Prepositions after "astounded"

"astounded by" or "astounded at"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 52% of cases astounded by is used

I am astounded by this article.

I was astounded by the ignorance.

We were astounded by what we found.

I'd amazed and astounded by the way this project just keeps growing and developing.

Tanya: Dan: 23 Jul 2011 2:13:44pm (( Bridesmaids) ) 0 I was astounded by this movie.

It was the best film of 2011 and I am astounded by both the direction and the acting.

I had arrived three hours before kick off, as suggested by my Ghanaian friends, and was astounded by what met me.

I walked around and was astounded by the degree of what I would call fine art adorning these final resting spots.

Sevilla is the 4 th largest city in Spain and still, weeks after arriving, I am astounded by its beauty and charm.

I'd more astounded by the fact that people vote in huge numbers for the delightful people who directed the killing.

In 40% of cases astounded at is used

I am astounded at what people eat.

I'd astounded at the range of talent.

I'd astounded at how incredibly basic it is.

I read the book and was astounded at the evidence here and how well it is presented.

We are astounded at the success we have been able to achieve in this very short time.

I have to admit, I was astounded at the amazing creature that emerged from its cocoon.

When I went out to have a look the following day, I was astounded at the amount of apples and pears on the trees.

In Sweden, for instance, there were times when I was astounded at the deferentiality of drivers towards cyclists.

I am astounded at your stoic determination to keep thinking and have your brilliant brain beat that body of yours.

I looked up both terms, and was astounded at the amount of information there is on both blogs and whistle blowers.

In 4% of cases astounded with is used

I was absolutely astounded with the sound quality.

And indeed, we are actually astounded with your awesome suggestions you give.

My eyes were full then plus my stomach was astounded with the delicious meal.

The bracelets really look great in person and my friends were astounded with the finish.

I have been a patient there now for 6 months and I can honestly say I am astounded with the results.

Astounded with Jocelyn's previous works on her blogs, Tatay Jobo offered to publish Jo's first book.

His teacher was astounded with his ability to decode new words, so much so that his school now uses A Step at a Time for all new students.

I remember reading an article about him and just being astounded with his achievements not only in plant breeding but also for the community.

I subscribe to a number of legal news services and am astounded with the egregious behavior demonstrated by executives in banking, finance, healthcare, you name it.

One should not be astounded with the level of ignorance that Tanzania has today and one should not be astonished with the rooting of preventable and curable diseases in the country.

In 1% of cases astounded about is used

I was astounded about the lack of apparent interest in non-biological treatment.

In 1% of cases astounded as is used

I am astounded as to why the trip was given the go-ahead.

One morning, I went downstairs and was astounded as the winter sun, low and rich on the horizon, illuminated the living room.

In 1% of cases astounded for is used

I am absolutely astounded for the company.

He looked at me astounded for a second and then he started to howl with laughter.

And indeed, I'd so always astounded for the sensational principles served by you.

Not to mention, we're certainly astounded for the mind-boggling points served by you.

In 1% of cases astounded in is used

I went to a Alzheimers support group only last week, I was astounded in all the info i received.

I approached one local isp to see what they could offer in the way of servers and was astounded in the deal they offered me.

These 3 bones breaking hymns strikes like thunder and leaves me astounded in awe, an initiation of a musical bloodshed right from the sounding of the first chord.

If they were by chance to meet someone from a different county they would be quite astounded in realizing every single stereotype was date and they would find a person similar to his or her self.

Since then I have journeyed through various communities in Africa offering creative opportunities to children and being delightfully astounded in the ways play demonstrates how much children know.

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