Prepositions after "certain"

"certain of" or "certain about"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 57% of cases certain of is used

I'd not 100% certain of the format.

Certain of his tales undoubtedly ring false.

Others also seem certain of the law's passage.

Certain of the trademarks and logos displayed on the site are owned by third parties.

There is a short, sketchy account of certain of their customs and beliefs by the Rev.

Certain of these qualifications must be demonstrated by the passing of an examination.

Even if we exclude the possibility of errors, we can not be 100% certain of the validity of a scientific discovery.

I am not certain of the full story behind this, but you should be able to find further information on this subject.

Certain of his utterances are in gross conflict with democratic ideals, repels the public rather than attracts them.

Certain of the provincials35 also joined in this attack, and shared the campaign with the Thebans and their friends.

In 17% of cases certain about is used

But one thing I am certain about.

I asked if she's certain about it.

I want to feel certain about it all.

We know nothing certain, absolutely nothing certain about Simon's apostolic works.

People were so certain about the direction that they only differed about the pace.

Others who've seen Unmukt Chand are equally certain about his extraordinary talent.

Note: If you aren't certain about the reasons for any of these statements, you must go and read the any further.

There are many reasons - we got to be certain about the colour of the ball and hot it will perform in the night.

You can't help but to give him a great chance of beating Cotto because he sounds dead certain about his victory.

Ah Yi says he doesn't know, he just knows he is certain about his feelings and won't keep them a secret anymore.

In 7% of cases certain in is used

Nothing's certain in the world.

I'd certain in my own heart that.

The 26-year-old rapper is certain in terms risk versus reward, the move is worthwhile.

In only one was a section obtained, so the diagnosis was not certain in the other four.

It has been said that the only two things that are certain in life are death and taxes.

Nothing is ever certain in science, but some things are pretty close: for example the fact that the Earth is round.

Local therapists are certain in families and dead services, political as studies, cialis on line larvae and overdubs.

A discount on shares is unlikely, but a loyalty scheme of some sort is almost certain in the Mighty River Power offer.

Second: The excellence of Tawhid and that whoever dies upon it, certain in its belief will enter Al-Jannah (Paradise).

In 3% of cases certain to is used

Make certain to medical doctor.

It is certain to fuel a record turnout.

It means it's absolute, it's certain to you.

Make absolutely certain to recurring the procedure everyday for any few days Article.

I'll be certain to bookmark it and come back to discover extra of your beneficial info.

Be certain to forward any negative issues to an interactive customer service department.

The word that springs to my mind and I am certain to millions of others when reading their writings is PREEMINENCE.

I'd still certain to this day that my health anxiety is some how related to my mam dying of cancer when I was just 6.

The claims, in a book published today, are certain to fuel concerns over the escalation of the bullying ' industry '.

In 2% of cases certain as is used

But I am certain as to the result.

I will not be certain as to the time.

We're not certain as to the exact shape of the cross.

Doctors say that it is not easy to be certain as to where the dividing line is crossed.

I am certain as to the age of the first, and think I am right about the age of the second.

His assistant coach at Senegal, Aliou Cisse is certain as to where he wants Konate to play.

That may have been during ancient times and no one seems to be fairly certain as to when and how the masks originated.

However, if the principal's instructions are ambiguous or if the agent is not certain as to their meanings, the agent.

Not really certain as to whether it would work in our specific environment, he directed me to have someone look into it.

In 2% of cases certain for is used

A walk-over seemed certain for Mr.

Not so certain for the drop, I reckon.

There is no date certain for implementation.

And meeting again, after moments or lifetimes, is certain for those who are friends.

Barcelona's Afellay can still be an option but there's nothing certain for the moment.

With each rewarding sector potential for advancement is certain for qualified individuals.

Death is certain for character(s), and he/she/they need encouragement to live the last of his/her/their time to the fullest.

However, there will be several more opportunities I am certain for you to come out and listen in a respectable public forum.

One thing is certain for both groups of countries: there is still much to do to decide how to replace their outdated systems.

In 1% of cases certain at is used

Even I wasn't certain at that point.

And only one thing is certain at 2b AHEAD: The Uncertain.

I'd not certain at this point, but that's the direction I lean.

Once we embark on that express way I am not certain at what point we are going to get off.

Graham was of course vulnerable, and in a precarious situation, nothing was certain at that point.

Anyone want to have a prediction? For me I think it'll be wolves and blackburn are pretty much certain at this stage.

Indeed, the Israeli commanders were certain at the outset of the war of their ability to jam Hizbullah communications.

Not certain at this time what proof they showed, but I can find out from the bankruptcy attorney or from my paperwork, right?

The left-hander is the sport's premier entertainer and if one thing is certain at Augusta it is that it shall be entertaining.

In 1% of cases certain by is used

Make certain by giving a little squeeze.

That outcome was made certain by the LibDems.

This is likely by 2045-2050 and almost certain by 2100.

I know that Romney gained, but I'd not certain by how much or how long that will last.

Certain by products like rice bran, wheat bran, molasses, and mango kernel meal are used.

Peary was certain by this time as to what was likely at the Noth Pole and falsified his notes.

I might have to beg off the socials later because I'd dead certain by 5pm, my nose will have turned into the size and color of a beautifully ripe tomato.

At DN 16, this tetrad is called dhamm? d? sa and it is stated that everyone who is truly endowed with these four can be certain by himself to be a sot? panna.

However, if an apparently y2gue offer can be made certain by reference to the parties ' previous dealing or the customs of the trade, then it will be regarded as certain.

Now today she had found the biggest slug I had ever seen and I am certain by the look on Aunt Gretchen's face she hadn't come across a slug as big as this one before now.

In 1% of cases certain from is used

But one thing is certain from all this.

Yet one thing is certain from last week: U.

This is very certain from the post these are typos and slips.

For God's sake, rescue us speedily; otherwise death is certain from cold and hunger.

What is certain from these studies is that FLCN interacts with PKP4 to affect RhoA signalling.

I am certain from now onwards the entire world will treat us as equals and worthy ' opponents '.

Whatever the truth, one thing is certain from the photos collected by friends and family of Alisa's days in England.

One thing is certain from all this, Invisible Children are a lot more visible now, and will be getting a lot more donations.

I can't be certain from your email who you work for, but I do know that you sent your email from the exact same IP address as Ms.

We are able to also make certain from the accessibility to hotels as well as the cost range for just about any hotel on the planet.

In 1% of cases certain on is used

Still, he seemed certain on one matter.

Science is more certain on many things proven.

Anything reached by reason is certain on this picture.

The facts of history are certain on these matters -- the eclipse of September 15, 5 B.

The chronology of the Bible is incomplete and you can not build anything certain on it.

Unique solutions that are greatly certain on the able field where you know your editors.

So, if you have hypothyroidism (and that's not certain on the data you have given here ), then it's a separate issue.

To manage the damage you have got to be very certain on exactly what got stolen and you've got to be fast and certain.

I would have got out to make certain on the point, but some leaden lethargy seemed to chain my limbs and even my will.

It seems almost certain on how to deal with her out of the next line, but you've never heard that a breaking his lyric,.

In 1% of cases certain with is used

One thing seems certain with all.

I am certain with the help of G-d, we shall prevail.

Malouf is no less certain with his female characters.

And you may proceed, only when you are confident and certain with them (the pages).

Its obvious Tonto was never certain with her answers so everyone stayed away from the issue.

Be absolutely certain with your decision to get your MBA and your business school of choice.

And so, till the moment, you are not certain with regards to the dimension, it can do not that will put an investment.

His close pal Aggrey Fynn had put Ghana ahead from the penalty spot and Acquah made victory certain with two great goals.

I am certain with some enthusiasm, good practical advice along the way and a desire to succeed you should also in your own way,.

The only thing here is being certain with the website being dealt with and with this; the rest can be handled without any issues.

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