Prepositions after "clear"

clear to, from, in, of or about?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 26% of cases clear to is used

I made that clear to my OB-GYN.

Its just not clear to you guys.

Sorry if it wasn't clear to you.

Make it clear to the landlord what risks they face if you can not get out of the lease.

This confidence will in time to come will turn out to be something clear to the person.

For a while, however, that reason wasn't entirely clear to the native of Verona, Italy.

You have named the elephant in the room and can be confident that your intention is clear to the other group members.

I thought 8 years of GWB and two years of Speaker Boehner would have made that crystal clear to the average American.

As more of the top racers of Armstrong's era were caught, it became clearer to the skeptics that all was not right.

We have also made clear to US authorities the importance Australia attaches to its consular role in Mr Assange's case.

In 13% of cases clear from is used

Some were clear from the start.

It is clear from the face of s.

This is clear from what follows.

The degree to which caries is reduced, however, is not clear from the data available.

I will also make it clear from the outset that I am certainly not an expert on Islam.

However, it is not something that we are advocating, as will be clear from my speech.

As should be quite clear from the above explanation, the two verses cited by Mr Katz refer to two different things.

It is not clear from the timeline precisely what Ortiz and Santos-Sanz knew or how they used the web-based records.

It is also clear from the survey that a majority of attenders have a strong sense of belonging to the megachurches.

It is in my view clear from the marketing that Nexus reckon that they are onto something revolutionary in this toy.

In 12% of cases clear in is used

All these are clear in the Bible.

The thrill was clear in the name.

This is clear in the case of Thor.

This is clear in the following image, which really has to be seen live on Google Earth.

The sky is vast and clear in the day and filled with millions of bright stars at night.

Yet, it was clear in the video that I was the one getting more beaten up than they were.

The effects of damage to the same nerves in women are not clear in the age group that usually require this operation.

I will make this very clear in the future as it is much more than you as a lesbian, but all that promote your agenda.

The solution is to press clear in the options bar after selecting the crop tool but before dragging a crop selection.

This has been clear in the past, not just at Prime Minister's Questions, but at pivotal moments in his recent career.

In 11% of cases clear about is used

Let's be clear about the facts.

This part I will be clear about.

But let's be clear about it all.

While framing it, you should be clear about the date, time and other specifications.

Let's be clear about a few things: I doubt if the Irish of the 1850s left willingly.

But I want to be very clear about what this rebalancing effort is and what it is not.

Some of them were not clear about the legal position of Kashmir, and others wanted Kashmir to be part of Pakistan.

He would have said that we don't know if climate change is really happening, the scientists aren't clear about it.

The only thing clear about the right to healthcare is that it is synonymous with the right to national bankruptcy.

The book is clear about the need for a policy shift that re-establishes the right to access to quality healthcare.

In 11% of cases clear of is used

I said I'd steered clear of it.

Most roads are now clear of snow.

Few were clear of the offside law.

He climbed into a refrigerator at the last second and was blown clear of the explosion.

Men could not even stay up where they would have a chance of getting clear of the ship.

Once clear of the obstruction the four ground their way up and over the Largs road before descending the Haylie Brae.

As soon as we were clear of the land we got the north-east trade again, and it held more or less fresh till about lat.

Desmond learns that there is a RF interference with the fathometer and they won't be able to steer clear of the reefs.

I know how it feels like to down a buffalo wing that's catastrophically spicy (Wingman!!) so we steered clear of that.

In 9% of cases clear on is used

It is very clear on this point.

Now lets be clear on the facts.

State law is clear on the issue.

Get clear on what your personal brand is and what value you bring to your organization.

She is especially clear on the absurdity of seeing religion and science as adversarial.

Be very clear on the order of each section, its length and the specific question types.

Subscribe To Tuesday, October 09, 2012 Getting Clear on the Nature of Law Lutherans have always argued about the law.

And the good thing with the Lord, He gave us free will but He is clear on the consequences of not following his will.

WHERE TO STAY? Do yourself a favour and get clear on the standard and the access to the sea if that is what you want.

He has never stated anywhere that all the content was his own, and this is made clear on the front cover of the book.

In 4% of cases clear for is used

And my skin was clearer for it.

It's really more clear for me now.

This is clearest for the Earth.

I was waiting for your post in hope that the changes will become clearer for me but.

At this point, we're making the phone number a bit more clear for a few reasons: Sales.

And it never was so clear for me like today a couple of days after the TBEX conference.

I needed to know more about the community since am a Kikuyu and this piece of work has laid everything clear for me.

This makes it clearer for an audience on this continent, but not as useful below the equator or in Europe or Asia.

Paper, like Clear for iPhone, is perfect if you're looking for a simple application designed to accomplish one goal.

Try to make it clearer for the reader;) They totally lack practical skills after graduating from the universities.

In 2% of cases clear at is used

Things aren't as clear at Yahoo.

One thing was clear at the time.

Things are clear at the Dasgupta.

But it isn't clear at all what that would mean for bringing an asteroid to Earth orbit.

What if my partner is flawed? Why do these things happen? It may not be clear at first.

However often it is not clear at programme level what this commitment means in practice.

It was, however, not yet clear at press time whether Traore has accepted the offer of asylum from President Jonathan.

If it isn't clear at a glance or a whisper, very few people will take the time or the effort to try to figure it out.

This was made clear at the outset, so that people who are not asked back every time would not consider it an affront.

Apple wanted to be very clear at its product-packed iPad mini launch event that this isn't just a shrunken-down iPad.

In 2% of cases clear by is used

Roads expected to be clear by tomorrow.

Which is clear by that Scripture, 1 Cor.

This has already been made clear by the U.

You can make your writing clearer by limiting the number of nominalizations of verbs.

His work ensures his immortality and his fame is clear by whatever measure one selects.

The outcome of this conflict is clear by the very fact that we can talk about it today.

It was pretty clear by then! There have been a lot of early BFPs on here recently but it doesn't happen for everyone.

There's more to this story than the article covers, as is made clear by the link in the article to the BBC news site.

In 2% of cases clear with is used

Get clear with what you desire.

Also, be clear with the client.

I try to be clear with my ideas.

Be very clear with your customers that their information is completely safe with you.

If he is not clear with the idea, then he would never be able to create a good video.

The robot can detect whether or not the way is clear with the command frontIsClear().

Never mind that I actually had the court papers that showed I paid the fine and that I was clear with the NC court.

But unless the government is clear with voters it will be assumed that it is wedded to a post-election green light.

This merely allows the oppressor to get away free and clear with their actions and not be called to account for it.

This was, it was clear with in moments, a place to come for a good time -- although not necessarily a relaxing one.

In 1% of cases clear after is used

Everything seemed clearer after that.

Mistakes are only clear after the event.

This became clear after the first debate.

It became clear after questions were raised about air travel that was donated to Gov.

O'Leary's poor second did not help his cause and Bowen raced a shot clear after four.

I ended up in journalism, but it was clear after a year that I just wasn't feeling it.

JYJ made it abundantly clear after the split that this was not the case, the plan was for all 5 to leave together.

Murphy's two big shots on the straight saw him regain his earlier lead and he was close to bowl clear after seven.

Although the water is normally fairly clear after the sedimentation process, it is not treated enough for drinking.

This will become clear after perusal of the following pages, and to this point we shall return in the last chapter.

In 1% of cases clear as is used

It later became clear as to why.

I wasn't clear as to who did them.

So, let's be clear as to what this would do.

Even in winter the sky is often clear as the sun shines brightly on the sparkling snow.

Under his feet was something like a pavement made of sapphire, clear as the sky itself.

According to the Bible, who are the saved? Jesus is quite clear as to who the saved are.

It's vital to be totally clear as to whether your business activities are sanctioned under the Visa Waiver Programme.

If one were to observe the past 13 or more election results in SL, then it becomes crystal clear as to why this govt.

I do think that the patriarchy is extant and has has discernable impact; I'd less clear as to how the system changes.

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