over three days.

Museum Ilokos NorteSightseeing Laoag will never ever be comprehensive with out a go to to the Museum Ilokos Norte.

In 6% of cases comprehensive for is used

It is amazingly comprehensive for a single volume.

The provided links are comprehensive for all the information required to learn SAP.

Our organised Nurburgring driving trips are now even more comprehensive for the money.

The words and illustrations are simple, poignant and comprehensive for small children.

But the reality is that computerized/electronic testing simply isn't comprehensive for a global launch.

It only deals with big European cities, but it does have 44 of them, so it's pretty comprehensive for weekend city breaks.

This was remarkably comprehensive for the time, and it was capable of being triggered by external sequencers and drum machines.

Flick through on line entries structures which might be comprehensive for years or it may be make reduced personal prices in recent times.

Just as you can choose between third party fire and theft and fully comprehensive for your car, the same applies to taking out caravan insurance.

If you maintain collision and/or comprehensive for an old vehicle which isn't a classic, then you're paying a lot more than would do you any good.

In 4% of cases comprehensive on is used

The following narrative is the most comprehensive on the issue: Ab? Sal? mah b.

Even though over 60 years old this study is still the most comprehensive on this subject.

Korean patent law is fairly comprehensive on paper, extensively protecting most products and technology.

Conduct a little bit more comprehensive on how to get a decent page-rank so that youll earn money working online.

This is the first time anything so comprehensive on football in Ghana has been written in the country by a local.

I'll maybe write up something more comprehensive on my blog about it all at some point, but that's one for another day.

The Mosuo culture is among inclusiveness, comprehensive on an increased level than that of the otherwise inevitable blood connection.

The reason for this is because Pacific Prime works with over 60 different providers of insurance, making our coverage options the most comprehensive on earth.

We do not claim the contents to be comprehensive on the subject matter and they shall not be relied on by any persons who may have an interest in the subject matter.

The report of the National Task Force on Police Reforms is comprehensive on how to bring the National Police Service into the 21st century, covering issues such as policy on.

In 4% of cases comprehensive to is used

Most comprehensive to the novice, and expert.

However I've not compared their plans to other companies, but it's seems quite comprehensive to me.

This year's Annual Assessment report is the most comprehensive to date, looking at the full Comment: * (1000 words max.

Stussy and Nike have been collaborating for over a decade, but this collection is by far their largest and most comprehensive to date.

I have seen a few other papers that try to modelfood and nutrition security as an integrated system, but this one is the most comprehensive to date.

In countries where advertising bans are comprehensive to the extent that point of purchase offers the only possibility for advertising, packaging is vital.

Indeed, the agency adopted the balanced approach where they offer comprehensive to the people which includes world news, business news, whether news, regional and sport and others.

In 3% of cases comprehensive as is used

Comprehensive as the content is, the memoir is selective.

Few movie websites on the Internet are as large and comprehensive as the JoBlo Movie Network.

The protection given to invalids and war veterans is comprehensive as well as people affected by Agent Orange.

It may not be as fully comprehensive as a text book but at least I trust it is practical enough to yield results.

Levitra can guide you to experience far more comprehensive as well as bring back the opinion of a person a person.

An individual can not seek for any additional comprehensive as well as strong all natural aloe-vera supplement wherever.

He attended local primaries and the local comprehensive as a child, before being moved to a private school when he was twelve.

I recently posted about my achievements in 2009, these were quite comprehensive as the year seemed jam packed full of ' stuff ' from start to finish.

Among them, the most comprehensive as regards the details of the discipline and training which the Buddha followed is the Mahasaccaka Sutta of the Majjhima Nikaya (No.

In 2% of cases comprehensive at is used

Couples counseling itself is comprehensive at Konak.

In the past I have found AVG to be fairly comprehensive at keeping these systems clean and running fast.

While comprehensive at the federal executive level, the book is uneven in its treatment of the other levels and branches of government.

While another study -- not comprehensive at only 103 students -- showed that within the sample, 47% of art students were left- or mixed-handed.

The earlier editions were comprehensive at the times of their releases; but this edition is not, in my humble opinion, justified as a new edition.

Although the techniques were basic and not very comprehensive at the time, experiment and study has made ABA a valuable tool for autism intervention as well as other maladies.

In 2% of cases comprehensive by is used

The write up is comprehensive by the guy and UK mail but he is adding cultural values which might not be applicable to that of UK.

Although great care has been taken to ensure that this page is fully comprehensive by using all the available sources, there may still be ommissions or errors.

Our rating tool is feasible and comprehensive by including not only characteristics of the information process but also aspects of teamwork and, thus, provides.

Programming for poor, vulnerable and excluded groups is comprehensive by African standards, while efforts to tackle HIV/AIDS and its impacts have been outstanding.

The signing of Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement (CEPA) will make the current economic engagement more comprehensive by bringing more investment and services into Sri Lanka.

From lessons learned so far with rural communities, the technology package is now made more comprehensive by including components of human health and nutrition as well as family planning.

In 1% of cases comprehensive about is used

Craig was rather comprehensive about responding to Dr.

This tool is very comprehensive about Intel Active Management Technology Software Development Kit.

Thus, the youths and others will be more comprehensive about the value of life and measures to protect it.

In 1% of cases comprehensive across is used

The Programme's emphasis on benefits realisation is increasing but is not yet sufficiently comprehensive across the whole Programme.

In 1% of cases comprehensive from is used

The concept of power is highly comprehensive from the point of view of sociology.

Try to be creative and comprehensive from the information that you apply with meta tags.

In 1% of cases comprehensive within is used

Your research should attempt to be reasonably comprehensive within well-defined boundaries.

That said, the content of the Dictionary is certainly comprehensive within reasonable bounds.

This particular heli-copter needs six AA electric batteries however, you need to buy these kinds of electric batteries through outdoors because it is not really comprehensive within price range.

In 1% of cases comprehensive without is used

The worst place to be is to be small and comprehensive without much of a brand name to work with.

I apologize if any of this appears vague - I'd trying to be comprehensive without being superfluous.

Berg's book is scholarly without being scholastic, comprehensive without being exhaustive, and intellectual without being fashionably incoherent.

This makes clear that no critical evaluation of capitalism can be considered complete and comprehensive without a deep understanding of natural law theory.

But fashion is rarely comprehensive without worrying about using finishing touches, like key engagement rings, bracelets, connections, wristwatches, eye glasses and a terrific way to.

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