Prepositions after "away"

away with, in or of?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 96% of cases away with is used

She's cute so she can get away with it.

And Romney would do away with the Dept.

Let us also do away with the 13A as well.

By killing Jaromil grotesquely, Kundera does away with the fallacies of his own youth.

To do away with the error you must specify ' out ' while calling the function as well.

But right after a complete do away with them there's a further difficulty - the scars.

If we do away with the mandatory death penalty, it should not be just based on human rights or humanitarian reasons.

The church teaches that Jesus came to do away with temple service, the Torah (Law ), and alter the customs of Moses.

The registrars should do away with the transfer and just do pushes because its less confusion for everyone involved.

At one point, he tried to do away with the Indian Act, but was turned back by native leaders who feared assimilation.

In 1% of cases away in is used

The sand was cleared away in the 1880s.

Then no section is large enough if your plants whither away in the summer sun.

Its away in the attic now until its needed but at least thats a big thing done.

They hide away in their anxiety castle imagining the terrors outside, whether they are there or not.

He was last away in his trial but came with a blistering finish to get second place to Va Pensiero and will appreciate the bigger Randwick circuit.

A lot of Nigerian women out there have joined the league of ladies who have thrown their ' husbands ' away in the guise of Christian beliefs and dignity.

Indeed, some who claim to be following those pious individuals are actually the furthest away in their behaviour from the pattern and example that those pious souls set.

Giza Plateau 3 As compared to his father Khufu's pyramid (farthest away in this image ), Khafre's pyramid has a slightly sharper angle of slope -- 53 10 ' to Khufu's 51 50 '.

I mean it's funny when you go to most homes in Ghana and the man just lounge in the sofa whiles the woman ' slaves ' away in the kitchen and the man will just flatly not move his bulging muscles.

In 1% of cases away of is used

We have to find a away of knocking that down,? she stated.

We have to find a away of knocking that down, ' she stated.

The situation is that bad, preparing the young to see cheating as a away of life.

I mean why isn't Piazon given chances -i have seen him play often and he has a away of sparking an attack.

I would like to be able to do more, but for the lack of knowledge I am ' maintaining my hands ' away of others.

The younger generaion has been brought up without ehics and values and may have seen corruption as a away of life.

The flat fee is lower in January, June, and July (3 J 's) as of now but there is plan to do away of this offer come ' 12.

You need to find a away of working in the early years, get an income then be prepared to work out of hours on your passion.

Atlast the pious alim showed the away of Saleheens and said go and do Ebadaah in the company of pious people who leave in a particular place.

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