Prepositions after "comparable"

comparable to, with, in, across or between?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 78% of cases comparable to is used

Comparable to Johnny Appleseed.

Comparable to 125,000 years ago.

Comparable to premenstrual bloating.

This is comparable to the way much of the world approaches environmental concerns.

A failure to recognize that the Bible is only comparable to the Quran, Hadith and.

It is comparable to the resounding silence anti-death penalty campaigners made during Saddam Hussein's execution.

Comparable to a spider web, the 240 kilometers of tunnels have been transformed into an underground museum today.

Thus the odds of a launch prior to expiry were not comparable to the odds of being attacked by Lord Justice Aldous.

Another person who believed that they had discovered another galaxy comparable to the Milky Way was Milton Humason.

In 11% of cases comparable with is used

This is comparable with the percentage seen.

Renault claims performance is comparable with a 1.

Mini is not comparable with the iPhone 5 but yes comparison with S3 will be fair.

And the moral status of an adolescent is comparable with that of a preadolescent.

Technically, a fatwa is not comparable with a court judgment (called qada or hukm).

A plenty of people think that playing on a financial exchange Forex is comparable with the game in the casino.

But that was a special case, a national humiliation comparable with the failure of the Norway campaign in 1940.

The IIM now provides a level of protection for Interim Managers comparable with the best corporate environments.

Indeed, its volume (when added to the effective volume of the reed) is comparable with that of the missing cone.

In 7% of cases comparable in is used

It is comparable in size to Nigeria.

Again, costs are comparable in Canada.

There is nothing comparable in America.

My point was that because of this they are not comparable in terms of performance.

I don't think anything comparable in Britain has been since since the 19th century.

Nothing remotely comparable in duration or intensity in any other advanced economy.

But at $20 billion, which is comparable in size to Bolivia or Estonia's total GDP (PDF ), maybe there should be.

A reduction in drink duty to make it comparable in price to other EU countries to discourage ' booze cruising '.

To say that the apps are the same, or the same quality, or comparable in all regards is ignorance at its finest.

The serious breeder, Superphenix(1984-1996) comparable in capacity to a commercial LWR but never worked properly.

In 1% of cases comparable across is used

The Doing Business indicators are comparable across 183 economies.

Interest in this news was comparable across most demographic groups.

The average age was comparable across the three physical activity groups.

This structured process ensures consistent results that are comparable across inspectors and Homes.

How to do that? Stunting is an indicator that can be collected well, is comparable across time and space.

The use of CFA enables formal testing of the factor loadings for each item being comparable across gender.

An important point is that if you look at the heavy grades, they are actually very comparable across companies.

The purpose of Average Marks Scaling (AMS) is to produce scaled scores that are comparable across all WACE courses.

Germany is excluded from the time series exhibits because data is not comparable across the period of reunification.

Adverse event rates were comparable across treatment arms and there was no clinically significant change in body weight.

In 1% of cases comparable between is used

There is nothing comparable between interest and trade.

Speed trap speed is usually comparable between team mate.

Baseline characteristics were comparable between the groups.

Ultimately, the risks were found to be comparable between the two modalities.

Data have also become more comparable between cities and even between countries.

The data are not complete and therefore not comparable between NHS organisations.

For example, Richards and Scott (2009) concluded that funding was roughly comparable between the two systems.

Dropout rates were low (9%) and comparable between the two groups (SPARX 9/94, treatment as usual 8/93, fig 1?).

The incidence rates of graft loss, death, and Treated Biopsy Proven Acute Rejection were comparable between the two groups.

The time to develop arm lymphoedema was comparable between the two group during the first year after surgery (hazard ratio 1.

In 1% of cases comparable for is used

Costs should be comparable for hemp straw.

The weight gain observed was comparable for both methods.

These percentages are comparable for the minerals in foods.

So I'd just wondering if there's anything from Sony that is comparable for a similar price.

I don't see how a part-time one-year course can provide anything comparable for psychologists.

When finding out a new tune, the process will be comparable for any type of type of component.

The average volume required per delivered dose was comparable for the two syringes and was delivered more quickly with SS.

I've spent upwards to 300$ on a custom made (by someone else) corset, but I can now make something comparable for a fraction.

The independence of Philippines from America is not a good example or model or precedent comparable for resolving the Tibet situation.

Higher-end furnishings is extremely expensive, yet it is normally readily accessible something that is comparable for a more affordable.

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