Prepositions after "antagonistic"

"antagonistic to" or "antagonistic towards"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 60% of cases antagonistic to is used

One is not antagonistic to the other.

I'd not antagonistic to low carb at all.

They are not antagonistic to each other.

Obama was as disinterested in Main Street as he was antagonistic to Wall Street.

Innovators reflexively avoid those areas that the government is antagonistic to.

A friend, spiritual but very antagonistic to organized religion, accompanied me.

Acetic acid bacteria produced are strongly antagonistic to streptococci, diplococci, flexner and shigella rods.

Evidently, post-audit is inconsistent or in conflict with or antagonistic to the preventive scheme of COA audit.

So I countered with quotations which showed that he was not antagonistic to the belief in a Divine Intelligence.

The cult had its own mosques and preached a doctrine antagonistic to established Islamic and societal leadership.

In 23% of cases antagonistic towards is used

I was antagonistic towards such a task.

I do love that he's antagonistic towards her.

Two families that are antagonistic towards each other.

This had at times tended to get antagonistic towards north or south Indians.

Many of their governments tend to be antagonistic towards existing opt-out members.

I actually used to be quite antagonistic towards religion and Christianity especially.

As noted by the Der Freimthige correspondent, Beethoven and his audience were antagonistic towards each other.

In fact, it is deeply antagonistic towards claimants and people looking for work because of the blatant dishonesty.

One must also marry or have lovers from other soul groups, some of whom have been antagonistic towards our own soul group.

In 7% of cases antagonistic toward is used

We should stop being so antagonistic toward each other.

But (again) they don't tend to be antagonistic toward me directly.

That's Jamie Dimond sniveling about how Obama needs to stop being so antagonistic toward business.

They were antagonistic toward technology, but knew that the future wouldn't arrive without more of it.

Fluorine inhibits the activities of other important enzymes and appears to be especially antagonistic toward brain tissues.

Some people will become hostile, angry, and antagonistic toward God, and there are those who will seek the Lord as never before.

Both Young and Abernathy told the Committee that the purpose of the meeting was to determine why the FBI was antagonistic toward Dr.

Apathetic consumers The includes people who don't really care about the environment or are antagonistic toward green marketing efforts.

Zuko is the second of three characters to have joined a Team Avatar and to have a father who is antagonistic toward them and their allies.

Asami is the third character, after Zuko and Toph Beifong, to have joined a Team Avatar and to have a father who is antagonistic toward them and their allies.

In 3% of cases antagonistic in is used

You are often antagonistic in your own blogs.

The hand of God can not direct two movements so antagonistic in nature.

If the debate has been antagonistic in this nation of ours, it is because those who support Brussels refuse to be honest about ' ever closer union '.

R3 The arguments, then, are in some ways, antagonistic in their very purpose/nature - despite my preference/desire for being cooperative and inclusive.

It should be maintained as a sanctuary for the uninhibited exchange of views however diverse and antagonistic in an atmosphere of disciplined civility.

Waves of Manchu invasions were repulsed in the 18th century, and relations between the countries remained highly antagonistic in the wake of World War II.

In 2% of cases antagonistic about is used

There's nothing rebellious or antagonistic about this movement -- it's positive and purposeful.

Over time, most kids became more curious about me than they were antagonistic about my physical differences.

Educational blog posts like this one are probably helpful, especially since you aren't being overly antagonistic about it.

Varadkar has a point, but he is being naive, simple-minded and antagonistic about something he probably never has to deal with.

I think there's something fundamentally antagonistic about broccoli and tomato; nice chaps alone, but when they meet in my mouth there's always discord.

In 1% of cases antagonistic against is used

They are individualistic, selfish and even antagonistic against each other.

Look what happened in our country -- bitterness was overcome, and groups that were antagonistic against one another were overcome.

Add to that that most defenders of science are violently antagonistic against spiritual beliefs and you have a major polarization of society.

In 1% of cases antagonistic for is used

The Liberals have been ideologically antagonistic for decades and with Labor, well, even there ' the light on the hill was turned off some time ago '.

In 1% of cases antagonistic of is used

It reveals the potential, promise, and the hope we have that brighter days are ahead, even in the most antagonistic of environments.

Dr Krauss, you can, of course, be bitingly antagonistic of religion, but often with humor, and always with some sense of humility (or humanity?) that Dawkins lacks.

In 1% of cases antagonistic with is used

Avoid getting antagonistic with people.

Additionally, I know that I was rather antagonistic with Dave, that being said, it was kind of fun.

In a perfect world, capitalism and democracy should be both cooperative and antagonistic with respects to each other.

What the regime shares as an ideology and what the Iranian populace share are completely antagonistic with one another.

While many artists have become antagonistic with their fans, she can only see the benefits to artists from sharing their work.

Hey, Brad, how are they hanging this morning? I've decided not to be so antagonistic with you as I'd value much more of a discussion of this subject than a back and forth argument.

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