Prepositions after "awkward"

"awkward for" or "awkward in"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 26% of cases awkward for is used

It's awkward for everybody involved.

And it makes the case awkward for me.

It will be very awkward for her monday.

But he looked just too awkward for me to ever believe he would be a true impact guy.

Visualizing a 4th spatio-energetic space-time is too awkward for my layperson brain.

Her success was big news for this quiet village, but rather awkward for her parents.

It might feel awkward for her since you'll be pressing on her urethra, so only continue if she gives you approval.

I didn't play much with them as it would look awkward for a grown-up guy like me to play badminton with small kids.

Yeah okay lets stop pretending that you guys missed me and that'll make everything a lot less awkward for everyone.

I won't attempt to answer why **31;1239;TOOLONG generally feels awkward, but I will share why it was awkward for ME.

In 17% of cases awkward in is used

The balloons are awkward in parts.

Looks awkward in various directions.

I don't want to look awkward in India.

Makes it a tad awkward in a bar after work, but hey, whatever I can do for the cause.

It goes from awesome to awkward in the speed of hitting the refresh button on Twitter.

He only gets funny when Swanny is with him and even then he is very awkward in speech.

It can be awkward in the beginning, but you will get used to it and notice that you aren't in as much pain anymore.

Don't try to stuff your post with too many keywords or use keywords that are awkward in an attempt to increase SEO.

That made Christmas awkward in the O'Rourke household, but at least I didn't have Thanksgiving to contend with too.

Although you may be awkward in a situation like this, you don't want them to think you are withholding information.

In 12% of cases awkward about is used

People feel quite awkward about it.

Well, for me, it's nothing awkward about it.

I felt rather awkward about it, and still do.

Scarlet knew it was silly of her to feel awkward about seeing John Mitchell again.

YOU have to feel awkward about being on camera the whole time you're at our event.

Otherwise they might've spent the rest of their lives feeling awkward about it all.

No one will harm me, or make me feel awkward about a TV show that they were super obsessed about in high school.

It can seem like such a hassle at first and I used to feel really awkward about having to tell someone I'd vegan.

Some of the big issues that come up are: Feeling shy and awkward about approaching people to start conversations.

When I first read this I felt kind of awkward about how much of it I have seen and personally indulged in at times.

In 7% of cases awkward at is used

It would seem awkward at the start.

The controls feel awkward at times.

I myself felt awkward at times too.

Like I mentioned, it will be awkward at the beginning, but you'll get the hang of it.

It is awkward at times as it may be at the airport, at restaurants or at public places.

I've mercifully forgotten the details, but the situation was pretty awkward at the time.

As enlighten as I'd like to think I am being friends with dancers outside the club is still a little awkward at times.

I knew that he's an active soccer player but found it kinda awkward at how his presence was semi-addressed in the show.

But I also felt a bit awkward at being glad that the residents of the Isle of Wight hadn't got a proper grown-up railway.

Which is really sweet and awkward at the same time because sometimes it takes a whole five minutes for the train to leave.

In 7% of cases awkward with is used

I'd shy &; awkward with strangers.

They feel awkward with their acting.

The house grew awkward with argument.

I notice also that her hands are awkward with one being fisted more than the other.

So shy tau! But luckily, it was very comfortable and I was not that awkward with it.

Then I thought that it would be really awkward with me and him but it actually isn't.

Do comment and start a conversation - she'll be less awkward with time, but makes no promises to be less bimbotic.

Narration: Maybe they feet awkward with themselves in the monitor, they kept laughing, teasing each other and having fun.

It makes it look like there are a lot more people and different groups get less awkward with interacting with each other.

Sarah was very awkward with hers but she decided to give the cute butler another chance and promised to be more open next time.

In 6% of cases awkward to is used

It does look a bit awkward to me though.

What's awkward to some is natural to others.

Something about it just seems awkward to me.

Without the extra consonant, the pronunciation would seem awkward to a French speaker.

After more silence, awkward to Rhema, but normal for the company, the queen spoke again.

If the flow of text feels unnatural to you it would feel even more awkward to your customers.

To imply that he may have been a rapist was to imply that all men who may appear awkward to women are possible rapists.

It may seem awkward to some adults to conduct a psychology session over the Internet; but for teens, it is common place.

Tattered notebooks full of chicken scratch and ink blots, handwriting that evolved from large and awkward to tiny and precise.

All the poses here are quite reasonable, although the right arm of the third figure pictured above does seem quite awkward to us.

In 5% of cases awkward around is used

Now it's really awkward around him.

Because he may feel awkward around me.

Even her family felt awkward around her.

His bashfulness and penchant for theatre left him feeling awkward around his peers.

Furthermore, I would love for all women to never feel harassed or awkward around men.

As if I'd going to let someone swap bodily fluids with me if I feel awkward around them.

Even though we will never know the details of your punishment, surely it must be a bit awkward around the office.

Recommend I don't think feeling awkward around someone in a niqab has anything to do with being judgmental, per se.

Trust me, I try to be friendly with all the girls in my classes, but sometimes they feel awkward around me which is o.

Lots of people are a bit awkward around others at times, but they're still likable and have a lot to offer on the whole.

In 5% of cases awkward on is used

Wooden is awkward on every level.

Upshot ' it can be awkward on all levels '.

Hope I don't look too awkward on the bed wtf.

With this style, you'll by no means end up with searching awkward on your day of your life.

Keep text entry to a minimum, as entering text is far more awkward on mobile than on desktop.

Dwight is effective but awkward on the block while Pau is as skilled as anyone in the league.

I noticed a new Darlinghurst bar named Awkward on my last visit and I couldn't even tell whether it was ironic or not.

Ed Balls, for example, who as a back-room operator was extremely effective (in the Cesare Borgia sense ), was awkward on stage.

The rest of the band was less than captivating though, with the musicians looking awkward on stage for the greater part of the set.

Warhol felt that Reed looked awkward on stage performing live so with the help of Paul Morrissey, they recruited German singer Nico.

In 2% of cases awkward as is used

But she has a clumsy arm, awkward as a chicken leg.

I was a bit awkward as a teenager (aren't we all? Right?).

I felt a bit awkward as the girl passed me and lowered my gaze.

She tells her how she was fat and awkward as a child and got teased a lot.

Scared me awake but I dismissed it as something that feel over that had been setting awkward as the reason.

Weeks 35 -- 39 You are likely to become increasingly awkward as the baby and you put on more and more weight.

Your first time with a new partner could be slightly awkward as both of you learn to negotiate each other's bodies.

The weight of my pack added to the fatigue in my legs, making them feel heavy and awkward as every step was a challenge.

As a guy I've always found it awkward asking girls what they like unless I've spent significant time in a relationship with them.

In fact, things could become even more awkward as the court moves ahead with its proceedings and other problems remains unsolved.

In 2% of cases awkward between is used

It's that awkward between styles stage.

Everything is so awkward between us now.

It looked very awkward between them always.

And now things are totally awkward between Jae Hee and Tae Joon.

It may make things awkward between the siblings, with you in the middle.

Because if you do say something or begg him then thugs will be awkward between you guys.

Sometimes I wonder what would be a good way to make it less awkward between da hotties and I.

Now even though we see each other everyday nearly, its awkward between us and i cant believe i made myself this vunerable again.

Since she wants to be part of the play too, she hopes that things won't be awkward between them since they will have to see each other.

Things have gotten a bit awkward between them since Tian Wei's confession, though this is something both of them have no problem admitting.

In 2% of cases awkward by is used

It got quite awkward by the end.

Jesus made this issue awkward by tightening up the definition.

Both of these calculations are made a little awkward by the boat's leeway.

But if Scotland made things awkward by playing pick and mix then it could trigger a veto from Spain or.

Of course, I won't tell you to knock it off, its your choice, but I can't not stop feeling awkward by it.

As much as we like to blame people for their behaviour, it's rarely the case that people are awkward by nature.

If you use foreign (especially Italian) musical terms, avoid rendering them grammatically awkward by anglicizing them.

Probably, yes, but words can also make things awkward by adding a layer of gravity to an otherwise playful interaction.

Anyway about theperson that said they should take a photo of you maybe they were being sarcastic cause you made them awkward by staring at them first.

Contrasting the yellow abstract whitewash bulbs cut the mustard look awkward by what mode one needs on route to be in existence censorious of this as well.

In 1% of cases awkward without is used

Felt really awkward without the physical card.

Eoghan - Men can be socially awkward without being sexually shamed.

Moving to an exact place in the text is awkward without the ability to step one character to the left or right.

Creep doesn't apply to women, women can be socially awkward without being sexually shamed, as you go on to see here.

Usually the website will be more usable and look less awkward without floats altogether and with content simply stacked up.

The security guard's wife, (awkward without using names ), two of her boys, and a special education aide led us to Rock Point.

I watched his limbs twist and contort themselves toward me; his thin frame even more awkward without the control and confines of a physical body.

In 1% of cases awkward of is used

But now they seem to be appearing on my tongue! and they are in the most awkward of places.

Your child will get hungry at the most awkward of times, when there's no rest stop for miles and miles away.

You usually find self set plants grow in the most awkward of places, in small cracks and crevices near walls.

What this was was my crowning moment, the coronation as I ascended to the throne of King Awkward of **28;1218;TOOLONG.

RIGHT ASSESSMENT The way to keep ourselves composed, even in the most awkward of situations, is to understand that everyone is different.

Q: Were you awkward of the conditions of the car that you have to pick up? Altimet: No, because I have been in some cars that are as bad as that.

But for some kids, the sandman can strike in the most awkward of places, causing them to drift off to sleep in what appears to be a surefire disaster.

Medvedev looked the most awkward of the top leaders to stride side-by-side at Hyderabad House, New Delhi's equivalent of the Rose Garden at the White House.

It was an awkward episode, with Jack being his usual self, and Will on the most awkward of dates with what seemed like a guy trying to date for the first time.

With that smooth, soulful voice familiar from her 1990s hits, Cox manages to cut through the muck by making even the most awkward of Leslie Bricusse's lyrics seem heartfelt.

In 1% of cases awkward like is used

But he's just been awkward like really a bit ever since.

But I also don't want the convo being awkward like this again.

Also maybe you're just a bit socially awkward like a lot of people today.

She is big and awkward like him, but happy and contented, and able to poke fun at herself.

He's so awkward like that -- so unwilling to fit into our world - view, or to lend us resources to bolster it.

How can I hug him with out being awkward like that again? We r both really really really really really REALLY shy.

He was growing into a spotty geek, awkward like Bob, with his stumbling height and the same rugged good looks once he lost the puppy fat.

But something was odd with James on the phone and he was a little nervous that when he arrived he'd still be stressed, he was never great company when he was awkward like that.

I always get really awkward when I'd in a studio and I have a problem with studios: when everything's really clean and you have headphones on and you're separated -- I get really awkward like that.

In 1% of cases awkward from is used

I was awkward from watching the Other.

However on styling -- I feel that the rear overhang can look awkward from some angles.

In 1% of cases awkward during is used

The conversation was very awkward during dinner.

People are sometimes just plain awkward during funerals.

Your discussions with your lawyer might often turn out to be awkward during the course of the trial.

Things are less tense but still awkward during high jumping practice and Hyun-jae fails to clear the 2.

Before things got awkward during Jones ' radio interview, he was much more forthcoming about his relationship with Lampkin.

If Don John had really brought an Armada with him (and Armadas are often awkward during elopements) he could hardly have inflicted a heavier humiliation on us than that.

In 1% of cases awkward after is used

It was a bit awkward after all.

It gets really awkward after a while.

Sort of awkward after a huge silence, damn social interactions.

I think many of us felt kind of awkward after Cross Assault, and joking about media coverage was just a way of returning to normal.

We went into a lift on the way to the cab stand, and he kissed me!! Long and hard! Well I guess things got less awkward after that.

The thing where it looks like he's pounding the stage from a standing position is really awkward after the fifth or sixth time in every performance.

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