Prepositions after "closed"

"closed for", "closed in" or "closed to"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 21% of cases closed for is used

Augustine's closed for lack of funding.

Portugal is very closed for enterprise.

We left just before it closed for the night.

Please remember that the doors are to remain closed for the duration of this auction.

Hope this opinion by one person doesn't again see this thread ' closed for comments '.

Immediately after this Hindu fundamentalist groups also became active and market remained closed for next two days.

All public schools in Kingston and St Andrew, St Thomas, Portland and St Mary have been ordered closed for tomorrow.

However, the Wyndham Garden Long Island City Manhattan View in Queens will remain closed for the next several weeks.

The plant is still out of order and wil stay closed for another two years at least and not generate a penny in return.

In 17% of cases closed to is used

Its closed to Dhaka University.

They were very closed to chacha.

Temples remain closed to non-Hindus.

In no time, it's November and also you still no closed to achieving your primary goal.

Cheers her up If she is sad, sit closed to her and ask her how you can make it better.

He loved his home country so he lived very closed to Spain, in the Spainsh-French line.

The more debt we get into, the more we may find that some lenders and financial support options become closed to us.

The British system works differently -- and now that he is no longer in parliament, top politics looks closed to him.

Jamie suffers from acne and frustration that doors of opportunity are being opened to Maggie but remain closed to him.

Every morning we buy vegetables from the farmers that, luckily are producing their vegetables very closed to Kokrobite.

In 11% of cases closed in is used

It whispers closed in his wake.

Twitter remains closed in Egypt.

Leicester Central closed in 1969.

Barbados ' economy is another matter -- it is quite closed in comparison to the others.

Avoid ' closed in ' areas (lots of high buildings ), where the movement of air is minimal.

She felt very closed in at BYU, with the mountains above and all the trees around in that town.

Sexy ones, in lipstick and baths, who crumble off a feminine bite, before letting their eyes fall closed in pleasure.

While the plant will remain closed in the immediate future, there is a question mark over its survival in the long run.

If you stay in a closed in area for a long period of time, you will end up breathing in the same air over and over again.

In 8% of cases closed on is used

The dollar closed on Friday at US65.

The Philippine Peso closed on Monday at 41.

Louis World's Fair closed on December 1, 1904.

The museum remains closed on Sunday and in all holidays as declared by the government.

In Germany and the Netherlands most businesses still remain closed on Sunday and Dutch T.

The Head Offices and other administrative offices of banks will remain closed on Saturdays.

Folk Art Museum Display It's important to note that the museum remains closed on Thursday &; on all government holidays.

Reminder: While all mortgage lenders will be closed on Thursday for the Thanksgiving Holiday, some will also remain closed on Friday.

As of now, everyone from Saks to Bloomingdale's are up and running; Lord &; Taylor, on the other hand, remains closed on Fifth Avenue.

With mass transit expected to remain shut through Tuesday morning, city public schools will remain closed on Tuesday, Mayor Michael R.

In 7% of cases closed off is used

Last time they were ' let in ' I closed off so many people.

The closed off aspects of high school are pretty much done for.

Being a usual closed off person, there is little else to expect.

It was a closed off almost forced look, like he was doing something very distasteful.

Although the layout would be open plan, there would also be some separate closed off spaces.

Along the closed off portion, you'll find everything from tar ball to tar patties, even oily boom.

The Fix Unfortunately, this is a closed off piece of code in a proprietary system, and we can not change this code.

There would also be one-on-one areas upstairs, which would also be closed off spaces for more confidential discussions.

The closed off area stretches 80 miles along the border and includes part of the Buenos Aires National Wildlife Refuge.

At the time, we could see nothing more than a bit of wire fencing and a closed off road, but it was exciting all the same.

In 5% of cases closed with is used

The Non-Voting closed with a 1.

The connection ports are kept closed with caps.

Keep the right one closed with your right thumb.

The neck cavity can be stuffed with parsley and tied closed with thin skewers and string.

In the seventh Anthony cleverly stopped a lead, and the round closed with Anthony fighting hard.

He then landed with both hands without return, and the round closed with Anthony swinging wildly.

At the end of 2007, CMI closed with a total investment commitment of USD 125 million from its partners and investors.

It is a blue light, which represents freedom for Deckard, but the windows are locked up / shut/ closed with wooden planks.

All shapes, sizes, colours, textures and patterns, and all neatly packaged in little bags stapled closed with cardboard tops.

In 5% of cases closed at is used

The Nifty closed at 5610, up 32.

The local currency closed at 42.

UK ten year gilt yields closed at 1.

The peso closed at 41 against the US dollar, the strongest level since March 11, 2008.

The local currency closed at its intraday high of 41 against the greenback, up from 41.

Please keep all windows in the rooms of your apt/house that are unoccupied closed at all times.

It was simple closed at the time and anti MySpace Now it's being intrusive always asking me to link my phone number.

In Ramazan, the restaurants remain closed at lunch time, providing them with an opportunity to offer food to consumers without any interruption from Iftar to Sehr.

The Tongariro Alpine Crossing as a whole will take longer to re-open with the section of track from Oturere Junction to Ketetahi Road remaining closed at this stage.

The section of track from Oturere Hut to Red Crater remains closed at this stage, along with the section of the Tongariro Alpine Crossing from Red Crater to Ketetahi Road.

In 3% of cases closed down is used

No wonder the factory closed down.

The Canadian dollar closed down 0.

I found that it had closed down making over fifty workers unemployed.

The closed down segments of the Department of Small Industries has to be re established.

But apparently even a closed down CBD with no people or businesses operating needs more attention.

Lame sit ins in closed down schools and hugo's 12 people that show up for anti 101 rallies are a waste of time.

If the company his job offer was for closed down that would not be their fault for how is anyone to foresee the future.

But this method is cheaper in comparison to the actual car transport through closed down trailers which is quite costly.

Currently on the closed down windows phone 7 system the same thing holds true for sharing the files as with uploading the files.

Currently on the closed down windows phone 7 you do not have free access to upload file types to websites except for pictures files.

In 2% of cases closed by is used

The R? hui covers the highest risk area within 1km of the crater and remains closed by DOC.

I was stay here during my convention and exhibition in smesco building which was very closed by.

It gets closed by squishing it together (on the top and bottom) with hydraulic fluid under very high pressure.

The R? hui covers the area of tracks that are within 3km of the eruption site and as a result have been closed by DOC.

There are also a few shallow estuaries, more or less closed by sand or gravel spots, whose floors are in part bare at low-water.

ANULOM VILOM PRANAYAM Sit in Sukha Asana and take deep breathe with one nostril open and the other closed by use of your fingers.

Where is the question of profits and taxes when manufacturing facilities are getting closed by the thousands on a yearly basis? Romney misses the obvious.

The former, a broad expanse of lake-like water, irregular in shape, enclosed by hills and dotted with forest-clad rocky islets, extends westward for 17 km.

On the division point a small defect remains in the nasal mucosa, which is later on closed by the joined muscle layer, respectively covered by the oral mucosal layer.

In 2% of cases closed during is used

The museum remains closed during public holidays.

The exhaust valve remains closed during this stroke.

Schools, colleges, offices remain closed during these four days.

The business remains closed during two-week summer vacation in August.

There is a small sports school which remains closed during the monsoons.

Most businesses, banks, schools and government offices remain closed during Kenyan public holidays.

The two lanes of the anti-clockwise motorway between Stretford and Sale will remain closed during rush hour.

In most schools in the villages, classes are held under a tree during dry season, and they remain closed during the rainy season.

In the afternoon the trainers took the skiers to practice a dry land teach, just in case the mountain gets closed during their exams.

One of these is town-based, and there are five others out between 50 and 100 kilometres from Fitzroy Crossing, on dirt tracks that get closed during the wet season.

In 2% of cases closed from is used

The temple remains closed from 1:00 p.

The runway will remain closed from 11:00pm to 8:00am every day.

The order came as the order will remain closed from June 9 to 30.

A small part of the trail remains closed from Seloux Bridge to Ravine Trestle due to construction.

The Milford Road remains closed from the Lower Hollyford turnoff because of a high avalanche risk.

The Forex trading market remains closed from Friday afternoon to Sunday afternoon in North America.

The register of members and share transfer books will remain closed from May 26, 2012 to June 9, 2012 (both days inclusive).

The share transfer books of the Company shall remain closed from February 8, 2012 to February 14, 2012 (both days inclusive).

G-B, K-P Police have decided that all cinemas, hotels, CD and music shops will remain closed from the first to the tenth of Muharram, while all routes for Muharram procession will remain sealed.

In 1% of cases closed of is used

There is proof for all but the most closed of minds that the prophecies contained therein were written in the time periods claimed therein.

You also wrote: >There is proof for all but the most closed of minds that the prophecies contained therein were written in the time periods claimed therein.

In 1% of cases closed up is used

Some noisy and difficult to practise in closed up environment.

A parent left the sleeping infant buckled in the closed up car on a hot day.

In terms of technology, cultural advancement it lacked behind because of closed up policy since Ming dynasty.

There is a lot of pathos in closed up seaside resorts -- it's like hearing distant music and laughter and wondering if that was ever you.

In Valencia we could definitely see more of the economic effects on the country, with many apartments for sale and lots of closed up shops.

Therefore, you are able to find the closed up products out of the on line release if you think your current pedicure is simply not sufficient.

T, on 29 August 2012 - 06:53 PM, said: In terms of technology, cultural advancement it lacked behind because of closed up policy since Ming dynasty.

In 1% of cases closed until is used

The food court will remain closed until Tuesday.

They will remain closed until Tuesday 3rd January.

The J-PARC centre will remain closed until Monday.

The East River Ferry is closed until further notice.

Airports Closed New York's main airports may stay closed until Nov.

The subject is still regarded as highly sensitive and all British files remain closed until 2016.

The ten parks that make up the National Parks of New York Harbor will remain closed until Wednesday, Oct.

However, the crime scene, the Urban Eatery food court at the north end of the mall, will remain closed until Tuesday.

Signs warned passersby that the mall would remain closed until further notice, but that did not seem to deter the usual Sunday afternoon crowds.

The council was suggesting that all fishing waters open at the traditional October 1 season start after the winter, rather than some remaining closed until December.

In 1% of cases closed under is used

Both the white and ros will come closed under screw cap.

In 1% of cases closed till is used

Industrial people buy handome amount and there go you CNG will remain closed till tomorrow 7 o clock.

Brindavan gardens which is out of peoples reach since 29 September will remain closed till further orders.

Meanwhile, the Federal Government said on Tuesday that the closed Lokoja-Abuja Road would remain closed till Sunday.

The first adigar replied that the gravets would remain closed till the port of Puttalam was opened to the king's trade.

All CNG stations in the city were scheduled to remain closed till 9am, Friday The decision to close CNG stations had been taken due to a breakdown at the Bhit Gas Field.

In 1% of cases closed throughout is used

Your cervix should stay closed throughout pregnancy until just before the birth.

Tourist resorts and hotels are unaffected, but local discos, clubs and musical shows remain closed throughout the whole period.

The roads remain closed throughout the match and do not reopen until approximately 45 minutes to 1 hour after the final whistle depending on activities outside the Stadium.

In 1% of cases closed over is used

Reaching out in the semi-darkness, his finger? s closed over Dreyfus? s tail.

Which should be a terrific comfort when all the Planned Parenthoods get closed over his protest.

Traditionally, the company? s Q2 results are always bad due to mines remaining closed over the monsoon season.

On October 4th, Dan Tanoos, Superintendent confirmed that the auditorium would remain closed over the autumn school break.

In 1% of cases closed after is used

But Regal closed after a post-show grenade attack killed two people.

Carey and Queens Midtown Tunnels, which will remain closed after suffering extensive flooding.

Folders in the source list now spring back closed after objects have been dropped into them, or dragged over and then away from them.

Although some tracks and most of the Summit Road remain closed after the 2011 earthquakes, all those in the Victoria Park area are open and well patronised.

In 1% of cases closed due is used

Only 16 stores remain closed due to water or wind damage.

This mobile payment system remains closed due to the lack of network.

The Ketetahi Hut will remain closed due to substantial damage from the eruption.

All shops were under orders to? voluntarily? remain closed due to the death of a Sindhi nationalist leader.

Bridges and Tunnels ' two Rockaway bridges did not suffer any major damage but remain closed due to flooding in the surrounding adjacent roadways and neighborhoods.

In the volatile south and southeast of the country tens of schools remain closed due to continued threats by Taliban insurgents and other local militias, an MoE official conceded.

From anonymous shadows peer the sacrificial silent, with labor and effort they minded the store that now stands closed due to angst and dysfunction, history? s seen many like them buried before.

Read more The Sri Lanka - Canada Friendship road which is the main road to the Bandaranaike International Airport will be temporary closed due to maintenance work carried out to the railway lines.

In 1% of cases closed as is used

His thighs were more relaxed, so that his legs would stay open for a few hours before banging back closed as the spasm set in.

The central business district (including Cathedral Square) remains closed as a result of many weakened buildings that are yet to be demolished.

Indeed, most of the shelf is already closed to fishing, and it seems the remaining bits could end up closed as part of the New Zealand Government's ' marine protection scenario '.

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