Prepositions after "approved"

"approved for", "approved by" or "approved of"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 62% of cases approved for is used

E ' approved for use in adults.

Not getting preapproved for a mortgage.

My mother can not get approved for a loan.

A pre-approved mortgage is not a guarantee of being approved for the mortgage loan.

I would just like to know my chances of getting approved for a student visa in the U.

If you get pre-approved for a loan, you can bypass the finance department altogether.

Three were certified on KFC Silver Standard, and sixteen approved for both KFC Silver Standard alongside GLOBALG.

Good Luck that is good news my late husband who died in 1998 from multiple myeloma got approved for 100% disabled.

Many times, it may simply be a matter of reassessing what you can afford in order to get approved for a home loan.

To boost your chances of getting approved for PR, you may need to stay for at least 2 years before trying to apply.

In 15% of cases approved of is used

The ever-supportive Curt approved of my plan.

Almost all of the students polled approved of the idea.

Her tidy bob hairstyle gave off a alluring feel many approved of.

Thankfully J approved of it so we went out to get it as my birthday gift for myself.

The French National Assembly and subsequently Louis XVI approved of Talleyrand ' s proposal.

Women and men almost equally approved of the strike - 55 percent of women and 56 percent of men.

Approved of by the public, it was their party rooms that cut them down -- and well before the point of full flower.

Some approved of what they saw as the Department's attempt to bring State and local codes into alignment with the ADA.

An opinion poll published in September 2006 showed that while 61 per cent of Iraqis surveyed approved of attacks against U.

A very strong 63 percent of African-Americans polled approved of the strike, while 65 percent of Latinos expressed approval.

In 14% of cases approved by is used

The curriculum is approved by the experts of the WHO.

Candidates who hold other qualifications approved by Senate.

It said further that it was ' Approved by the Board of Issues '.

I-1185, which reimposes an existing law, was overwhelming approved by voters Tuesday.

For aggrieved workers who cited a new medical approved by the Human Resource Manager, Mr.

But this particular issue is lacking even any confirmation of it being ' approved by ' or ' ordered by ' L.

Manufacturing needs a big amount of investment initially and lots of paper also need to approved by our government.

Some may find it encouraging that it says in the signing area of this reference that it actually was ' Approved by L.

Newly updated ' protocols ' approved by the Queen place Kate firmly down the royal pecking order, it was reported yesterday.

The notice must be in writing in the approved BY JMB/MC The breach must be rectified within 21 days of the notice being served.

In 2% of cases approved on is used

Also debates had been pre- approved on what questions could be asked.

You will need to hunt for approved on line retailers to prevent buying fake or sub standard contact lens that will trigger eyes harm.

In 1% of cases approved as is used

Each piece is made with a good metal that is meals secure, lead-free, FDA canada goose down approved as well as little or no treatment.

The alternative really clever energy of betrayal is the far-ranging capability to promulgate with everyone, the approved as well as organic intensity for society, ' says Bruciati.

In 1% of cases approved before is used

Send To a friend Your Name Your Email Friend's Name Friend's Email Send To Friend Comments Comments on this site are pre approved before displaying and not all comments are approved.

In 1% of cases approved from is used

If you chose a card online you can get the same approved from the family members as well.

In 1% of cases approved in is used

This is the first drug eluting stent approved in the U.

Zilver PTX, the world's first and only drug-eluting stent for the superficial femoral artery (SFA ), is now approved in the U.

In 1% of cases approved with is used

The good news is that I got my leave for 23/11 approved with no questions asked.

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