Prepositions after "cheap"

"cheap in" or "cheap for"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 25% of cases cheap in is used

That is what is cheap in China.

Sadly, it is cheap in Pakistan.

HAH! You get it cheap in Canada.

It will be cheaper in the long run and give you room to add additional functionality.

Most of the applications are free of cost and some of them are very much cheap in cost.

So in my case 3G broadband is cheaper and more realistic and cheaper in my situation.

First things first -- don't put romance and cheap in the same sentence; it will not go down well with the other half.

Because zinc had at that time become considerably cheaper in price this alloy obviously cost less than pure copper.

What fees much cheaper incomparable even when compared to other foreign currency investment is one of the benefits.

We found this accommodation to be the cheapest in the area which is located about 40 minute drive to Maroon Bells.

In 24% of cases cheap for is used

Cheaper for me to sell it than.

Schillings are cheaper for you.

They appear cheap for their taste.

Why join a Community Garden rather than have an allotment? It's cheaper for a start.

Also if it comes in at 13k that makes it very cheap for the Market it is intended for.

But I know for a fact that they are the cheapest for any other member of my family.

Right now investors are rushing to get in on cheap foreclosures, hoping to turn them around for quick rental income.

The soon to be launched HTC Desire HD deals will make this fantastic handset very affordable and cheap for everyone.

They did not employ readers because it was cheaper for them to run the risk of being sued for libel than to do so.

It may be quite tempting to go with one that is quite cheap, but understand that they are usually cheap for a reason.

In 9% of cases cheap at is used

He was cheap at half the price.

DVDs are cheaper at this point.

And I can sleep cheap at The Tent.

Like most Asian countries, street food is aplenty and very cheap at around $1 per meal.

Not that Buehrle and Johnson are coming to Toronto on the cheap at $11 million and $13.

Remember that milk may be cheaper at the drugstore or mini-mart than the supermarket.

Why don't the Raptors pick him up (on the cheap at this point) and utilize the amnesty? Guy can defend and hit the 3.

I brought for him on the next trip some enamel plates, cups, plates and spoons and fork which were cheap at that time.

There was the predictable public outcry about that of course, but it looked to me as though it was cheap at the price.

I mean it, from the spices to the knick knacks you take back to your family and friends, were cheaper at the resort.

In 7% of cases cheap on is used

For me, I don't go cheap on bras.

No air, no heat but cheap on gas.

We ate cheaper on other nights.

The stock is cheap on current fundamentals but Meg Whitman has a lot on her hands here.

Nice silver Japanese Hyundai, lots of room, cheap on gas, well-maintained at all times.

Note that DC hotels are very cheap on Fri/Sat/Sun, that's when you can get great deals.

Gas should be at least $4 a gallon; it's still the cheapest on the planet aside from kelptocracies like Venezuela.

It is 4 star and by no means cheap on SA terms- we paid around R20k for the 2 of us for 9 nights excluding breakfast.

It is fairly likely that it will be cheaper on you to charter the yacht for a few extra days and return it yourself.

I just did not have the money and decided to walk across the boarder and see if it's not cheaper on the Zambian side.

In 7% of cases cheap to is used

The Games are not cheap to stage.

Is human life so cheap to you? Dr.

Cost: Everybody is cheap to a point.

It's so much cheaper to air-condition the cities and let Gaia take care of the world.

It is MUCH cheaper to book a hotel room than be in the current situation they are in.

It feels kind of cheap to me the way it's set up because it's not really a skill thing.

Information wants to be free because it has become so cheap to distribute, copy, and recombine -- too cheap to meter.

Maybe they are pirates or a religion or prisoners or eugenics freaks, but $10 million/family will seem cheap to them.

Anything new and delicious, from the cheapest to the more expensive, will attract these savouring eyes in no time.

Mobility has made information available to people relatively cheap to the ways of collecting information in the past.

In 6% of cases cheap by is used

It's cheap by European standards.

It's cheaper by fifty yuan a jin.

Yes, it is cheap by global standards.

Japan, particularly the Topix, is also cheap by both (though slightly less so by CAPE).

Indonesian cigarettes are cheap by regional standards, with taxes less than 40 percent.

Blinding laser weapons have countermeasures that are cheap by the standards of a modern, well-equipped military force.

At 229 it's not cheap by any means, but a combination of good design and quality components make it pretty good value.

At least ALT is cheaper by a quarter, and has a more contemporary cut that yours truly has had a hand in influencing.

Many researchers believe that they can get new drugs faster and cheaper by computer modeling of molecular structures.

In 4% of cases cheap with is used

Cheap with their money, well say.

Cheap with their money, we'll say.

Don't be cheap with your imagination.

The thing is that in the end I found that the flights were cheaper with Aer Lingus.

Sweets were added to food list in early 19th century, and they became cheap with time.

Labour cost is slightly cheaper with the average worker earning about US$75 a month.

He felt, somehow, that he had bought the lovely day, too -- got it chucked in dirt cheap with the house and ground.

Their tickets are so cheap with if you plan your trips in advance, that is allowing me to know all of this countries.

The LAO estimates the Presidio project could have been up to $140 million cheaper with a more traditional approach.

In 3% of cases cheap of is used

I opted for the cheaper of the two.

That was really cheap of Honda to do so.

Energy is the cheapest of communities.

The Telegraph is the cheapest of the three, I prefer it in its usability and content.

Yes, Andre was an ends to a means, I suppose, but it just felt cheap of Jane to do that.

Isn't that great? What more can you ask for? I hope this must be the cheapest of all.

Touch Capacitative (touch sensitive) surfaces, now evident on even the cheapest of devices, have reached ubiquity.

T-mobile is the cheapest of the carriers, and more than ever it seems you get what you pay for in the mobile world.

Then comes Cape Town on the 151 st position, and Johannesburg, being the cheapest of the three cities ranking at 171.

And that they have done, with their highest end watches costing less than the cheapest of other watch maker's watches.

In 2% of cases cheap as is used

It's cheap as well as delicious.

It also looks cheaper as an idea.

Not nearly as tinny or cheap as the Scion iQ.

Healthy fruits and vegetables are cheaper as a result of modern farming than without.

It is still cheaper as the cost of per unit of locally produced egg is Tk 10 to Tk 10.

Could the Royals or anyone else signed Santana for cheaper as a free agent? I believe so.

On the business side of things, it made the cost of the phone cheaper as the materials used are inexpensive by nature.

Someone basically asked me to do this on the cheap as a favor, total cost of this build (discounting time of course) $3.

There are a plenty of cheap as well as luxury accommodations and highly economical transportation facilities across Jersey.

Try Maybelline's XXL curl power to get a wide awake, flirty look for cheap as the mascara wouldn't cost you more than Rs1,500.

In 2% of cases cheap from is used

With Spirit Air you can fly very cheap from Ft.

Got them cheap from the outlet mall here in the US.

Ironically much cheaper from breakers over here).

Rates for accommodation are cheaper from the last week in Jan to this point aswell.

Basic medicines are cheap from the pharmacies but you'll need to know what to ask for.

The reason seemingly being that Chelsea had one, and we bought all the gear cheap from them.

Your former customers abroad can supply themselves now, or source cheaper from other ' up and coming ' countries.

Nevermind that he got it on the cheap from a bank auction; his type never likes to admit when they've gotten a bargain.

Tupperware (or food storage containers) come in just about any size and shape and are quite cheap from discount stores.

If you are cheap and in a euro-zone then Awesomenauts seems to be the cheapest from the official homepage where it's 4.

In 1% of cases cheap after is used

And if it's still cheaper after that, then make sure you.

He bought cheap after the crash and made a mint, apparently.

I gave the King one Peruvian Sol anyway - fake gold armour can't come cheap after all.

If you are lucky enough to be able to pay in one go, do that! It's cheaper after all.

While this becomes cheaper after the initial breakthrough, it still wields a hefty cost.

It appears that on the face of it bemobile may be cheaper after all with voice but Digicel may be cheaper with data.

I am either going to get the second generation Surface, or get a first gen on the cheap after the second gen comes out.

Chocolate is cheap after the Easter sugar rush, or there are healthier alternatives like feijoas, kiwifruit and mandarins.

I think it's a little harsh to say talk is cheap after so few games, were at the start of what will hopefully be a long journey.

In 1% of cases cheap because is used

Mine is $500 cheaper because of that.

Blood of poor pakistanis is cheaper because of YOU.

HK is relativeloy cheap because of the weak US dollar.

That is why Bangkok is cheaper because of local transportation and cheaper hotels.

Hugh You make a very significant point: the property is cheap because of lack of demand.

It's Cheap Porridge is extremely cheap because of the minimal processing that the oats go through.

Of course in reality it was much cheaper because of the massively reduced bargains I was lucky enough to find.

This move in turn, will make the mentioned cars considerably cheaper because of the import and excise duty benefits.

Try to find relating flights instead of funnel flights because flying this way is cheaper because of variant airports.

In 1% of cases cheap like is used

That's freaking cheap like dirt.

It's not cheap cheap like the original Panda.

Or if your cheap like me just download it onto your phone.

Games for the poor must have been cheap like wrestling, running races and playing dice.

Then you could slot someone cheap like Cooper into the dh slot to platoon with someone else.

It just sent me away to alternate entertainment that's free or cheaper like XBOX live, MLB.

Conveniently located in the Atrium Mall which features the only two-story McDonald's in Iloilo if you're cheap like me.

Yeah, cheap like a bunch of ancient 486s with 14? CRT screens, and cheerful in that they played awful happy hardcore music.

Why spend $32 million of your own dollars to build facilities for 775 people? Because you and I know the USA is not cheap like S.

I had the suit already, just got the horns and the fork! Yes I'd cheap like that, just don't have the mood to spend on costume now.

In 1% of cases cheap over is used

Talk is really cheap over VOIP.

These can very work out to be greatly cheaper over time.

The price of technology will only get cheaper over time.

Upgrade your RAM RAM upgrades have become remarkably cheaper over the last few years.

The cost can be initially a little higher and still be cheaper over a number of years.

Any new system needs to beat that, or be much cheaper over its life for other reasons.

For an engineer, the salary is not much different between AUS and USA but living cost is much cheaper over there.

And last but not least, petrol, or ' gas ', is so cheap over there that we ended up spending an average of $15 each.

From then on we'd score every morning for the last week of our holiday (since it was so cheap over there) and go out.

Also see our calculator for working out whether fixing or floating is cheaper over the life of a fixed term mortgage.

In 1% of cases cheap per is used

Buy the big box it's cheaper per diaper.

It was undoubtedly cheaper per metre also.

The verdict? It was cheaper per server ($2.

Costs becomes an issue here because it's not cheap per session especially for my case.

The cost of private income protection Cheapest per month Most costly Average Man 9.

Also, it's interesting to note that platinum is currently cheaper per ounce than gold.

This is the opposite to taxis which become cheaper per head because you simply pay for the vehicle use as a whole.

I'd not talking about cheapest Per kw/h currently and this is without goverment help since they vary by location.

Plus, supersize sodas were a lot cheaper per ounce than small sodas, this is going to be a real boon to soda sellers.

Buying a big pack of boneless chicken pieces rather than a couple of boneless chicken breasts works out cheaper per pound.

In 1% of cases cheap relative is used

And their stock is cheaper relative to growth.

In historical perspective, stocks appear cheap relative to earnings.

Valuations seem fair, some cheap relative to tech space so I am a buyer.

From a top-down view, many emerging markets are cheap relative to the US and Europe.

The reason is that low P/E value stocks are often viewed as cheap relative to current earnings.

If the dollar has gone up against your currency, it makes your city cheaper relative to New York.

A stock with low P/E ratio means it is cheap relative to the market but may not necessarily be a screaming buy.

This intervention makes the yuan artificially cheap relative to the dollar, effectively subsidizing Chinese exports.

Significant price pressures have seen the average European airports become cheaper relative to its international peers.

The share appears to be cheap relative to its listed counterparts as it is trading at a 48% discount to its tangible NAV.

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