Prepositions after "complex"

"complex for" or "complex in"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 27% of cases complex for is used

It's a bit more complex for me.

The world is too complex for us.

That may be too complex for you.

Chesterton: Moral issues are always terribly complex for someone without principles.

I also want to see someone else use it first as it seems too complex for my old brain.

Cities will be too big and complex for any single power to understand and manage them.

She's also a superb project manager, orchestrating operations that are often way too complex for me to understand.

It a disappointing but not surprising for a movie which may look too unusual and complex for the average moviegoer.

Please note: if this performance is too complex for your group you are welcome to complete a section of it instead.

Computer programs are just too complex for most laymen to understand them, however familiar the syntactic elements.

In 23% of cases complex in is used

To examine something complex in detail.

The emblem is complex in its symbolism.

We as human being are complex in nature.

The problem is complex in Wroclaw, contrary to what the authorities of this city say.

A second air strike struck another media complex in the city, the al-Shuruq building.

The question of international participation has become increasingly complex in Taiwan.

The issue becomes even more complex in inner city zones in which children have little support from external agents.

For instance, many parents are tempted to make a game more complex in the hope of teaching their child a new skill.

Basic color theory is such a fascinating subject because it can be both elementary and complex in fascinating ways.

Organisational processes occur in real time, are more or less complex in nature, and shorter or longer in duration.

In 12% of cases complex with is used

Not getting too complex with the details.

The situation is even more complex with fats.

My struggle became complex with each passing day.

The situation in the middle east is very complex with so many factions weighing in.

Trademarks in the US seems a lot more complex with different USC and CFRs involved?

Q: But unlike most light humour plays, ' Antigone ' is complex with rich expressions.

Music styles became more complex with multiple parts for different instruments and further developments in harmony.

This has referred your software to attack complex with just faith-based windows that are well down longer available.

And, since the IL-13 receptor forms a complex with the IL-4 receptor alpha, this might also be a target of interest.

Aztec Myth Also complex with many levels of heaven and underworld and many cycles of repeated creation and destruction.

In 6% of cases complex of is used

Human vision is the most complex of all sensory systems.

Perhaps the most complex of the Br na Binne sites is Knowth.

Keystone is probably the most complex of the three pub games.

Foley Square, with it's complex of court buildings, now sits on that infamous ground.

I am not sure why it should be that this most complex of poet's is the one I am drawn to.

I have come to fully agree that human being are the most complex of all creatures to deal with.

The Kettlebell ' Snatch ' The kettlebell snatch is arguably the most complex of all the kettlebell training exercises.

Fish probably made up a lot of the Peruvian coastal diet too, even among the most complex of the prehistoric chiefdoms.

Simplified Service Oriented Model The Service Oriented Model is the most complex of all the models in the architecture.

Hyatt's recipe was the last recipe I tried and the most complex of the three I tested, although still very easy to make.

In 5% of cases complex as is used

It's as simple and complex as that.

C99 supports complex as a standard type.

Our data is fast and complex as well as big.

It is likely to become more rather than less complex as the present century progresses.

They can be as basic as laughing at a racist joke or as large and complex as the war in Vietnam.

In Ireland the type of studio group structures in operation are as diverse and complex as the buildings they occupy.

These tasks have become more complex as the volume and range of information available has increased (Dugdale, 1999).

These social networks are producing very complex as well as autonomous political, social, economic, educational fields.

How children inherit their gifts or curses from their parents is as twisted and complex as the human DNA structure itself.

In 4% of cases complex by is used

All societies are complex by their very nature.

All of this was very complex by modern standards.

War made more complex by the rise of Hau hau in 1864.

These may be combined with other patterns, often made more complex by long-term drug use.

These are made complex by the links between the economics of payment systems and of credit.

Our problem is made more complex by the flood of our rural cousins pouring into our cities.

Things are made more complex by the fact that he and those around him are all gifted/damned with unusual abilities.

And the case of General Singh is but one of thousands of simple cases made conveniently complex by the wily people.

They live and are complex by means of their effect upon many different people who serve to mirror them in the round.

If it's portrayed as highly complex by someone, there's a good chance it just means they don't really understand it.

In 3% of cases complex at is used

Life forms are complex at every level.

It's simple yet complex at the same time.

I bought a VITAMIN B COMPLEX at the drugstore.

Many of us are simple and complex at the same time; we are gentle, yet incredibly strong.

Music, light, and hair, possibly the carolina time, are administratively complex at these teachers.

The great runs in the tournament are what makes March Madness so wonderful, but complex at the same time.

Usually, intricate and elaborate knots adorn the cross making this design both simple and complex at the same time.

Employment law can be complex at times but we have tried to make this booklet a jargon-free zone as far as possible.

Finance and repairs Claimants with an eligible claim can repair their leaky home or complex at any stage of the process.

While we all know that ministry can be complex at times (sometimes of our own doing ), Jesus really simplified what we are to do.

In 3% of cases complex to is used

Life became more complex to us.

Here we prefer complex to sophisticated.

Yesu wetu, why engrish is so complex to some people.

Android is almost certainly more expensive and complex to not only develop, but test.

Describe a situation where you had to explain something complex to a colleague or a client.

In addition, the thought structure of his compositions was complex to the point of being obscure.

This is more complex to setup by it is worth the move, however this can not be used alongside streaming replication.

Activities that have the highest value for brain health are those that are novel and complex to each particular person.

I will warn you that I won't get sucked into a debate on AGW, because it is far, far too complex to cover in blog posts,.

Sweetish Muscats and ports taste complex to me, and a big old oaky zin doesn't have much sophistication at all to my palate.

In 2% of cases complex about is used

Traveller is a little more complex about this.

There is nothing at all complex about these issues.

There is nothing very complex about what I am saying.

As you can see, there's nothing too complex about this.

I mean what's so complicated or complex about this movie.

This highlights what is simple and complex about legal study.

I mean, there's nothing complex about accepting that reality.

Key phrases are basically words-nothing terrifying or complex about them.

I do also think women can be a bit more complex about the way they view work.

There's nothing complex about the plot: a young couple is haunted by a demon.

In 2% of cases complex because is used

The piece is more complex because of the interplay of the two.

Transparency is complex because of the technical nature of tax decisions.

The symbolism in this text has become explicit, and more complex because of external influence.

Further, foreign policy is extremely complex because of the wide array of variables it encompasses.

The authorization flow for EGA is complex because of the approval points needed for each individual.

Second, the issue is very complex because of the different ways global concerns or goals are defined.

These issues are even more complex because of the pharmacokinetics of some of these drugs in younger age.

It goes without saying that m eeting the LTTE challenge became more complex because of its ethno-political context.

I'd say negotiations are complex because of the deal we did with Sevilla and the various bits and bobs that went with it.

The cloud ecosystem is becoming more complex because of a mix of public, private, and on-premises Information Technology.

In 2% of cases complex due is used

Practically, recovery is far more complex due to the unique nature of each attack.

Obtaining an Australian visa is often complex due to the constantly changing migration law.

This isn't a simple problem, all the more complex due to vested interest and perhaps even corruption.

The Treasurer also assists individual officers where their task is complex due to numbers, logistics etc.

The rebellion in eastern Congo remains complex due to the many vested interests by neighbouring countries.

The question regarding FDR's prior knowledge of Pearl Harbor is complex due to the numerous questions that formulate it.

The launching of the JNSP was lengthy, intensive and complex due to the need to develop methods and materials from scratch.

Resource planning will become more complex Resource planning will become more complex due to introduction of multi-channels.

The present cabinet is more complex due to the Coalition issue but it is only human nature for tensions to arise over different agendas.

In 2% of cases complex on is used

It was quite rich and complex on its own.

No idea about UK, probably is more complex on UK.

The situation was already very complex on its own.

While they may look complex on the outside, they're not difficult to walk round once inside.

In Cebu, the Gawad Kalinga office is located at the old DOST complex on the Old Banilad Road, beside the NFA.

They're complex on their own, but made even more so by the fact that all three are tightly connected and highly optimized.

A minute or two of looking had resulted in the discovery of a small side passage that soon became complex on several levels.

It truly is probably the simplest website skills to learn, although it seems like probably the most complex on its deal with.

So what's so special about the Daintree? Well, firstly this tropical rainforest ecosystem is one of the most complex on earth.

In 1% of cases complex from is used

The arc gets more complex from there.

Unfortunately, it gets more complex from there.

The LPV environment is also complex from an RF perspective.

You have to focused on one business at a time don't make it complex from the starting.

What's your favourite thing about playing your character? He's complex from moment to moment.

Road cycling events are certainly some of the most complex from a tactical and alliance point of view.

He adds the caveat that social technology integration is complex from both a process and a technical perspective.

But, in many ways, Johnson's opening hour inadvertently leads us to believe that we'll be getting something a trifle more complex from the rest of the film.

Product Description The operation of large web applications becomes more complex from year to year and reflects a growing number of programs and applications.

To check if there could be any induced fit in the binding pocket, the lowest energy docked complex from each class was further simulated for 10 ns in explicit water.

In 1% of cases complex like is used

The music isn't complex like it used to be.

Our minds are finite, not infinitely complex like?

When you see something complex like a balloon, you know it's created by human.

The actions may be as simple as logging information, or complex like hijacking a user's session.

ASK before you make someone a heir to something complex like copyright or mineral &; gas rights.

It could be more complex like social apps built into the TV's software or integrated social sharing.

Since the reasons are complex like any decision you make in life, it might be more interesting to describe how we got here.

Then only down side I can think of, is trying to follow the story, which is quite complex like trying to remember the names and places of things.

Maybe in the rest of the world where innovation has got to be complex like the USA, they might not be ready to ditch cash and credit cards for a phone.

Something really complex like intelligence can probably arise and dissipate within complex patterns of matter that are being formed and then de constructed.

In 1% of cases complex over is used

This has become more complex over the last ten years.

The dynamism of search engines makes this even more complex over time.

One system is getting more complex over time, but it's not an isolated system.

It started extremely simple and it has become very complex over its 15 billion year history.

Eyes becoming more complex over time is exactly what you would expect from natural evolution.

Life has become more complex over the years and now we all make efforts to deal with information overload.

After all, the designs created by the evolution of life-forms on Earth appear to have become more complex over time.

Copyright law has become increasingly complex over the years to respond to a sophisticated communications environment.

In the past the make-up consisted simply of a single base color, black eyes, and a red mouth, but has been become more complex over time.

In 1% of cases complex without is used

Otherwise the business get's too complex without any sense of direction.

In her experienced hands the characters are complex without being contrived.

Shakir's take on techno is immediately appealing; it's fleshy and vital, intriguingly complex without being subtle.

Pima County Board of Supervisors votes to continue construction of courts complex without City of Tucson participation www.

Indeed, all of In My Mind All the Time proves that Numbers ' music can be more polished and complex without compromising the.

Huckelberry recommended and the Board approved continuing the construction of the complex without the city's participation and occupancy.

I am not saying that Abbots team is are grand masters, I am saying that they are tried to do something to complex without thinking it though.

However, we can not be proud of having a new state of the art sports complex without having in place people with expertise and experience to run it.

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