Prepositions after "awash"

"awash with" or "awash in"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 68% of cases awash with is used

The Internet is awash with sex.

The floor was awash with blood.

The Gulf is awash with capital.

No doubt your mind is already awash with the advantages of being at home as you work.

And the HR and Management press is awash with articles about ' employee engagement '.

Since tens of thousands of bags were involved, various persons were awash with money.

Awash with clich and stock characters, turn-of-the-century London seemed ripe territory for Weldon's subversive pen.

Indeed, countries like Angola are awash with oil funds, which some Western countries seek to attract in investments.

Our problem is not that we are short of information about the phenomenon: on the contrary, we are awash with numbers.

Awash with hormones, emotions wildly fluctuating, and under pressure from all sides, it can be tough being a teenager.

In 30% of cases awash in is used

America is awash in spirituality.

The log was just awash in the lake.

When credit was awash in this country.

This is a policy that would lead to a country being awash in lies, just as NZ is today.

The entire estate was awash in the molten honey-gold rays of an end-of-the-monsoon-sun.

In addition to email, voicemail and meetings, we're now awash in social networking data.

Oil and gas, the economic powerhouse of the province and awash in profits must be a model of laissez-faire integrity.

The sense of being awash in images from elsewhere that is so familiar to Canadians is common in most small countries.

Russia reveals shiny state secret: It's awash in diamonds The Russians have been hiding the biggest stash of diamonds.

The papers are awash in the past day or so with the merits vis-a-vis the new iPhone 5 and the latest Samsung creations.

In 1% of cases awash on is used

And, that's why the colors burnt orange and white are awash on screen.

Rebulge LV is awash on a bargain amount, which completes about absurd even though atonearing with the amount on the accurate.

I'd pretty sure a police car was stolen, broken bottles were awash on the floors, punk rock throttled the speakers and the Death family unleashed the killer DVD, ' Better Than Life '.

Privacy my foot, pictures of a nude Prince Harry of England was awash on the internet just last week, so what privacy are we talking about for a Jezebel of a married woman banker who is so possessed.

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