Prepositions after "authentic"

"authentic in" or "authentic to"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 25% of cases authentic in is used

Be authentic in your marketing.

I was fully authentic in that moment.

Am I actually less authentic in person? No.

When we are not authentic in our interaction, life becomes so dull, dry and boring.

Every culture was authentic in its own terms, each adapted to its local environment.

That's very important to me, and that everyone feels real and authentic in that place.

None of which I'd posting today -- I wanted to keep this experience authentic in its representation of the event.

Instead of an Italian restaurant authentic in flavours, they agreed to focus on one legitimate in spirit, instead.

Because of the shoe's nice design, it really might be a good idea to pick up the Authentic in multiple color ways.

Many people produce this closeness concerning vogue in addition to you far more authentic in addition to touchable.

In 22% of cases authentic to is used

This doesn't feel authentic to me.

These are authentic to a ' T ' folks.

Authentic to yourself, and your dreams.

There's also a terrific, carefully-chosen soundtrack that's authentic to the novel.

You need great content that is authentic to the brand or authentic to the audience.

But, when I saw it later, I felt it made this photo even more authentic to the moment.

Being Faithful - To be faithful, true and authentic to people is a quality that is very endearing and irresistible.

Perhaps one day it might be allowed in costume classes where one strives to be authentic to the Nez Perce tradition.

I also learnt that being emotionally genuine or authentic to those who close to you can be an absolute game changer.

When you reject one idea of Jesus to suggest another one that seems more authentic to you, some people take it personally.

In 8% of cases authentic with is used

You need to be authentic with your approach.

He was always authentic with me and with others.

The food is authentic with an extensive vegetarian menu.

SR: I think they are an exception in that they are very authentic with what they do.

Be Yourself The most rewarding conversations are genuine and authentic with real people.

We can pray for each other, be authentic with each other, and carry each other's burdens.

It was during that time he found his sound and came to realize the importance of being authentic with his music.

When one is authentic with their art and can take genuine pride in what they do, that for me is creative success.

It is wonderfully authentic with French breads, pastries and a fully French menu that includes crepes and even snails.

It's quite possible that this Hadith may be from a collection which has not been deemed as authentic with any certainty.

In 8% of cases authentic by is used

I suspect that I am being authentic by being wise? Not sure.

The video clip had not been certified as authentic by an independent expert.

The following tradition is regarded as authentic by the Sunnis as well as the Shias.

Verified to be authentic by al-Albani (Sahih ut Targhib wat-Tarhib) Surah Ghafir 39.

The way the ears were pressed to the ground was declared as authentic by researchers.

Proving the Shroud authentic by proving the Bible wrong would be a backward step for the Church.

This all seem to be bogus sites which were made to appear more authentic by resembling the IRD page.

It felt authentic by virtue of the historical references which stimulated a desire to find out more about the royals.

Certainly there are photos that are claimed to be authentic by people that claim to be scientists, but the scientific community accepts none of them.

These works were allegedly produced by these people within first few centuries of Islam and they are widely accepted authentic by main stream Muslims.

In 8% of cases authentic for is used

By the Authentic For Men Minnesota Wild Jerseys desire to destroy.

Then you do need your character to be authentic for that nationality.

Authentic For Men 2012 Nike Jerseys #99 Aldon Smith red Color Jersey This entry was posted.

Luke and 1 Chronicles differ a bit, but they are authentic for the few generations before Jesus.

This isn so bad, of course, but it is when the buyer paid the price of an authentic for a replica.

A few dishes may be a touch too authentic for some (what, don't you like pork intestines and blood?).

Your dialogue is appropriate and authentic for your characters and your imagery is vivid and fascinating.

It is this kind of hands-on presentation that makes learning so meaningful and authentic for the students.

And they feel authentic for what they are, as opposed to some very high-fantasy, super-magical structures.

The acting seemed more authentic for these people not being professionals - made them seem completely natural.

In 5% of cases authentic about is used

I have always be authentic about who I am and what little I know.

I agree that we should be able to be authentic about our feelings.

The actionable access to authenticity is being authentic about your inauthenticities.

Whatever the intention, if you're authentic about being yourself, amazing things happen.

I know I never wanted to write or produce songs that I didn't really feel authentic about.

And I didn't really like trying to present myself in a way I didn't feel authentic about, or lying about my age.

But I don't think, from what I've read, that it depicts much that's authentic about the camino other than the landscape.

She also stressed the need for companies to be completely authentic about their decisionmaking and any path that it takes.

As with many things I cook there is nothing authentic about it, but I guarantee you can make it quickly and it'll taste great.

In 4% of cases authentic of is used

Probably the most authentic of Central American locations.

But that has been authentic of pre-Civil Fights days with,.

His account are probably the best and most authentic of their day.

You can't outsource it (well, you can, but that wouldn't be very authentic of you.

The Shrine is the oldest and most authentic of the Confucian royal shrines to have been preserved.

None of them can attain paradise this way, if they believe in the this authentic of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh ): Abdullah b.

Private, exclusive mobile camping in its purest form is widely recognised as providing the most authentic of Safari experiences.

Moreover, the Gospel of Mark, the most primitive and authentic of the four, gives not the slightest suggestion of the virgin birth.

Inspite of these differences, the Vedas are considered to be the most authentic of the Hindu Scriptures and the real foundations of the Hindu Dharma.

Sadly, the Arabization of Islam for non-Arabs has basically led us all to feel like the more Arabic words we use, the more authentic of a Muslim we are.

In 3% of cases authentic from is used

Finally I get the authentic from you.

I buy it in a little barrel-shaped jar that says it's authentic from Germany.

The entire experience -- or the majority of it -- feels authentic from a spectator's viewpoint.

If you are looking for something authentic from the area, there are Maasai bead ornaments and local batik.

The rest of an authentic from your have an affect on is the fact that former does not have a tote produced paper.

We sleep with, socialise amongst and affirm them and in doing so we remove the word authentic from our daily lives.

You can't expect anything authentic from these fakes in control of the government, its embassies and its armed forces.

He has been of enormous service to the Prophetic Hadith, taking great pains to check and sort out the authentic from the weak and fabricated narrations.

In 2% of cases authentic according is used

It is authentic according to al-Albani.

In 2% of cases authentic on is used

She's authentic on and off the screen.

If you think she is authentic on the video.

We are inviting travelers who seek the authentic on their journeys to visit Africa with us.

Learn how to symbolize what attacks you as unconventional or authentic on the planet the thing is.

Next time I'd going to try one which has more stages and will be I think, more authentic on taste.

The seem outcomes and 3D graphics can make the participant come to feel that he/she is in the authentic on line casino.

An authentic on the internet seller will often deal with your smartphone calls as well as will nicely respond to all your queries.

Ariel Shisha-Halevy, a Coptic expert at Hebrew University in Jerusalem, considers it likely to be authentic on the basis of language and grammar.

In 2% of cases authentic at is used

But the same benefits were not seen from being authentic at work.

But the same benefits were not observed in being authentic at work.

The key point here is to be authentic at all time, towards your forward momentum.

They sell a wide range of perfumes which they claim authentic at dirt cheap prices.

Whether the relationships you have are work or non-work related, you have to be authentic at all times.

The quality is just as good as the stuff on the markets and just as authentic at a fraction of the price.

First of all there might be some good intentions in it, but it is not authentic at all to those fellows invited from Africa.

Our records are scanty in some places, but the majority of aspects of the evening are certifiable as authentic at that time.

In 2% of cases authentic as is used

This will make you more authentic as a person and as a leader.

It can be the most powerful way to feel authentic as a person.

There is no-one to ever are aware of the distinction between the authentic as well as replica Hermes handbag.

The next helpful tips may show you around the basics of purchasing authentic as well as useful antique furnishings.

I find that SME's are willing to do this and they carry a huge tune of being authentic as the topic is their passion.

Whatever religion has been received through it is as certain and authentic as the Qur'an, as has already been explained earlier.

Most importantly, that you are 100% sure that you will get authentic as well as 100% comfort and quality along with every clothes you choose.

The following improves out associated with locating an authentic as well as genuine combine Christian Louboutin much higher at a very acceptable charge.

The wars between the Swedes and the Geats in the poem may well be authentic as the Geats seem to have ceased being an independent kingdom by the mid sixth century.

In 1% of cases authentic because is used

There's no new bits of production on this and it sounds more authentic because of it with some weird breaks and what sounds like errors but turn out to be a wonderful breaks.

Blogs feel authentic because of their consistent individuality: the thematic and stylistic regularities? as well as the idiosyncrasies, quirkiness, and foibles of the blogger.

In 1% of cases authentic rather is used

Leaders of the future will have to be authentic rather than clones of others.

In 1% of cases authentic through is used

You should walk and talk authentic through your whole life.

He first establishes that the plates are in fact NOT authentic through various testing methods.

And although it gets less authentic through the years it is still a great place to go and visit.

A Christian can be deceived by a false teacher and a false representation of God can be portrayed to us as authentic through a deceived believer.

I try to create one new account and authentic through mobile but when creating the application I still received above notice, if I continue, the account will be locked for 30 days.

In 1% of cases authentic within is used

The question has never been adequately settled, though the bones are now displayed as authentic within the cathedral.

In 1% of cases authentic without is used

I can be authentic without offending.

I can not truly be authentic without embracing both integral aspects of who I am.

Great advice but if you really want to keep it authentic without the stiffness of gel you need to use Brylcreem.

That the band manages to sound so authentic without falling into the trap of being a mere retro pastiche is what pushes them that extra bit further in my esteem.

Therefore, Government leadership can not remain authentic without corner-stone of legal framework of Devolution of Counties, Security, Land and Finance budgeting.

She's a stunningly imperfect creation in ways that are all too relatable, and her moments of vulnerability and angst are just as authentic without a hint of pandering.

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