Prepositions after "chilling"

chilling in, with, on, at or of?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 28% of cases chilling in is used

Chilling in Steve's Arsenal tee// 3.

Those ones are chilling in the cooler.

My, my, it's chilling in the -ber Months.

Sarkodie performed and was chilling in the VIP room with his crew drinking champagne.

There are often fat seals chilling in the water waiting for fishy snacks from tourists.

His personality shows a jaded, corrupt streak, chilling in one who appears so innocent.

I'd now chilling in Starbucks with a caffe going life, and the only way to be truly satisfied is to is great work.

I suspect that most people would find it rather more enticing to spend the time chilling in a hammock at the beach.

My homemade cranberry sauce was chilling in the fridge, my sweet potatoes were baking and caramelizing in the oven.

Waiting for my coffee, I jealously eyed those lucky people eating and chilling in a beautiful anything-goes canteen.

In 18% of cases chilling with is used

The water was chilling with cold.

Enjoy xxxx Chilling with my twin.

Or you know, chilling with a mojito.

The legendary Berlin DJ talks EDM poseurs, laptop DJs and chilling with Snoop Dogg.

It's a Sunday afternoon and I bet most of us are home chilling with our hot j rice.

Max chilling with a drink Max was born a healthy 7lbs 10oz in the hot summer of 1999.

What was it like chilling with Alchemist? It was like chilling with one of my homeboys who I've known for 40 years.

We don't tend to go to big clubs together, we're quite happy just chilling with a takeaway or going to a local pub.

Now, you know how it is when you're chilling with you man/woman-there's usually a tendency to get A little too relaxed.

In 16% of cases chilling on is used

Butterbean chilling on her cycle.

Dad and Adam chilling on the couch.

I am enjoying chilling on the sofa under my slanket.

Try having the hour before you go to bed just chilling on front of the box or reading.

I miss cruising down the road and waving at smiley folks, and just chilling on the ride.

We had a nice lunch in the resort's restaurant by the pool before chilling on the beach.

After chilling on the beach all day we drank with some rasta's in the evening, which was an experience I won't forget.

It's punted as a show about two okes chilling on a couch talking kak and inviting over a couple of friends to join them.

Most likely you will find yourself at some point chilling on the ground, so bringing super-nice clothes is just a waste.

Between 4 of us, we ordered 2 milkshakes and joined some other young and free spirited travellers who were chilling on bean bags.

In 11% of cases chilling at is used

Chilling at home -- the highway A quick chai and greetings.

We are chilling at a friend's residence in Westlands, Nairobi.

I misunderstood him and replied that I was just chilling at home.

Instead of being kind and joining me until I found a Simba! Lion chilling at sunset.

We were chilling at his house listening to one project that he did and he never released it.

Last night he had been chilling at a friend's place which was an overly expensive crack hole.

I'd sipping on my green tea, chilling at Starbucks listening to whatever chilling music it is that they are playing.

And, really, on the sites I visit and participate on when I'd not chilling at HBT, ya'll really are very, very loud.

A little chilling at this time of night, but if you check again in the daylight I think you'll find she's pretty cute.

Your character is chilling at home when a future version of himself appears out of thin air, warning you of imminent danger.

In 7% of cases chilling of is used

It is funny how the most chilling of images can also be the most beautiful.

However, of them all, the most bone chilling of them is Climbing Up The Walls.

I argue it is a horizontal chilling of speech by the most malicious of methods.

In a 17th-century Christian text, Muslims are described in the most chilling of terms.

Once clean the coat and skin must be dried to avoid unnecessary chilling of the patient.

Perhaps the most chilling of Trinity's ghost stories can be found in Howitt's History of the Supernatural (1863).

The deep chilling of her relationship with the party leadership was clear by the manner in which the deed was done.

Their answers did not fully factor in the effect of the recent chilling of Japan-China relations (over the Diaoyu Islands).

In recent months there has been several public outcry against cases of rape and sexual abuse the most chilling of which was a report from Dr.

In 4% of cases chilling for is used

The thought of an honest dialogue is truly chilling for us.

In a low voice, chilling for its lack of passion, he asked.

Iraq's ambitions under President Saddam Hussein were also chilling for Ankara.

Jade, accept that it wasnt meant to be and embrace true love thats chilling for you.

We put up our tent and set about chilling for the afternoon, until the heavens opened.

I've got a bottle of bubbly chilling for the landslide in November!! http: //eclectablog.

What you then discovered was another quintessentially American innovation, all the more chilling for its bland ubiquity.

BIG lesson learned! After chilling for a few days I got my feet back underneath me and walked my butt onto a plane, destination YYZ.

Afraid I jumped in too soon without chilling for a while from the last relationship (though truth be told, I was pretty damned sick of him at the end).

It must be chilling for them to see that journalists and Mr Sottto's favorite bloggers, actually HAVE a venue to air their opinion and influence the public.

In 4% of cases chilling to is used

Seeds are damaged by chilling to temperatures below 3-6 deg.

I went from chilling to relaxing to actually falling asleep on the way home.

The pattern is chilling to Sandy Crosbie, the town's new high school English teacher.

There's nothing we love more than chilling to beautiful music that will take you away.

But those terms might also be chilling to other terrific candidates seeking to serve on council.

What made this story so chilling to me was the fact that Talley used many real legends and scriptures.

It's like music: one person may love rocking out to Green Day, the next may prefer chilling to Jack Johnson.

He has swapped the rigours of monastic life for playing the drums on the beach, and chilling to trance music.

She's as creepy as the rest of the psychos and it's chilling to the bone that these enablers are taken in by this scam.

I was very close to going completely blind, and that scene where they removed Park's bandages, that was chilling to me.

In 3% of cases chilling by is used

Guard against chilling by the wind.

George chilling by the Melaka river.

Chilling by the beach and yes I love my hair colour.

So, I'd perfectly happy going to a bar or club and just chilling by myself.

After chilling by the sea, catch the next form of transport bound for Rotterdam.

We spent some time chilling by the pool which was very quiet and welcomed at times when the tide was out.

When you are looking for a break from the theme parks and are not chilling by the pool, why not visit one of the many State Parks.

We had a couple of half-days off while out there, one of which I spent chilling by the pool and, on the other, I headed to the beach.

It is a worrying prospect, made all the more chilling by the uncertainty still surrounding the Greek crisis and its potential knock-on effects.

In 2% of cases chilling about is used

What I found most chilling about them was that they were in no way child centred.

At times there's something so precise and mathematically chilling about nationalism.

What was particularly chilling about this though, was the fact that even children were involved.

There was something so chilling about watching the more experienced Finn drain the dregs of other people's drinks.

The thing I find the most chilling about this is that even though he was obviously in trouble, covered in blood etc.

And what's chilling about this affair is how little scrutiny the UK press has subjected the Swedish rumours and allegations to.

DEATH BY TRAIN There's something horribly chilling about the sequence in which a mind-controlled woman pulls a man in front of a train.

There was really chilling about that effect -- the discoloration, the impression that it's a stolen image: Saddam in his bunker or Ghaddafi's body.

There's something chilling about those words, and even 20 stupid minutes on YouTube and an impulse buy from Amazon can not quite remove them from my brain.

One of the things that's so chilling about that kid is he's pretty smart, and he has capacity to observe adult hypocrisy, which is pretty common to smart adolescents.

In 1% of cases chilling after is used

I saw the whole crew there, including the ' stars ' just chilling after their show.

Rich older men, uptowners, downtowners, people chilling after work, a few artists and media personalities, nice music.

Tenderness Contraction of muscle fibres due to rapid chilling after slaughter (known as ' cold-shortening ') toughens meat.

As for the comments about the lack of response to this posting: please remember that we, the members of the Toon Army, were too busy chilling after a week to remember for all the wrong reasons.

In 1% of cases chilling as is used

Actually it's the comment thread below the article that's as equally chilling as the article.

In 1% of cases chilling like is used

It's shocking and chilling like a hard slap.

We was chilling like usual, hitting dirty handstyles and flops.

KSM was sweating profusely though his air condition was chilling like the ambience of a deep freezer.

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