Prepositions after "careless"

careless about, with, in, of or on?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 27% of cases careless about is used

He talks careless about your wife.

He could be very careless about his future.

This is because some people are sometimes careless about how they dispose of them.

ReaganS What about the person she murdered! I could careless about her wanting SRS.

For all our narrow minded talk of honor, we are careless about our children's safety.

Being careless about acknowledging one's children is just as heinous as being careless about claiming expenses.

I do not know what to do as my 6 year old is really attached to him but my 9 year old could careless about him.

If you were careless about this till now, still try to obtain the agreement of the owners of the usurped things.

As a result there emerged millionaires and billionaires who could careless about the wellbeing of other Nigerians.

In 26% of cases careless with is used

You must not be careless with them.

Let us stop being careless with our souls.

We were so young, so careless with our love.

Responsible publication is one thing, being careless with privacy is quite another.

For people so careless with our feelings, they sure are careful with what they say.

Management, profligate with money, was criminally careless with safety and ecology.

Based found on the stakes, individuals is certainly careless with small elements which may result damage to trust.

Uzzah may have had good intentions to steady the Ark, but he was careless with his privilege of attending the Ark.

One day more people will express their grievances this way and we shall see if government will be careless with it.

Finally he turns towards his deeds and says: By God, I was very careless with regard to you and I had disliked you.

In 18% of cases careless in is used

I was a bit careless in my wording.

I think government are careless in this case.

They are more active and more careless in ****.

Don't add to the complexity of life by being careless in your approach to life issues.

The defendants submitted that the Hamids had been careless in purchasing the property.

Don't let yourself be careless in any useful activity of any sort, no matter how small.

If I say Yes, I'd afraid he'll take that as a hint that it's okay to be careless in school quizzes and long tests.

As I said at the beginning, the current Trust is arrogant, unaccountable and careless in the use of beneficiary funds.

Tame's blood alcohol reading could cause damage to her and that he was careless in the way he filled out the P4 report.

In 15% of cases careless of is used

Those in loss are careless of life.

This was cluelessly careless of her.

I grew careless of the lives of others.

The water wrinkled, but they sipped and thought, As careless of the wind as it of us.

That was careless of me (although I suppose I could pass the buck to Jon Bentley: -) ).

Was she careless of other people's emotions? Sure but not in a deliberately malicious way.

He was a typical digger: independent, witty and warm-hearted, happy to be indolent at times and careless of dress.

I'd 53, lost my wife - I know, careless of me - and a couple of years later find myself at the bottom of that hole.

Unfortunately, despite Nene's warning Kingfisher management was either unaware of or careless of that necessary work.

The man believed this a safe situation, and Adeline was now too careless of life to attempt convincing him of his error.

In 2% of cases careless on is used

So you become careless on the detail.

I would think it careless on their part not to.

He was so careless on the ice that he hurt his team by being out all the time.

It would be careless on my part to say that there were not any such issues and everything was ship shape.

The reason for this is that mommies are way too careless on what they eat when they are bearing the child.

Those who got in by scanning diplomas and changing names would be lazy, careless on the job and very arrogant.

Even though Ramsey was careless on possession I think he changed the game by getting into tackles which resulted in a card.

Mathematics: Although he has a good understanding of the wok, he is very careless on paper, and this might bring his grade down.

In 1% of cases careless as is used

She blames herself for being careless as a mother.

Initially she was careless as the majority of Pakistani girls resist before sex.

It was symptomatic of a City performance which became more careless as the game wore on.

We may define recklessness as acting not with intent but careless as to the consequences, or marked by lack of proper caution.

Fraud is established where it is proved that a false statement is made: (a) knowingly; or (b) without belief in its truth; or (c) recklessly, careless as to whether it be true or false.

In 1% of cases careless at is used

The majority are just careless at the time &; then decide they don't want it.

We must not be careless at times of Salaah and we must offer salaah punctually.

The potential for an accident niggles all hunters and most of us have been careless at some time or another.

I feel that stories like this are the minority &; most women are simply careless at the time &; then decide they don't want it.

I can be so careless at times! It's great that she is honest and observant! I'll be back sometime soon for certain! Review from Laura C.

Whether a driver, pedestrian or a cyclist, we are all guilty of being careless at times, so more attention needs to be paid when we are out on the roads and pathways - that goes for all of us.

In 1% of cases careless by is used

Both were good hits but careless by the Bears ' players.

DD is careless by itself and carries its own punishment,.

The noun care can become the adjectives careful or careless by the addition of the derivational morphemes -- ful or -- less.

Mystic Cave Zone also punishes you for being careless by leading Sonic into spike filled pitfalls, and parts of the environment that will crush him if you're not careful.

Then, he added, PT Indomarco engage an occasion to the commonwealth managing grocery stores that had been sounded seedy also careless by thehelp of the apprehension of late stores.

Each ascetic practice promotes a virtuous quality, while its observance reminds a monk not to be careless by thinking in ways that contradict the very virtue he is trying to develop.

In 1% of cases careless for is used

GEET:Sorry, I became careless for a moment.

Such dreams these infants must have of safety and love, careless for years yet.

We'd however like your opinion, was she careless for trusting people she met over.

This government couldn't careless for it's people, only there to make money and run away.

Julie didn't have to change to someone too wild or too careless for her story to move forward.

Because right now, it started out of nowhere instead of the fact Jae-Hee has been super careless for the past 14 episodes.

Let ourselves be careless for only a moment and we will fall into pain immediately due to the weight of attachments and anxieties.

The current generations get to do large scale engineering - reterraforming if we are careless for long enough - and small scale biology.

I guess that works for conservatives who financially independant, and could careless for retired people with multiple medical problems or the working poor barely scraping by.

In 1% of cases careless to is used

This philospy made us lazy, careless to our envionment, people etc.

He ensures that the curse of a dying parent is fulfiled on the careless to the bitter end.

In so valuable a produce the loss occasioned by negligence is so great as to force even the most careless to attention.

Enjoy things that your money can buy, but still don't be careless to the point you end up with more debt that you can handle.

So I was very culpably careless to your story, and besides, here is another reason for my lack of interest; your tale was inexplicable.

That play and the late, late Jamison tip-in were the microcosms of the Raptors defensive performance which ranged somewhere between careless to lazy all game along.

Personal -- You will need money to pay for personal costs, which could cover anything from careless to essential, such as purchasing a big TV or paying off hospital expenses and college tuition fees.

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