Prepositions after "catastrophic"

"catastrophic for" or "catastrophic to"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 61% of cases catastrophic for is used

It was catastrophic for the nation.

It's not quite as catastrophic for them.

The outcome would be catastrophic for us all.

The first would be catastrophic for refugees, the latter would result in riots.

This prejudice has proven catastrophic for emerging markets in previous crises.

The combined impact of these developments was catastrophic for the textile industry and the provisions trade.

It would also, by the way, be simply catastrophic for NATO and be a setback from which NATO might never recover.

Giving this level of power to the EU will be catastrophic for the UK and WILL definately terminate our Sovereignty.

I think leaving spammy comments, particularly attaching them to a brand name could prove catastrophic for branding.

In 16% of cases catastrophic to is used

Those are the ones that are catastrophic to an organization.

It wasn't personal, but it was catastrophic to many individuals.

Using nuclear weapons against Israel would be catastrophic to Iran.

Atta Mills? NDC politics has always been catastrophic to Ghana? s path to development.

Decades of oil exploration have been catastrophic to fishing in the Niger Delta region.

Anecdotal evidence only but the DWP has been catastrophic to the point of farcical for me.

David becomes impatient, one day he dares to make a request, a request which turn to be catastrophic to their lives.

Losing a system - whether to loss, theft, damage or malicious virus attacks - can be catastrophic to many businesses.

Without replication, accidents would be like those of industry today: locally harmful, but not catastrophic to the biosphere.

Given that the cost of failure would be catastrophic to Samsung and RIM, the company's leaders need to make the right choice.

In 10% of cases catastrophic in is used

Nor is sea level rise catastrophic in longer term records.

These costs are exceptionally high, and catastrophic in rural Cambodia.

The damage so produced would be almost irreversible and most catastrophic in nature.

Over the past month, the devastating BP spill that began April 20th has become catastrophic in scale.

Vesuvius is about 3 million, which is potentially catastrophic in the area of such an active volcano.

The two back to back defeats were very poor but they are not catastrophic in the greater scheme of things.

Whenever I am awake at nights, I think of all my problems and everything seems catastrophic in the dead of the night.

While speaking at the event on Wednesday, Saeed said that the change was for real and would be catastrophic in the future.

A scorpion sting could have been catastrophic in the isolation of the desert, but Dale risked it to get the incredible shot.

Climate change is unlikely to be catastrophic in the near term, but it has the potential for very serious damages in the long run.

In 2% of cases catastrophic of is used

Both are wild gambling and failure is going to be CATASTROPHIC of impact.

However, let me ask what happens if we apply his understanding of evil as lack to one of the most catastrophic of all moral failures.

Even given the most catastrophic of AGW predictions a tax on Australia's CO2 emission to reduce our world contribution to GHGs of about 1.

It was the latest and most catastrophic of a series of misjudgments by Bashar al-Assad's regime over the decade of his rule, says Carsten Wieland.

Moreover, the ESM will, at the very least, demonstrate to investors that the Union has provided an effective firewall against the most catastrophic of risks.

In 2% of cases catastrophic on is used

Mitchell was thereafter catastrophic on dual attempted plunges.

A far ambush can be less catastrophic on the squad than a near ambush, and reacting can be the same.

Mannone kept the heart murmurs to a minimum though his one glaring error might have proved catastrophic on another day.

In 2% of cases catastrophic with is used

The nation's fiscal condition will become catastrophic with trillion dollar deficits continuing for years to come.

Barring something catastrophic with that team, they are all but a lock to win the conference, and no amount of DRose will change that.

The result was catastrophic with not only heavy casualties but morale went down the drain and by 2008 there were 4000 desertions from FC-KPK.

Should Israel carry out its desire to attack Iran the consequences would be catastrophic with the entire Middle East totally contaminated with Uranium aerosols.

In 1% of cases catastrophic about is used

There's nothing immediate nor catastrophic about climate change.

There is, of course, nothing catastrophic about the work of tides.

In 1% of cases catastrophic as is used

And I also believe it is catastrophic as a matter of theology.

The ending, however, was catastrophic as the Army picks Alf up and then the show is cancelled! 7.

Research studies show that, both catastrophic as well as overuse injuries can be increased by excessive training.

Such pico-economic engineering will be as catastrophic as the ongoing and inevitable environmental destruction by macro-economics, micro-economics, and industrial and social engineering.

In 1% of cases catastrophic at is used

It's looking very bad but not catastrophic at this point.

If the acceleration continues it will become a major cause for concern, though not, I think, catastrophic at any realizable level of ice melt.

In 1% of cases catastrophic from is used

This is not only sad from human rights point of view; it is catastrophic from a public health perspective too.

Indeed, looking at his life - arrested three dozen times by the time he'd hit puberty and progressively catastrophic from there - one never knew whether to laugh or cry.

In 1% of cases catastrophic without is used

In addition a lot in the party would like to cut her throat and if they can convince the back bench it will be less catastrophic without her.

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