Prepositions after "clean"

clean up, with, in, for or of?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 15% of cases clean up is used

Given the means, people clean up.

How did Clean Up Australia start.

Maybe we ought to clean up our act.

Each time you clean up a mess -- no matter how big or small -- I want you to celebrate.

And why is our tax money (by way of the US Coast Guard being used to clean up the mess.

Already they have been genetically engineered to help clean up spills of toxic mercury.

All hotels should participate in the beach clean up day on th 3dr Saturday in September -- Julia bishop to follow up.

One way to help clean up the air is to use fewer wood burning stoves, which can be inefficient and pollution causing.

Why clean up MySpace when you can start fresh on Facebook? And what Facebook (friends) needs is a thorough scrubbing.

In 12% of cases clean with is used

Clean with fine abrasive paper.

Clean with a soft bristle brush.

I'd going to come clean with you.

You forgot the part where that range is clean with 2 AIM-9's on the wingtip stations.

Sano doesn't need a mop, though: he proceeds to wipe the street clean with this dude.

Pollution is much reduced however as emissions are cleaner with fewer particulates.

Step 4: Using a cotton pad/cotton wool, wipe the face clean with a (Origins ') balancing tonic toner, allow to dry.

I do not douche cos I have very bad yeast infections but I do clean with very mild soap and wash as often as I can.

The rooms are modest but clean with each boma (room) having a private verandah to enjoy the beautiful surroundings.

For those that do -- keep these windows clean with specialty window cleaning extension poles, to reach the windows.

In 9% of cases clean for is used

Keeping it clean for 10 + years.

Smoking is not clean for the air.

She's been clean for a while now.

I went to a women's refuge where they helped me and I've now been clean for two years.

Due to health and safety reasons, all items must be clean for the item to be refunded.

This will ensure that you smell clean and feel clean for your return to the schoolyard.

I was particularly interested in having my house cleaned which I booked in for a fortnightly clean for three months.

Many women think that the way to a man's heart is to do things for him: cook for him, clean for him, give him money.

Task 5: Take Out the Trash Description: We're supposed to keep the Lab clean for Him, whenever He decides to appear.

When I was young, I had only one new dress in a year; the toys I played with were picked up and washed clean for me.

In 9% of cases clean in is used

It wasn't so clean in the past.

He is clean in thought and act.


Diezel The coconut tree was cut clean in two as Shadow lept from it's hardened surface.

Lets keep our punches clean in the ring by attacking the issues rather than the persons.

The new club shirt, clean in parts but the hint of the pre-match pasta stains the front.

Greensulate is a mix of mostly mushroom roots which grows fast and clean in agricultural by-products instead of soil.

Cahill is similar to Terry in many ways; tough, with good positional sense, clean in the tackle and good on the ball.

Petraeus, if you have a shred of integrity left, resign and come clean in sworn testimony to a Congressional hearing.

So at least there is a lot more room in the shed now and also I've had a bit of a (late) spring clean in my wardrobe.

In 8% of cases clean of is used

Keep your list clean of bounces.

Not the cleanest of apartments.

This version is cleanest of all.

It's going to hurt but you want to ensure that the grazing is clean of foreign objects.

Washed clean of my heart's cruel demands, washed pure in the lifeblood of Jesus Christ.

He has now been a recovering addict, clean of all substances, for a little over a year.

Tamarugo is that its trunk and main foliage are much cleaner of low thin branches and it has fewer, smaller spines.

It was a cleansing experience, being washed clean of years of state sponsored prejudices against our fellow citizens.

It is super-easy to keep clean of dust, leaves, food stains or crumbs because it can be brushed, wiped or hosed down.

The system auto moderates new user comments to prevent spam and keep the comments section clean of irrelevant content.

In 7% of cases clean on is used

EC must come out clean on this.

Both were very clean on arrival.

The apartments were clean on arrival.

Bolta has argued the case that Abbott should drop the charade and come clean on the BS.

July 10, 2008 Stacious comes clean on relationship with Mavado By Krazy Katty OutAroad.

The room and bathroom were basically clean on arrival and upkept likewise during our stay.

And I still think a lot of Tiger's problems stem from his inability to come clean on what happened in November night.

Do not touch, wipe clean on clothing or anything similar as this can contaminate and therefore invalidate the reading.

Bercow is far from clean on the expenses issue but more importantly he failed the first test of acceding to the Chair.

During the call in session, one caller told the author to come clean on allegations that he has a rape case in Canada.

In 5% of cases clean by is used

Wiped clean by the wrath of God.

Britain is squeaky clean by comparison.

Hope to get my kitchen clean by tomorrow.

They take shape slowly, rising from the sea, nearly barren, scrubbed clean by the wind.

Keep the skin clean by thorough washing two or three times a day with good toilet soap.

Martin has been cast as squeeky clean by his family to undermine Zimmerman's credibility.

He had almost become a father in the Catholic church, and was perceived to be squeaky clean by all those I work with.

Everything seems scrubbed clean by wind and squall, and infused with the bright shining light of the long summer day.

Keeping your skin clean by using a cleanser before you turn in is a good start and applicable for all kinds of pimples.

How should I look after my newly Polished floors? Ensure you keep your floors clean by sweeping away any grit regularly.

In 5% of cases clean about is used

At least they came clean about it now.

But you never come clean about your ruse.

It is time to come clean about this stuff.

Just as important, it's time for financial leaders to come clean about the mess, do.

One thing is a degree of transparency in order to come clean about these allegations.

House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) said Obama needs to come clean about his plans to carry out the spending cuts.

Edwards ' defence team said he didn't come clean about the affair to avoid hurting his ailing wife and his children.

The Sinn Fein leadership have simply not come clean about the fact that they have changed their politics completely.

Coming clean about the full extent of my mother's abuse with the rest of my family resulted in being rejected by them.

In 4% of cases clean from is used

It only looks clean from the top.

Wash me and make me clean from all.

To become clean from blood after child birth.

You kept him away from every impurity and clean from every ignorance and disobedience.

I loved arriving in Santiago clean from top to bottom, layers as well as feet to head.

We believe Christ's Atonement gives us the ability to repent and become clean from sin.

This preparation includes making sure that we are clean from physical impurity, and this is done by carrying out Wudu.

To Snglguy: Nuclear energy would surely drive down power cost in the long run and keep the air clean from dark smokes.

You could contaminate what you're going to cook if the utensils aren't completely clean from previous cooking sessions.

Mignolet currently has 43 points and 3 clean from the season so far, he is also getting the saves with 43 on the board.

In 3% of cases clean at is used

He should be clean at home also.

It is rather clean at the moment.

She kept our table clean at all times.

They were precise and powerful at the breakdown, clean at the set piece and devastating.

As a result of these procedures, the teeth are smooth clean at the end of the treatment.

Sharpen your eye-liners regularly and keep all your makeup equipment clean at all times.

They keep the rooms spotlessly clean at the Albergo and the staff members provide excellent service for their guests.

Almost the same pixel density, but the D3200 is cleaner at ISO 6400 than the V1 at ISO 3200 for a given output size.

As part of cleanliness, your make up and skin care procedure should also include keeping your hair clean at all times.

Once you get it built and your pigeons are comfortable and happy, it is important that you keep it clean at all times.

In 2% of cases clean through is used

My mailed hand seemed to go clean through him.

Special Sabot rounds can go clean through tanks.

Only if a forward is clean through do they shoot.

Defoe was clean through on goal when he was tripped by Arghus -- the last defender.

They would pass clean through their religion just as the arrow passes through the prey.

Our spouses saw us as Christ does, as sinners made clean through his death on the cross.

On 27 minutes, Pearson lost the ball under pressure and with one pass, the away team were clean through on goal.

The fountain was guarded by stone lion figures, parts of which had become shiny and rubbed clean through the millennia.

Walcott then received a ball over the top from Alex Song, Walcott raced clean through on goal and finished with aplomb.

On several occasions he was clean through on goal but he somehow managed to miss the target or the keeper saved his shot.

In 2% of cases clean to is used

Absolutely the cleanest to date.

Work from the cleanest to the dirtiest.

Amnesia usually extends back clean to birth.

Looks pretty clean to me! Behold the banana guard Banana Guard Yes, I own one of these.

The B940M is his first choice hook when using worm or sandeel on clean to mixed ground.

There's a new face on the docks today, Hungry but clean to our dismay, I stroked her head.

But this year, I feel like everyone in the Nationwide Series races you hard, but it's very clean to a certain degree.

Thus we'll measure out how much we're cleaning on a given day and clean to that measurement based on the money raised.

Folks he is not coming clean to you at all about the kook-fringe BS that his ideological history is just RIDDLED with.

Right now, when lower-level governments or bureaus get themselves into a bind, they don't come clean to the news media.

In 2% of cases clean out is used

Well my baby's clean out of sight.

He kept his officials clean out of politics.

Which means a complete clean out of all ministers.

Later that afternoon he swung a bit too vigorously, lost his grip and flew clean out of the.

The cone jumped clean out of the subwoofer and yes, he bought me a new driver for that subwoofer.

I must add that those Swedish rape statistics blew a lifelong belief of mine clean out of the water.

Lets be clear - he's being honest now, but he wasn't riding clean out of honesty, just out of fear of getting caught.

I suppose, Nikon is aware of that (even if they don't admit that) and the next units will be clean out of the factory.

That blow not only knocked his wife out but also knocked Charrington clean out of that dirty brewing business forever.

Random final note -- would you not die to have all those shoes and clothes Kanye made Kim clean out of her closet? Bible.

In 2% of cases clean before is used

David's heart was clean before God's eyes.

I definitely clean before people come over.

Please ensure all items are clean before recycling.

The whole body need not be clean before taking an obligatory or a recommended bath.

Alternatively, have the patient suck it clean before gently pushing it back into place.

Make sure everything is clean before starting, as old or stale grounds will ruin a brew.

When it comes to changing car insurance policies, always be sure that your driving record is clean before doing so.

It's as simple as saying ' There is an expectation that people will be washed and clean before going out in public '.

For on this day atonement shall be made for you, to cleanse you; from all your sins you shall be clean before the Lord.

In 2% of cases clean as is used

This water should be clean as well as safe.

Post The finished film was far cleaner as a result.

The hotel was very clean as well as nicely designed to be both relaxing and comfortable.

This keeps up throughout, clean as a whistle and deep and dark and pretty much flawless.

And to keep the pores and skin thoroughly clean as well as vibrant, reduce the actual sugars.

He knew the financial conditions of the Methodists yet he provoked them to stay clean as part of their frugal living.

Calendar Cleaner removes duplicates, finds subtle problems with your events, and keeps everything clean as a whistle.

I was told that the grapes were clean as a whistle one day, had 5% botrytis the next day then 50% the day after that.

So far only the army has come out clean as a whistle -- although corruption charges hover over many retired generals.

In 2% of cases clean after is used

Keep these areas clean after use.

I just wipe it clean after each use.

Wipe the dropper clean after each use.

But I'd really careful with trying to keep my skin clean after applying my skincare.

Some nuns at the hospital baptised me, so that my spirit would be clean after death.

Where is the sweat and dirt? Can we have players look a lot less clean after 90 minutes? 9.

Telling the foreign workers to make sure the toilet is clean after the have used it doesn't seem to get into them.

My skin felt very clean after the wash which I thought was good, but after a few hours, my face turned oily again.

He and I used to take walks in the woods together on nights like that, and it always smelled so clean after the rain.

Getting ourselves clean after our eight-hour journey was problematic as there was grime on the shower attachments also.

In 1% of cases clean without is used

Simple, fast, and clean without clutter.

There is no such thing as clean without dirt.

You can't keep your house clean without discipline.

Very friendly service, nice vibe - very bright and clean without being too sterile.

You'll feel extremely clean without that stripped effect you get from cleansing foam.

There are also gentle and natural sudsing agents that clean without compromising the integrity of these tissues.

And because it burns clean without producing any smoke, it makes an excellent alternative fuel or as lubricant for machines.

Make a mom night, where she can sit and watch television, while other members of the family cook and clean without her help.

To check whether the cake is cooked or not, insert a knife and ensure it comes out clean without any sticky, when pulled out.

In 1% of cases clean over is used

It also helps keep the wood clean over time.

I've picked the bird clean over the past week.

But we do it because we prefer it to be clean over disgusting.

You know I know that I am way off base here but to me, it just seems cleaner over here.

Laying several area rugs over your carpet is a great way to keep your carpets clean over time.

I flew clean over Cavor's head and beheld a spiky confusion in a gully spreading to meet my fall.

I hit the car at 30mph (50kph) just behind the rear wheel and sailed clean over its rear end, and slid and rolled 25 feet along Knightsbridge.

The question us British should ask ourselves is apart from Millar who admitted to doping how many of our riders really rode clean over the years.

One blow put the contest beyond doubt - a mighty smear sailed clean over midwicket for six, to cue the most crazy scenes of jubilation ever witnessed at Sophia Gardens.

Incidentally, (and as a new social cyclist) I think all professional cyclists need to come clean over the next 3 months and have a total drugs amnesty in professional cycling.

In 1% of cases clean off is used

The impact took her clean off the ground.

Kim's death wiped it clean off the sports page.

His forelegs lift clean off the ground as he runs.

Sift flour and gingerbread spice and mix to a paste until it comes off clean off the bowl.

You'll probably have to periodically clean off the dust, rattlesnake skin and vulture poop.

Fix the broken ceiling tiles, dead fluorescent bulbs and clean off the soot around the vents.

Then take out and clean off the skin so they become very delicate and season with salt and serve with oil, vinegar while hot.

If Dennard can show up on the field, and keep his nose clean off of it, Bill Belichick will have no hesitation in playing him.

Now, you're all set! Simply remove the suction cups, and clean off the front of the glass, and you're ready to use your iMac again! I.

Here's one of our favorite recipes: Clean off the seeds and toss them with a bit of olive oil, garlic, cayenne pepper or lemon pepper.

In 1% of cases clean like is used

Aside from that, I'd clean like MR.

You and I are clean like streams and winds.

Those amps are sterile clean like no other.

So why isn't that all nice and clean like the Apple stuff? I split the blame on this one.

Even the microfibre inner lining doesn't keep the screen clean like Apple claim it would.

Even those who are perceived to be clean like Mr Tata, Mr Premji, Mr Murthy, Mr Nilekani etc.

I wanted my blog to look simple and clean like Daily Blog Tips, so I tried to make it like that keeping my audience in my mind.

The whole de-shelled turtle thing was what made me laugh! I mean, it's not like shells come off neat and clean like that of a Koopa Troopa.

Ingredients used are refined and clean like special seafood or prime cuts of beef, not like the ones used by typical dining establishments.

At least come clean like Ferrari and we might grudgingly respect that decision instead of droning out the usual drivel about? equal equipment?

In 1% of cases clean during is used

It was kept clean during our whole stay.

Keep clean during the day and eat healthy to feel great.

This is the last time the 4runner was clean during the trip.

The carriage attendants (provodniks) will keep the toilet clean during the journey.

Keep it clean During periods, you should take extra precautions to keep your sensitive area clean.

They may make you feel much cleaner during your menstrual cycle, but they can irritate you down there.

He says farmers need to keep their produce like cassava clean during harvest period before it goes to the market.

If this guy can keep his nose clean during the off-ice season, he should be one of those players in a year or two.

FIRST: United States After staying clean during all of last week, The United States took home another first place Fossil of the Day Award today.

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