Prepositions after "clueless"

"clueless about" or "clueless as"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 48% of cases clueless about is used

I am clueless about the solution.

I'd a bit clueless about all that haha.

Most people are clueless about this stuff.

Guest We are not born hypocrites, and we are not clueless about our human nature.

A year on, the family are still grieving his loss, still clueless about his fate.

This piece seems surprisingly clueless about the reality of science PhDs in the U.

Decades of poor catechesis have left many of the laity relatively clueless about the Church and moral teachings.

Yet, seniors are routinely prescribed these statins and most doctors are clueless about their dangerous effects.

Many do great things with their wealth, but because he does not care and is clueless about the average American.

If you're feeling clueless about what makes a good photo (and, to be honest, most men are) then ask someone else.

In 17% of cases clueless as is used

I am clueless as to what to do.

Clueless as to the great depression.

But we were clueless as to what will happen.

But they either don't find the time to do so, or are clueless as to where to donate.

We are clueless as to the origin of the name, but we now know it tastes really good.

Allied partners, however, remain clueless as to when they'll be privy to discussions.

The refs signaled INT, Zook went nuts and ran after the refs and the announcers were clueless as to what happened.

At a time, one could rightly argue that the late president was clueless as to what he should be doing as a leader.

Mind you, I was partially comforted by the fact the main character in the book was clueless as to the meaning, too.

I'd be open to any legal options if it's let me watch the main US and UK shows, I'd just clueless as to what to use.

In 10% of cases clueless on is used

He also is clueless on history.

Hubby might be clueless on this too.

I am seriously clueless on what to do.

Everyone reading you, is clueless on the intrigues there, and boy, they were massive.

Being clueless on how the clothes are to be washed, she goggled arriving on my article.

Without a predicate, the reader of a particular sentence maybe clueless on the subject.

To me, Romney seems pretty clueless on public lands and vulnerable to being led around by bad actors waving dollars.

He's clearly clueless on what to do next and has been doing what most people do i nsuch situations -- point fingers.

Without information about budget allocations and execution, citizens are left clueless on how their tax money is spent.

In 5% of cases clueless in is used

Webb is clueless in how to do so.

I am ridiculously clueless in this case.

I'd also no longer clueless in the kitchen.

Nevertheless, he is clueless in IT and would do well reading an IT for Dummies book.

Face also another fact: The American people are absolutely clueless in what they want.

And might I add, you are clueless in your understanding of celibacy or phenomenoology.

It would seem the players are not doing the business for this manager and he really is clueless in how to change it.

Those who hold science degrees (and in particular undergraduate degrees only) are probably clueless in many areas of science.

He hasn't moved from his bed in years! Magistrates are pretty clueless in my view, it's easy to pull the wool over their eyes.

In 5% of cases clueless to is used

I was clueless to independent living.

I am very clueless to this whole thing.

As of now, he sounds pretty clueless to me.

November 17, 2011 at 2:50 pm dirt Funny how both sides are clueless to what is coming.

They really might have been clueless to the fact that they were selling fakes, but who knows.

Dieg-Oh keeps checking his watch and shifting around, but Morticia is clueless to his impatience.

If only we could be calm and happy and clueless to the cares of this world, knowing we are safe in the arms of God.

AShavin, Rosicky, Djouro, Theo, Ramsey are clueless to whom to pass and where to run and often wasting the position.

It happens largely because of the lack of self-confidence and being clueless to what is the right way to go about it.

The difference is that Steinbrenner was able to buy his way to winning, something Snyder remains clueless to this day.

In 4% of cases clueless of is used

He is clueless of his surroundings.

They are clueless of what is happening.

Not only are your Hindraf followers totally clueless of your real stand, we are too.

Everybody left and travelled, leaving me a bit clueless of how to fill out the time.

I moved out from home at 18 and was pretty clueless of what should I do with my life.

The clueless of the Americans would say give him another four years he is working for no salary and that's what we like.

It is sad to note that most of us in this forum are clueless of the dynamics governance and this exposes our weaknesses.

How you believe that it's one and the same and that Ridley Scott is clueless of his own creation is completely ludicrous.

And only the most clueless of the clueless would believe we're sacrificing human lives for the cause of the common Iraqi.

In 2% of cases clueless at is used

I'd just clueless at the moment.

Huh? Really, Eun Bi is clueless at times.

QPR Still winless and clueless at the back.

This may explain why we are so clueless at what we are doing in bed, but we act like we know.

I know plenty of people like Obama, that are clueless at defining a problem let alone solving one.

Unfortunately they are in a coalition with Labour who aren't the best partners, pretty clueless at times.

I admit I am clueless at marketing, at generating interest, even the basic aspects of talking to people about my music.

Tottenham looked clueless at times against the Norfolk club, but Villas-Boas denies he is under pressure to deliver a win against Reading.

I made sure I sounded somewhat computer illiterate, if not a little clueless at times, and strung the representative along for around 20 minutes.

After giving birth to three children (a mum who still fully admits to being very mildly clueless at times ), I can wholeheartedly agree with this sentiment.

In 2% of cases clueless with is used

Till this date, I am hopelessly clueless with art.

The CootieComplete function I am clueless with also.

He'll be clueless with regards to controlling the armed forces.

They looked toothless with the ball, directionless in the field and clueless with the bat.

Classic! Sinad Now that you mention, I can totally picture Clueless with added Cher-as-slayer.

I must mention that Andy Beyer is clueless with respect on how to calculate championship racing.

I'd in the same situation, and I too am pretty clueless with phones getting all my knowledge from BTL in Guardian Tech.

They seem equally clueless with their response: allowing developers to opt an application out of appearing on the dashboard.

A key understanding is that while you may feel clueless with respect to solving your problem, also accept that doctors are too.

How does the community here work in NE? Also, can anyone guide me and such because I'd kinda clueless with all of this warpnpc things.

In 1% of cases clueless after is used

And was clueless after Riquelme left again, yeah sure he bought Graian but that didn't really help him much.

Is the anyone has the same problem? Colm would You be able to do detailed tests of my line as im clueless after hours of internet searches.

How can Obama and his handlers be so fu king clueless after all that has happened? There are ways to handle what happened last night in real time.

If Cantor promised unanimity and failed to deliver, the press would have the story it craved: Republicans divided, dysfunction junction, still clueless after two straight spankings.

In 1% of cases clueless against is used

We were bamboozled by the pace and fury of Imran and Wasim Akram and were clueless against Abdul Qadir.

They have looked clueless against him thus far, and I doubt they will play him any better than they did in the ODIs.

Last winter England were clueless against Pakistan's off-spinner Saeed Ajmal, so India will be hoping for more of the same.

SL did win a match against England with Herath bowling superbly but with no disrespect to Sl left armer English have historically been clueless against spin bowling on turning tracks.

Once the fourth wicket fell, New Zealand's batsmen were left clueless against Sri Lanka's bowling which culminated in Jeevan Mendis dismissing three batsmen in the space of five deliveries.

The new guys Warner, Forrest, Smith all look clueless against swing bowling while their new ball bowlers have struggled to get the same amount of swing or control it when they have swung the ball.

In 1% of cases clueless for is used

Most of the time, this bugger is clueless for his work.

The source of trouble may remain clueless for fairly a long time.

Someone claimed that Harold Coffin is clueless for promoting a catastrophist view of geology.

It was already a trend, but popping up sporadically (thank you Clueless for that word;) and not mainstream yet.

It is not right to say why the Pune police or ATS were clueless for the last two months or blame them entirely.

We have all read some threads where the user used so much lingos that its completely clueless for basically everyone.

Jonathan is clueless for not sending soldiers, now Jonathan is clueless for sending soldiers? Some people seem confused all the time.

Its funny because, even if I am in love, you still get bitter in a way, and at time feel like once I win her back I will dump her to get back at her for making me so clueless for so long.

In 1% of cases clueless from is used

This allows twice as much traffic and prevents the clueless from enter-ing the city.

The Zimbo MBAs will sit and have someone who is clueless from another nation tell them what to do.

Really clueless from the moment that I said yes to this job what it would require or what it would bring.

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