Prepositions after "awesome"

"awesome in" or "awesome for"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 23% of cases awesome in is used

It is awesome in its own right.

She is awesome in awesome ways.

Loud shows are awesome in there.

If he was n't, I could make him cry and become awesome in the eyes of the other kids.

If it is a Nokia Lumia 920, it has to be yellow! Is just looks awesome in that color.

The Gor-tex were awesome in the wet wintery woods, just don't get water down in there.

I love West, the lefties that have shown up at his town halls have been schooled, he's awesome in front of a crowd.

I'd hardly lazy and I'd trying desperately to be employed; not being homeless would be rather awesome in my opinion.

The rivalry between iPhone 5 and Samsung galaxy S3 seems awesome in the sense that only one will emerge victorious,.

SOBER PottyZA: I respect OAP (for being awesome) and CMR (for being awesome in a different, less alcohol-infused way).

In 22% of cases awesome for is used

TV used to be awesome for kids.

He becomes awesome for a while.

Why? Well it is awesome for one.

Now, I can feel full blown laughter coming out!!! 2012 has been awesome for our JYJ.

In fact, ShoutMix is going to be really awesome for our current and future customers.

It targets most girls problem areas but I think it's pretty awesome for you guys too.

The Add Look Seating by Mauro Lipparini will be awesome for your living room for those who spend a lot of time in.

The battery life is awesome for a smartphone and it does pretty much everything you'd want a phone like this to do.

It might take a few hundred years, but it would be awesome for future generations to have confirmation of the model.

Posted in historic districts using local events &8211; would be awesome for residents and tourists! This is amazing.

In 11% of cases awesome at is used

I'd f****** awesome at being me.

Awesome at so many points in time.

They're just so awesome at digging.

Know that in the professional world, this doesn't apply and I am awesome at speaking).

Hamish has been really awesome at taking both kids and letting me nap during the days.

My dad is awesome at building things though (I guess I never got that part of his DNA).

But it turned out that this chap -- in his thirties - was absolutely awesome at guided imagery -- his saving grace.

The key is to let your customers remember that they are in the mode for something awesome at the end of the workshop.

I know some people are awesome at this but I am not one of them for a variety of reasons (ADD, learning disabilities).

You should consider starting your own brand or small side-business someday -- you'd be awesome at it! I'd totally buy.

In 7% of cases awesome on is used

Works awesome on graphics cards.

I think they look awesome on you.

They look so awesome on wmns feed.

Guys like pretty girls, but guys love pretty girls who are awesome on the inside too.

Even now we are doing the background score for the film and it is looking awesome on screen.

CBS sucks, and I hope they let you out of your contract so you can be awesome on a new show.

First, let me say I think you are awesome on Bill Maher, I love articles from Rolling Stone that I've read from you.

Lisa I have exactly the same wireless as u and mine is awesome on it, I think u may have to look at that one further.

That looks awesome on a big poster, but doesn't translate as well to T-shirts, other fabric items or very small things.

Awesome on focusing on it as a detective series, and glad to hear you are having fun writing, as I am having fun reading.

In 7% of cases awesome with is used

I always felt so awesome with it.

Google looks awesome with it's O3D demo.

The BFG was awesome with Bossielny today.

It is important to remember that bright eye makeup looks awesome with flawless skin.

Yes, the view is awesome with unspoiled views over bunker bay, but the food was poor.

She enjoys this purse and it appears pretty awesome with each informal and wonderful.

This seasons summer range is bright and funky, and as you can see looks awesome with your favourite band t-shirt.

They were awesome with the kids, and they made them laugh! After lunch, most of the kids were ready to head home.

My helper is awesome with my kids, great at cleaning and running the house, okay at cooking and a wonderful person.

Here is a little Pic for the Sli board i use Really looking awesome with the SLi behind that Plexi!! Fantastic Job.

In 5% of cases awesome about is used

Awesome about the giant paycheck.

That was what was so awesome about it.

What's awesome about Melbourne though.

Now it's more about how the author is feeling awesome about himself playing a game.

The other thing that is always awesome about the Fall season is the playoffs for MLB.

Which for the most part, he's awesome about providing, but there are still those days.

And having that admiration from peers can be a powerful tool to feeling like there is something awesome about you.

Feel awesome about our journey I'd donating a portion of the proceeds raised to Cystic Fibrosis Research Incorporated.

When we get new players, the club is really awesome about making them feel welcome and encouraging them to keep trying.

Re: What I love and think is awesome about the new chaos dex! I'd not much of a fan of 1K Sons this time around either.

In 5% of cases awesome to is used

It sounds pretty awesome to me.

Mig home page is awesome to me.

Azan is so awesome to the muslims.

The badges are great, it's awesome to showcase all the community involvement you have.

It goes from awesome to awkward in the speed of hitting the refresh button on Twitter.

But guess what, I have loved every single one! They all are so awesome to this moment.

Its a lot of the little things that make the *whole* experience awesome to *MY* liking, not Steve Jobs or Apple's liking.

Watching Hesjedal fight against the odds and everyone in the mountains to set himself up for the last TT was awesome to me.

It's awesome to me that lots of people are asking this question but it's really hard to answer with a simple, short response.

I think it's important to remember that ' awesome stuff ' is subjective -- what seems awesome to some is simply the norm to others.

In 3% of cases awesome as is used

He was awesome as a military officer.

He'd be awesome as a more experienced Jedi.

The beverage is equally awesome as the dcor.

You are going to stay awesome as well as dry irrespective of where you might be riding.

And while it was awesome as an experience, there are a couple of things I'd do differently.

There's always a few bad ones, but you're awesome as a beauty blogger and that's what counts.

This is effortless hence to produce the girl seem awesome as well as the outfit can simply suit the girl price range.

Strauss and Nolte are awesome as the brothers with the fine support of Susan Blakely as the love interest in the story.

Goldie was awesome as a wing (better than CJ ), but he never really had an great games at 15 even setting aside that game.

It's awesome as a modern arena, as it comes across as half a place where you'd go see sporting events and concerts, half mall.

In 3% of cases awesome of is used

That's awesome of you to comment.

The level of Awesome of grungereport.

So awesome of you on your 18 mile run.

I don't buy gold from them but I think the idea is awesome of selling gold from various MMO's.

The awesome of these deities is the god Skandha or Katharagama whose shrine is in the deep south.

Each of you and your site participation is what helps BeefJack be as awesome of a community as it is.

In startups relaxing co-administered overlying cyp2d6 inhibitors, the awesome of caretaker should aluminosilicate halved.

Anyway, I think it's awesome of you to write this, and I thank you for bringing the idea of video games as art into the forefront.

Sorry about that and thank you so much for taking the time to answer every post, that is really awesome of you! Hi, Walter: No problem.

Even the multiplayer, so often the tacked on token gesture of the genre, contained all of the building-smashing awesome of the single player.

In 2% of cases awesome by is used

Your conclusion was awesome by the way.

The film is pretty awesome by my estimate.

Life's pretty awesome by then (in my opinion anyways).

Wyn was freaking awesome by the end when he decided to take things into his own hands.

JooberJCW The only joke, is that its due for the new model which looks awesome by the way.

Additionally, they look awesome by way of slim denim jeans plus tights that we always convey.

Both were curbstomp battles made particularly awesome by the fact that he was undercover, wearing his Dark Wolf attire.

Now go and be even more awesome by refusing to wear an ' addicted for life ' label and refusing to be labeled ' diseased '.

It will be praised as awesome by the Very Serious People, until we get near the date at which point we can all panic again.

Other than the minor additions like the yellow headlights and full red tails, which look awesome by the way, the car is perfect.

In 2% of cases awesome from is used

Everest is awesome from this place.

Finally, some words of awesome from his mouth.

Over all, this drama was awesome from start to finish.

This album is awesome from his stong vocals to his brilliant song writing abilities.

One of the two stops in Mexico was to check out some Mayan ruins, which looked awesome from the photos.

Most Shared Posts Something Awesome from Thingiverse The Hanger Chain My daughter has a problem with dresses.

Looks awesome from 20 feet, but upon closer inspection you can see some flaws: Chips in the paint here and there.

Until then -- be awesome! Karen Karen, your Dad &; I knew you where AWESOME from the moment you arrived in this world.

The only advice I can offer is that you and your partner should each think the other is awesome from the very beginning.

Oh, so, your Mercury's brother? Awesome From what I have seen in the comments in ragezone, they said that your works are awesome.

In 2% of cases awesome like is used

Hahaha! Cause were awesome like that.

Because I am super awesome like that.

I wish all my tattoos were awesome like this.

God is pretty awesome like that, isn't He?! I think Mr.

Also some of the diesel AT boxes are awesome like the Laura.

We don't copy, other people copy US cuz we are awesome like that.

It will either be awesome like Sweeny Todd or not so good like Mamma Mia.

I am still not convince he was awesome like you and a few more think he was.

In the meantime, we'll have to settle for something awesome like visiting Stonehenge.

Speaking of sanity, on some days, the Campfire room is just a world of gifs, we're awesome like that.

In 1% of cases awesome after is used

It is pretty awesome after all.

I felt awesome after the workout.

Were you awesome after your first six months? Nope.

New heroes, fresh whispers of a return to awesome after so many years on the outside looking in.

Guess you could say betrayals may be divine setups for something awesome after the extreme pain.

So leave it la XD Sesame eagle #2 The sky and weather became so awesome after eagle feeding! Cloudy and breezy.

Three nights--no bed bugs!! There wa s plenty of hot water which was awesome after being out in the freezing weather.

With Christmas slowly passing by there will be some awesome after Christmas deals to be had on refurbished laptops and desktops.

Mine is pretty awesome after a cleaning/organising fit at Christmas time but I am still trying to find the perfect solution for my 30-40.

Yes, they've also had good luck: Jeter's weird resurgence, Kuroda being awesome after switching to the harder league at 37, Eric Chavez?!?!?

In 1% of cases awesome during is used

Slurpies are awesome during the summer.

It looks pretty awesome during live performances too.

The noise from the Princeton crowd was awesome during the game.

This time there was no Del Piero, and Marchetti was awesome during the whole match.

Of course, these locations are quite awesome during the warmer months, as well, but I.

It used to taste awesome during those Summer school breaks back home in Kerala, when I was little.

I have a few industry friends in the UK that were awesome during this period -- very supportive and keen for a hang out.

I just want to add to the pile-on -- thank you so, so much for this post, and for generally being awesome during all of this.

Shavlik Randolph (Washington) -- Teaming up with Akognon for Dongguan this past season, Randolph was awesome during his time in China.

Canines will drill down to produce a shelter if left outside the house to be awesome during the summer time as well as to heat up in the winter months.

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