Prepositions after "ascending"

ascending to, from, into, through or in?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 53% of cases ascending to is used

Rawlings before ascending to heaven.

DAY 6 Today is another half day ascending to Barafu camp.

To switch from ascending to descending sorting or vice versa, just click once more.

Day 04: Horombo Hut -- Kibo Hut Breakfast, further ascending to Kibo hut (15,000ft).

The steep scree path ascending to Gillman's Point (5 685 m) is also clearly visible.

There is even accommodation in the middle of the climb at Laban Rata (3,000 meters) before ascending to the peak.

A specific embodiment of beauty should be used for ascending to the contemplatiotrdf the abstract Idea of Beauty.

The sleek, silvery stairway ascending to the High Line at this southernmost terminus would befit the Milan Metro.

Even after ascending to the top of the firm, he kept his own trading account to make bets with the firm's capital.

In 9% of cases ascending from is used

And then? Smoke, incense ascending from the altar of the world.

Hydrocarbons ascending from depth may provide these requirements.

The player sits on the side with the pitches ascending from left to right.

But he himself believes in Man descending from Adam as opposed to ascending from apes.

Rev 7:2 Then I saw another angel ascending from the east, having the seal of the living God.

But the manner of the Soul? s Ascending from the Internal to the Eternal World, is very remarkable and wonderful.

It's as if a host of Lovecraftian creatures had been petrified in the act of ascending from the bowels of the Earth.

This week's Greatest Gainer goes to the Doctor Beenie Man with the hit single ' Gimmi Likkle ' ascending from #14 to #10.

A month later, they saw darkness ascending from the earth to the sky, accompanied by a roar and by thunder and heavy rain.

In 9% of cases ascending into is used

The capsule is ascending into the stratosphere.

And then off, like a rocket ascending into space.

It is revealed to me that I am the Virgin Mary ascending into heaven.

Apparently, he himself was involved in ascending into the Communist camp for a time.

Or at least, as it appears with Liverpool, prevent the club from ascending into a new era.

It is a pity that politics can stand in the way of youthful people ascending into high office.

Adults to whom it is offered enter clone hosting instead, thinking they will be ascending into heaven ultimately.

UMBC and its peers are a sort of new breed: young, fast-growing schools that are swiftly ascending into the top rank.

The virgin birth of Jesus is added in the 9th decade; the story of Jesus ascending into heaven is a 10th-decade narrative.

The whole night passed in this way, and after he prayed tahajjud he saw a strange sight; lights were ascending into the sky.

In 4% of cases ascending through is used

At exactly 12:00am on Day 6, Chansant began ascending through the heavy cloud towards Stella Point on the Crater rim.

From time to time the tohunga repeated karakia over them, to assist the soul in ascending through the different heavens.

DAY 5 Turn Eastwards and continue ascending through the dry landscape before dropping again to reach BARRANCO CAMP (13,000ft.

Day 2 As it will be a long day of trekking we make an early start ascending through the rain forest towards the moorland zone.

This street is particularly touristy, but turning off of it we start ascending through the twisted alleyways up to the rooftops.

From here, a 3 to 4 hour walk, gradually ascending through the forest to the camp which is just clear of the forest at 2,600 metres.

There are handrails, steps and bridges to assist in ascending through the wooded area which is home to several tree species, wild flowers and fungi.

Here we're using the 5th degree (E) as a pivot, ascending through various degrees of A minor scale but always returning to the E ' pedal-tone ' after each new note.

This part of the trail takes between six and seven hours, ascending through the forest and edging along a thin ridgeline with cliffs that drop away on either side of the trail.

In order to bring about the union of everything with God as its cause, the human person begins first of all with its own division, and then, ascending through the intermediate steps.

In 4% of cases ascending in is used

Ascending in pairs at five-minute intervals made collection easier.

That curve, ascending in a steepening upward trajectory, is what is loosely called hyperbolic.

Playing technique: The player sits on the side with the bars ascending in pitch from left to right.

Ruin those posting ascending in accordance with temporary, punchy sections on at most a number of fine lines.

Thin columns of smoke are creeping from the smoke holes of the lodges, and ascending in the still morning air.

There is a coming and going, descending and ascending in this samsara-chakra, or the revolving wheel of bondage.

The trunk is straight and tall with principal branches ascending in the upper crown and nearly horizontal in the lower crown.

It would be amazing have bird's eye view of the whole world and hear the shouts of joy ascending in an orchestra of voice boxes.

Ascendant in Taurus, Venus in the Sixth House At the time of your birth the zodiacal sign of Taurus was ascending in the horizon.

Voice of Conrad: Outside the moon has risen, black figures strolling listlessly, pouring water hissing in the glow, steam ascending in the moonlight.

In 2% of cases ascending on is used

Ascending on the Razdan pass led us through sparsely dense pine forests.

God of War Ascension is slowly ascending on my list, after the recent previews.

Camels ' saddlebacks were made into a stage, and ascending on this stage, the Holy Prophet (SAW) delivered a ' Khutba '.

Kasigazi, ' The Little Guy ', climbed slowly out of the leaves, ascending on thin branches toward a particular tangle of vines.

It was a weirder experience going down just because my ears had that popping feeling you get when you are ascending on an airplane.

Continue ascending on the East side of Kibo crossing the saddle between Mawenzi and Kibo taking 4-5 hours to reach Kibo hut for overnight 4700 Masl.

Day 4 Continue ascending on the east side of Kibo crossing the saddle between Mawenzi and Kibo taking 4 to 5 hours to reach Kibo Hut at 15000 ft / 4700 m.

With the winter rapidly ascending on the capital, Londoners and visitors alike may be thinking of activities to keep their families entertained through the long winter months.

Overnight 3rd Cave Camp Day 4: Continue ascending on the east side of Kibo crossing the saddle between Mawenzi and Kibo taking 4 to 5 hours to reach Kibo Hut at 15000ft/4700m.

In 2% of cases ascending with is used

The opposite of Ascending with both feet on the ground.

Upon ascending with the boat, I notice the detail in the water in particular looks great.

Similarly, Sagittarius ascending with Mars in it would render the collapse of any stronghold inevitable.

The relief of ascending with a wall in front to look at was tremendous, after the nerveracking, downward ridge of the last hour.

Ascending With One Friction Knot It's also possible to ascend the rope with only one friction knot, you might chose to use a bachman in this case.

Ascending With Two Friction Knots If you not lugging around a pair of ascenders, perhaps the next most common means is to employ two friction knots (pictured right ), for example, prusiks.

Ascending with both feet on the ground is the idea that our ascension to a more heightened consciousness can only be sustained if it is an embodied unfolding from the ground up (from Sole to Soul.

In 2% of cases ascending towards is used

How did it feel as we're ascending towards the sky with nothing but a harness on? I du n no.

As we were ascending towards the upland, we had a view of the entire park, the sea, and the surrounding area.

Ascending towards the surface is like opening that soda bottle - the gas comes out of solution and into our bodies.

We missed the afternoon train till Angren, which is the last town before you start ascending towards Fergana valley.

In other words it al-fajr as-sadiq, is known by the spreading of the light on the horizon after it had been ascending towards the sky.

This, a standard seven day route, often increased to eight days, is the farthest from Marangu, ascending towards Kibo from the extreme west.

Before this is al-fajr al-kazib: a light which appears vertically on the horizon, ascending towards the sky like a pillar, and it decreases and weakens till it disappears.

The pilots made wide spiraling tracks ascending towards the drop point above the airfield, and then made tighter squiggles as they sped down to pick up the next group of jumpers.

If the sphere is carefully examined it will be seen that a stream of water is gushing upwards from the fish's mouth and apparently ascending towards the figure of Aquarius on the ecliptic.

In 2% of cases ascending by is used

Climbers ascending by this route are required to descend to Mweka gate.

Ascending by James Alan Gardner has the Honest Camera, which was built by Sufficiently Advanced Aliens.

He sees climbers even now ascending by different routes, each one convinced that the small immediate scene is all the truth in the world.

It's What happens if Announced A restoring Are able to be speeded Ascending By simply Approaches retain flow, Considering that blood vessels includes oxygen.

In 1% of cases ascending of is used

With the ascending of the Speaker of the State House of Assembly Hon.

In Carnatic music, Aarohanam means the ascending of the swaras, and the movie is also structured the same way.

Sam loo, the Toyota crusader now finally betrayes his king and is rampent spreading rumors and shxx about Toyota, to pave way for the ascending of king gangnam.

In 1% of cases ascending as is used

Horombo Huts is a very lively place used both by Marangu climbers ascending as well as those descending from Kibo.

From all of which considerations it ought to be so disposed for ascending as a whole into God that it may love Him with all its mind, with all its heart, and with all its soul Mark, 12, 30.

In 1% of cases ascending out is used

What did you see? And the woman said to Saul, ' I saw a spirit ascending out of the earth.

What do you see? ' And the woman said to Saul, ' I saw a spirit (divine being) ascending out of the earth.

The public were ascending out of the underpass up the steps to be greeted by a rowdy flash mob of BMXers heckling them.

In 1% of cases ascending over is used

Their leader, Agha Hasan succeeded in ascending over the top of the ramparts with thirty of his men.

With uncertainty ascending over the Croatia camp, victory over the Irish on Sunday is imperative to restore belief amongst a squad who could do with a confidence boost.

In 1% of cases ascending for is used

After ascending for half an hour reached to open area with Mana.

In ordinary thinking, people often mistake ascending for descending octaves and vice versa.

He's been ascending for about thirty minutes, which puts the actual jump time at around 1:30 p.

In 1% of cases ascending before is used

If they are ready there is nothing to stop individual souls ascending before the 21st, December.

You can also adapt the exercise to your own physical ability by ascending before your legs reach the position where your thighs are parallel to the floor, thus making it easier to get back up.

In 1% of cases ascending up is used

In the pinecone pictured, eight spirals can be seen to be ascending up the cone in a clockwise direction.

On the following day, climbers continue ascending up to the Saddle, and onwards to make camp next to Kibo Hut, at 4,700 metres.

In 1% of cases ascending via is used

Description This is a 7 day Kilimanjaro hike starting at Machame gate and ascending via Stella Point.

Within minutes, a pair of intrepid mountaineers arrived - here they are ascending via the treacherous north face.

And as if that wasn't enough, climbers ascending via the Rongai route also descend via Marangu and will also spend a night at Horombo.

Ascending via Stella Point affords a relatively short final section to Uhuru peak, the Roof of Africa! What goes up must come down and your goal today is to reach Mweka camp.

In 1% of cases ascending at is used

He's ascending at 1,000ft a minute.

He's ascending at 1,000 feet per minute.

Have tea and biscuits and start ascending at 3.

Felix is ascending at an average rate of 1,000 ft per minute 17.

By the end of October, the line was west of Castle Mountain, ascending at 15 feet a mile.

For one, this is the first time that conscious beings and the planet are ascending at the same time.

Science has been exercised for hundreds of thousands of years, but has recently been ascending at an exponential rate.

Simply catching the tube and ascending at Waterloo, I have found myself accosted by dozens of gliding, sweating floating bodies all helping EDF to sell more electricity.

As we neared the end of the first session in the water I saw the opportunity of diving into this particular cave and shooting a ' framed ' shot of Linda ascending at the mouth of it.

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