Prepositions after "awful"

"awful for", "awful at" or "awful in"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 26% of cases awful for is used

He was awful for half the year.

Oh bless how awful for you both.

It must have been awful for her.

So, convenient for mum and dad, but awful for the baby's digestive system and comfort.

The experiences are so awful for those involved that there can be no recovery from it.

But Ramsey has been awful for such a long time, even when he has played in the middle.

Ick! I truly detest the name Kaitlyn and all spellings of it, and Bertha and Gertrude are awful for obvious reasons.

It felt awful for a minute, but pretty relieving right after knowing that I didn't have to pack and unpack all that.

However a LOT of Asians, Negroes and Caucasians just could not stand to see this as it would just be awful for them.

Unacceptable! It must have been awful for you, what horrible things to say! yes we make racist remarks all the time.

In 17% of cases awful in is used

Its awful in a lot of ways, imo.

He looked awful in this past game.

I mean truly awful in every aspect.

Australia were awful in much of what they did and for times tomorrow France will be too.

My dh hates them and my sons friends as school told my son I look awful in strechy pants.

He looked awful in person and the shiny gold areas just made him look worse in my opinion.

Driving is awful in this game, not the controls or physics but the actual slow down and shakyness of the environment.

The good news for both England and the US is that the other two teams in their group were awful in their match today.

There will be moments when you take a chance, fall flat on your face and make a few people feel awful in the process.

I went shopping this morning and felt awful in Tesco, but then I don't like the big supermarkets at the best of times.

In 13% of cases awful at is used

Hoddle - awful at man management.

I'd awful at typing and spelling.

God, he's awful at public speaking.

Richard looked awful at times, but guess what, he came through it and got the job done.

Willems was excellent going forward, but was pretty awful at tracking back and defending.

I read so quickly, myth, and I'd awful at remembering details and figuring out plots, etc.

So now that I have been worse than awful at catching up this thing I will now try to write shorter posts, more often.

My memory was awful at my worst I could not even remember my sons name let alone where he lived or how to contact him.

I am awful at going and getting work and I am really grim at chasing up money, which is something you need to do a lot.

What is plagiarism, after all? Read the rest of this entry Working from home can be awesome and awful at the same time.

In 8% of cases awful to is used

We are simply awful to our kids.

That doesn't seem too awful to me.

Women are awful to one another in many spheres.

I take advice from him and my dad had a lot of girlfriends that were really awful to us.

Because I am tired I act awful to my friends and then even worse when they ask what's up.

But that sounds awful to me because that is like getting ready to walk down the red carpet.

Also somewhat lampshaded by Pratt suggesting that he must've done something awful to a helicopter in a previous life.

Obviously, it's good that Robinson has improved his contact and brought his strikeout rate down from awful to mediocre.

Her response? She liked him because it made her feel special that he was awful to everyone -- but sometimes not to her.

Mountaineering and heli-skiing The Park provides mountaineers with a wide choice of ascents - from Mt Awful to Mt Aspiring.

In 8% of cases awful about is used

There was something awful about it.

I feel awful about my stretch marks.

And some days I feel awful about that.

However, I was also losing all my enthusiasm, as I began to feel awful about myself.

Sarah felt awful about the things they had said, and cried herself to sleep that night.

I woke up this morning and not only felt physically awful, but felt awful about myself.

In talking about it we reduce the internalisation of beauty ideals, and feel less awful about our implied failings.

I feel a bit awful about what I've said, as though people will tell me to just go back to school if that's what I want.

Beyond his on-pitch contributions (or lack thereof) Hutton is a symbol of everything awful about the Alex McLeish regime.

Meant to say yesterday how awful about the poor woman who was hit by a branch in Kxw Gdns on Sunday and died on the spot.

In 6% of cases awful on is used

Nixon looked positively awful on screen.

The effects are certainly awful on AKOM.

I have also found ATOS awful on this issue.

She has come down with a nasty sounding sickness bug and she sounded awful on the phone.

It's funny how so often we can look fabulous on the outside and feel so awful on the inside.

Traffic congestion is awful on the daily dash to and from the Virginia and Maryland suburbs.

This movie was awful on its own merits quite independent of any spiritual message it may have been trying to deliver.

Would it surprise me if it then went to Iowa and Illinois, who look awful on offense, and gave up 40 points to each? No.

Yak has also been awful on the pp, that 5-3 was so bad, everyone including my grama new the shot was coming from Yakupov.

Houston is awful on the road, we're unbeaten in 17 at RFK, and we'll be getting some people back with a full week's rest.

In 3% of cases awful with is used

And anyway, I'd bloody awful with technology.

You felt awful with all that sugar coming out.

Without it, your feet would slap something awful with every step.

He was online and he is awful with computers and unfortunately he got caught in his lie.

They are ALL awful with 1 or 2 exceptions, as I have been posting now for some seven years.

I understand that we should give new people chance but honestly this episode was awful with the new gopi.

I never considered that I might be validating harassers who might be making gay/bi men feel awful with their behavior.

I wasn't contemplating Apple until I had a play with Windows 8 last week, and it's truly awful with a mouse or trackpad.

I have a jumper dress that I will only wear my biker boots with, it would look awful with my normal knee high leather boots.

The first week or more was awful with flooding everywhere, no power, no water, stores closed, no gas, no mass transit, chaos.

In 3% of cases awful of is used

You've had the awful of all this.

I guess that means an awful of us agree with his view.

A awful of 145 diferentes were worried with entocort ec 6 mg.

In fact, he did it without telling me and I didn't even notice, isn't that awful of me.

The Family Law Act is one of the most awful of all in that is caused untold social problems.

You've already deteriorated into the most awful of the awful puns, the ones that don't even work.

Could it have been the ' extra training '? and what that may envolve? This may sound awful of me, but I am thinking of my brother.

Last decade though, being i have been in Europe instead of Marin County, those ' beliefs ' were dismantled in the most awful of ways.

This is Spurs ' last chance for silverware and although their league form has been awful of late I think they will be too good at home.

Don't forget that the overseas stuff we see, mostly US, is the very best they have to offer, there is an awful of lot of ***** made as well.

In 2% of cases awful like is used

It's gone awful like London here now, he says.

From afar, it looked an awful like trial by media.

Very interestingly, my edit count profile looks an awful like Aaron's.

I have never heard of a complex before but I guess that it is something awful like pimples.

Play someone God awful like Sheffield Wednesday and fine, you'll get through, they have zero quality.

And as I've written elsewhere in this thread, Romney may not be very good--but he isn't awful like Obama is.

When the last one got out of high school and none of them were on drugs or anything awful like that, that was pretty much it.

Thirty percent off zero is better than thirty percent off more clothes that sometimes look an awful like ones you already have.

Back then when I started reading it, I got a few sentences in and thought it sounded awful like it was written by Trixie or something.

It's WAY too early to say that for sure, of course, but I hope I'd right and I hope he doesn't tear his knee up or something awful like that.

In 2% of cases awful by is used

I don't think he's awful by any means.

He looks awful by Hollywood standards.

It might be perceived awful by the others.

It wasn't awful by any means, but I can't give it.

You can't just erase something politically awful by saying you misspoke.

It wasn't awful by any means, but it wasn't engaging and I can't remember a word of it now.

The graphics are awful by today's standards, but it's still the best for *interaction* action.

He has made a few errors this season so far yet his performance for almost the whole game against Madrid was awful by his standards.

The purpose of this work of non-fiction is to tell the accounts from when Sybil is treated awful by her parents to the very last time with Dr.

The whole experience was dreadful; how could it not be? But, undoubtedly, it was made more awful by virtue of the fact I had to travel to London.

In 2% of cases awful from is used

Pretty awful from my experiences.

This book is awful from start to finish.

It's been awful from the start of the year.

Or if you've ever been boogered up something awful from having been run over by a combine.

It was too much for Green, who ranted: ' this has been absolutely awful from start to finish.

The sending off cost us the 3 points but let's face it we were awful from start to finish today.

Also, how on earth could anyone mix up a Welsh Accent with a Scottish one? This joke is awful from whatever angle you look at it.

We argue over the great and the awful from Peugeot, Ford, Mahindra, FSO, Alfa Romeo, Rolls Royce, Porsche, Citroen, Peugeot, Saab.

By adhering to this new take on the five second rule, I'll be better equipped to delineate the awful from the not really so terrible.

The top ten would of been awful from a reading perspective if it consisted of just three or four artists, which would have been perfectly plausible.

In 1% of cases awful during is used

Equally, he didn't play well and was another Dutch player who was pretty awful during the tournament.

John Aldridge has come out and said how he thought Lucas was awful during his first season but now the ex-Liverpool striker has proved him wrong.

He was awful during the preseason and I would rather have one (or 3) of the young players get cycled out of his spot to get them some playing time.

It's only when you have to ask whether farts have nuts, that you know you've joined the backpackers ' fraternity! Dehydration is the reason you feel awful during a bout of diarrhoea.

In 1% of cases awful beyond is used

No! Just no! Awful beyond awful.

This is awful, awful beyond words.

Thinking about her suffering was awful beyond words.

The last three FIFA World Cups have been awful beyond words.

From Afghanistan, when the Taliban ruled, the reports were awful beyond belief.

Saying hello and knowing that I was about to ruin their day was awful beyond words.

The kill rates just depress the hell out of me - it's awful beyond words and so I well understand why you wanted to get her back again.

It has been awful beyond words to see our congress accomplish nothing and our congressmen and women work for political gain at the people's expense.

Nightlife: Cheesey eighties lack of metal and indy and don't mention the Lemon Grove (aka The Lemmy) it's a school disco, awful beyond comparison, Go there very drunk.

In 1% of cases awful because is used

I credit Preston for stopping us from playing our natural game and we looked awful because of this.

They sometimes sound brilliant on the radio, and sometimes awful because of all the radio compression that also gets added.

Within an hour of each other the two trolls declared both that things are miraculously cured because of Obama while simultaneously being awful because of Bush.

I can see myself not getting worried about him going home drunk or smelling awful because of nicotine from the cigarettes if ever we end up spending our lives together being married.

It's violent and brutal, and the violence is all the more awful because of the restraint the author shows in his descriptions, and the deadpan way the characters come to terms with it.

In 1% of cases awful as is used

They remained pretty awful as the Colorado Rockies.

However, Thomas does a great job with it, scary as hell, and plainly awful as a person.

Why? They were so awful as a team last year that any minimum improvement will be highly noticed.

To this, the Qur'an refers when saying: ' Ye are more awful as a fear in their bosoms than Allah.

Alex Cragg Yeah, I had the chicken in black bean sauce and that was equally awful as what you describe.

Nice to see someone above point out that Liverpool weren't unrelentingly awful as the papers would have you believe.

This is our second experience, and it felt just as violating, **28;1577;TOOLONG, slap-in-the-face awful as the first time.

Love storm was awful as well as Sweet Relationship -- (*robot voice* need to erase it from my head, delete, delete delete).

Still young, wouldn't give up on him Dave: 17 Was just plain awful as a CB before he got moved to playing DM under Mariner.

I can dial out on that but it just uses the laptop's mic and speaker so the quality is awful as well as terrible echo for the other person.

In 1% of cases awful against is used

It was not that he was awful against West Brom.

Eng have been awful against spin - no one'sdenying that.

I wouldn't read too much into that, Van Wyk is awful against the short ball.

It looked most awful against the two worst teams it has played in UAB and Purdue (and IU defensively).

With that said, Torres was awful against Shakhtar in the Champions League as Chelsea lost 2-1 in Ukraine.

Within minutes of going off against Dublin 2 goals were conceded and the defense was awful against Laois when he was out.

Remember, this team also looked downright awful against Notre Dame last season and rebounded quite nicely to reach the Big 10 championship game.

Though that playacting was kinda annoying, I have to say he learned quite well from me! Hahaha! On the other hand, Aaron was awful against Chelsea.

I for one don't know how a player who was very awful against a German 2 nd division side one week can be so good against the best a few weeks later.

In 1% of cases awful after is used

His temper was awful after a few drinks.

I felt awful after each failure, but moved on.

These people often feel awful after the fact, issuing multiple apologies.

I remember thinking holidays would be awful after Dad died, yet amazing they were sad, but okay.

Or maybe a factory or similar, but that would probably mean working every weekend which would be awful after a few months.

I think, and i too could be wrong here, his second half performance may have overshadowed his first half, because he was pretty awful after the break.

Charlie Adam's form was awful after the injury to Lucas highlighted his flaws, whilst Jordan Henderson and Jonjo Shelvey may be too inexperienced to play this role all season.

Some are very surface and I would never dream of being honest with them, and some are just so negative about everything that I find myself feeling awful after spending time with them.

He noted that too often, a sound engineer will make a gig sound awful after a tense phone conversation with the wife, or a secret session of imbibing unknown substances before the gig.

Sometimes it can be best if it all actually does happen - one can be left saying so was it so awful after all? was it worth the dread and worry? Anticipatory dread can be all consuming.

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