Prepositions after "astonished"

astonished at, by, with, about or as?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 79% of cases astonished at is used

He was astonished at this dream.

I was astonished at their effect.

I'd astonished at my own stupidity.

Nicole Scherzinger and Tulisa Contostavlos were astonished at the surprise result.

I am truly astonished at the irresponsibility and callousness of your publication.

He begins to teach in the synagogue, and everyone is astonished at his wisdom, and amazed at his deeds of power.

I'd astonished at the lack of reading comprehension among many of these commenters, but I suppose I shouldn't be.

We were actually astonished at the rate of progress and the work was duly completed within the timescales quoted.

Sita and other ministers who were sitting in the council hall were quite astonished at this queer act of Hanuman.

In 11% of cases astonished by is used

We are all astonished by nature.

I am astonished by this turn of events.

I was astonished by everything that I see.

Wow, I'd reading the comments here and I'd astonished by the archaic views of many of you.

I am really quite astonished by the focus and tone of much of the writing on international affairs.

And I have to say in my new role I have found myself quite astonished by what has been going on here.

Min Sang-Goon, Yeon-Sheng, Chan-Ee, and Shin-bi are astonished by how similar Jang-Guem was to So-Won as a child.

I was pretty astonished by how much I'd saved and I put the majority of it down to a little gadget called Wattson.

Since you are relatively young, I'd quite astonished by all that you've managed to accomplish so far in your life.

Okay got it now!; -) Fantastic article! SO funny, but I'd astonished by the nastiness of some of the comments left.

In 5% of cases astonished with is used

And they were astonished with great astonishment.

And they were astonished with a great astonishment.

I am once again astonished with our maknae's strength.

One viewer, Una Ronald watched the telecast and was astonished with what she saw.

And they were astonished with a great astonishment --The language here is the strongest.

I was really astonished with some moments, some were good but unfrtunately some were bad.

She left doctors astonished with her recovery, learning how to speak again and developing movement in her arms.

I am astonished with that person who believes in Rewards, Punishment of Hell and Paradise, yet he still commits sins.

You will be astonished with the beauty of the English themed rooms with the added luxurious elegance of the dining rooms.

I visited Peterhead Prison some years ago and was astonished with it's look, goodness knows only what it was like inside.

In 2% of cases astonished about is used

Am soo astonished about this article.

I am astonished about the number of errors in it.

Bernard is astonished about this and he runs off to Sir Humphrey to tell him.

And I was astonished about how well-informed he was and his commitment to AIDS.

I should be the one whom My Allah is proud of and all other creatures are astonished about.

Amongst the people I deal with in Labour, I'd frequently astonished about how many members are scientifically trained.

Many were really astonished about finding out about the immense degree of density and amnesia, and some even struggled a bit.

I'd European and I also astonished about the behavior of Asian fans, but I came to get used to it seeing those crowds of people following their beloved stars.

I enjoyed a great British chocolate stout and was astonished about the amount of Whiskey in my Jameson-Coke (in all fairness: there was a faint touch of coke in it!;) ).

On the other hand, I've been genuinely astonished about how many people have posted 8 USC 1401 and declared that it ends the debate - here ' s a perfect exemplar of the type.

In 1% of cases astonished as is used

Astonished as to the cure, I inquired.

She's both confused and astonished as Baek-ho asks for that letter -- the one that she wrote from middle school.

Reading them now I am more and more astonished as to what has been going on and the lack of action by the hierarchy.

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