Prepositions after "annoying"

"annoying to" or "annoying for"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 25% of cases annoying to is used

It's really annoying to me, that.

It would probably be annoying too.

Grouchy at times and annoying to some.

Secondly, phone calls are a lot more annoying to the receiver and can jam the lines.

I don't use one because I find them annoying to type on and have a small laptop for.

This diversity can be annoying to those with preferences for one particular approach.

Give this story to the BBC because there disgraceful bias towards Manchester is very annoying to me as as Brummie.

Soraka is still mad annoying to lane against; Astal blessing could lose the heal completely and still be bazonkers.

Not to mention if you have a multiple monitor setup -- it is all in print screen -- and this is very annoying to me.

The book contains humorous comments and anecdotes, but these are just annoying to someone trying to learn in a hurry.

In 23% of cases annoying for is used

Which is annoying for a reader.

It used to be annoying for him.

This was all rather annoying for me.

The result won't just be annoying for you; it could also be dangerous for your dog.

I felt this would be kind of annoying for users used to getting back a single node.

So whilst the wet weather is annoying for us, at least it hasn't caused any damage.

In terms of a blog, keyboard warriors are most annoying for the author and second-most annoying for the regulars.

It can be annoying for people who get their own patterns wrong and regularly have awkward, odd angle pictures taken.

It's slow, which is possibly annoying for a DJ, but you can only speed up a voice so far before you lose the beauty.

In 10% of cases annoying at is used

Funny and annoying at the same time.

This delay might be annoying at times.

He's just plain annoying at this point.

But now, my hair oils up at the end of the day which can be quite annoying at times.

I find it annoying at times that meat labelled ' organic ' can be SO MUCH more expensive.

Except that they're Aussies, they're here, and a few of them get really annoying at times.

While this can be rather annoying at times, it also ensures that I'd not sitting in the same position for too long.

Why do i need to keep making concessions for the failure of TPTB, It's really more than just annoying at this point.

Or a Quite Annoying At Times But Also Quite Ultimately Accepting Of My Own Annoying Flaws And Actually Quite Lovely.

If you push her, it sounds like she pushes back which makes your situation more annoying at escalates the situation.

In 10% of cases annoying in is used

They also very annoying in the U.

I find it annoying in my homescreen.

But even those can get annoying in a mosh.

A really even game as well which is annoying in terms of being able to win the game.

The ads are still there, but I think they're less annoying in this particular format.

The top most habit that women find annoying in men is that they don't listen properly.

He's not speaking English to the person on the other end, but a phone call at this hour is annoying in any language.

Dawnslayer is annoying in a way tanks will never really appreciate, but Echo of Tyrande (which I've gotten in every.

Everyone in the world is pretty annoying in large doses and perhaps children can be even more demanding than adults.

The reason I included top 10 trends is because they are very annoying in the sense that they block up timeline feeds.

In 6% of cases annoying about is used

I find 1 thing very annoying about her.

That's what's so annoying about Muslims sometimes.

But on the other hand, she's not annoying about it.

If someone's God brings them comfort and they're not annoying about it, so be it.

The thing I find annoying about that level of paranoia is that it is so unrealistic.

You know what really is annoying about me? I think sometimes I really am emotionless.

Now I know him better, but have found some things very annoying about him, and am no longer so attracted to him.

What is annoying about the software on this device is that Motorola won't say when or if it's getting an upgrade.

What is most annoying about this point is that this is where we in the metals trade said the choke point was all along.

Don't be annoying about it, just let the customer know their feedback is being dealt with and what the final outcome is.

In 4% of cases annoying after is used

It gets annoying after a point.

It became annoying after a while.

This becomes annoying after a while.

If you fly a lot with AirNZ, like I do, they become a bit annoying after a while.

The entertainment was absolutely terrible and became very annoying after a few days.

Guys staff are slimy and weird, they are robotic polite which becomes annoying after a few hours.

Everybody says? Hello? to you on the street, especially the small children, which is nice, but gets annoying after a while.

It end up becoming really annoying after a while because people say it couple times a day and they end up killing the phrase.

Kye-sang's eyes felt dead to me, like he wasn't actually feeling any emotions, and Jin-hee's fantasies just got annoying after a while.

I remember a navigation app that I used on another phone that was meant to be funky, calling me dude etc, but ended up being annoying after a while.

In 4% of cases annoying with is used

I'd feeling annoying with this problem.

It's getting really annoying with this rivalry thing.

I was strangely annoying with her disappearance in episode 9 and 10.

SO is starting to become really annoying with all these nit-picking &; whiny people.

That one bit is what I find pretty annoying with BlackBerrys and it is still present here.

What I find most annoying with Leftists is when they state FEELINGS and cliches as FACTS, then make pronouncements.

Randy Moran Could you be any more annoying with the glib nicknames for everything with which you disagree? Grow up.

I doubt I will even watch your program anymore because you're so damn irritating and annoying with you speech patterns.

In 4% of cases annoying on is used

I mean, he's so annoying on it.

I would just find it annoying on a desktop or laptop.

Texts can become annoying on account of notifications.

Elements like uncomfortable furniture and fixtures can be annoying on a daily basis.

She's a really annoying person in real life but she's even more annoying on Facebook.

I was actually happy when it wore off quickly as it was cloying and annoying on my skin.

The phone now uses eye detection to make sure the screen does not dim when in use, something that can be annoying on other phones.

It can not be operated by only one hand and you may find it difficult everyday task like messaging and E-mailing annoying on this phone.

No disrespect James but I would rather not Osprey, or Mushroom for that matter as the small format is so annoying on so many different fronts.

He may get annoying on a subject or two over a four hour period but he nails the nuts and bolts (see what I did there?) of the game on the field.

In 3% of cases annoying as is used

This gets really annoying as the match goes on.

Annoying as that is, don't worry, we'll be back for it later.

This is extremely annoying as the button is difficult to reach.

And Oriane, I found your comment so patronising and annoying as the the show itself.

All the more annoying as the kit was in a hole obviously made for a real spare wheel.

As hateful and annoying as the man is, he at least knows his set-ups from his punch-lines.

It does get pretty annoying as a parent to read things about how annoyed people are with the mere presence of children.

Annoying as the centaur's observations were, they generally proved accurate and had saved her hide on more than one occasion.

When it comes to Rei, she was really annoying as a character, I didn't like the character development; it was really bothersome to watch.

And that's annoying as for as much as people say the Championship is a tough league, the fiercest ever, it shouldn't be for a club like Blues.

In 2% of cases annoying of is used

Most annoying of all, the writer's continued reference to ' the darling '.

And -- most annoying of all -- the opposition leaders are treating this like break time.

Very annoying of Weir not to check Vatican sources etc and therefor, in a sense, continue the rumour.

The most annoying of all these frauds and scams are the ones pull by the so-called employment agents.

The only disappointment came from the fact the official that went down wasn't the most annoying of the bunch.

But the one thing that well focus on is the bad breath cause that is more common and most annoying of them all: tonsil stones.

We had to haul it all out when we changed our minds and it left lots residue behind, not the least annoying of which is the plastic cloth.

Teena by Hina Butt Latest Kurtas Collection 2012 I too agree with you about pop ups, i have personally experienced that annoying of popups.

The most annoying of IRIS was the love triangle! Whenever second lead guy or the lead actress were on screen i sure couldn't stop to roll my eyes.

Most annoying of all, these bizarre spellings don't do anything to change the name's pronunciation or specialness, so Madysyn in the end is really just plain old Madison.

In 1% of cases annoying from is used

This is annoying from the first page.

Then he tried to disengage his head, the fixity of which was the more annoying from his ignorance of what held it.

Its also intensely annoying from a UX point of view, as attested by the 41 pages of comments on the bug thread on answers.

And are they on AFTER Killing Joke? Really? Even as time-fillers whilst they change the stage equipment I know I'd find them annoying from the bar.

In 1% of cases annoying during is used

This is highly annoying during development.

Weather - The weather in Delhi is annoying during summer.

Still, many of us need some help on how to be MORE annoying during an election.

Trying to find a parking spot at a mall can be pretty annoying during the holiday season.

Does anyone notice the plastic aound the phone can tend to be a bit creaky? It can be a bit annoying during calls.

This becomes a bit annoying during the ceremony because these announcements are really loud and drown out the live feed.

This was very annoying during a 4-hour flight!! Once we arrived at the hotel and found our room I didn't feel much better.

The decor was a bit shabby (our table was rickety - seems petty but can get very annoying during the course of a meal, and surely isn't difficult to fix!).

The jumping mechanics are especially annoying during heavy platforming sections and usually causes Lion-O to fall through solid ground, that's if he even makes it there.

In 1% of cases annoying like is used

I'd just really annoying like that.

I can be quite annoying like that, quite demanding.

You are becoming a really annoying like a persisting buzzing fly.

Everything we do is invitational, no pushing or anything annoying like that.

Just cool and annoying like that issue of Bitchy Bitch you ain't NEVER gon na track down.

It's a weekly view, and doesn't include anything annoying like specific dates or week numbers.

Like being able to flick the ear of Ferrari, McLaren et al when they're not looking and just be a bit cheeky and annoying like that.

However, if you try to read too much in one sitting it can really grate and the style become annoying like a comedian constantly hammering home why the punch line is funny rather than just moving on.

In 1% of cases annoying by is used

It's growing more annoying by the minute.

It's easy to deal with annoying by not reading.

Indiscriminate brown nosing will be viewed as annoying by the people who make.

Yes his work is bulky and the multiple characters could be found annoying by some.

Also there were countless typos and other grammatical errors that got pretty annoying by the end of it all.

We were down to the dregs and Maelok was being all annoying by keeping a second Snapper safe for Transfers and stuff.

But the section involving the Ferrari is overlong, and made more annoying by the drawn-out, caricaturish depiction of the Marathi politician's family.

Leaving your cellphone on, arranging to be called at least once during the rounds, with a ringtone that plays something annoying by Lady Gaga at full volume.

Banner ads, for instance, are considered annoying by most viewers, yet they can be very effective if properly placed and integrated into the appropriate site.

When there's so much interesting stuff going on elsewhere, I felt myself getting annoying by the constant interruption of the soap opera-y plot, and my dislike of Finn has only gotten worse.

In 1% of cases annoying over is used

This is valuable information, but gets annoying over time.

It's become silly, very annoying over the past couple of years.

They had the same clichs that have become much more annoying over time.

No treatments are available for floaters although they tend to become less annoying over time.

Knightly is spunky and cute, but her character gets annoying over time rather than becoming increasingly appealing.

Back when I was single, I was often amazed at how a woman who was fascinating in person could be annoying over the phone.

Paper Statement Fee This is a rather small fee, relatively speaking, but it can start to become annoying over time -- getting a paper statement usually costs $1 or $2 a month.

Who would even talk like that!? Elissa's mother Sarah is a no better character, she's just this annoying over protective mother that we see in an endless supply of these movies.

In 1% of cases annoying rather is used

You might find this annoying rather than convenient.

Use them sparingly because overuse of emoticons could be annoying rather than cute.

Emma B Wouldn't all men basically shag any woman? So I usually find it annoying rather than flattering when my male friends try it on.

It's annoying rather than debilitating, and is almost certainly down to my low immunity levels, brought on by a low white blood cell count.

You may be right, but like comedy; timing is everything, and if it's out, then it is better to take an annoying rather than a catastrophic loss, and more importantly be around to fight another day.

In 1% of cases annoying because is used

It was most annoying because of the extra ' wasted ' time it took.

Like there's redness coming out of my iris and its really annoying because of the way it looks.

I find Digital Editions on a PC really annoying because of this - it doesn't have the option of a continuous scroll.

Tilling and planting can be annoying because of the novelty mechanics but it beats farming them as rare drops by killing mobs.

If you're there for a year, you're bound to come across things that are puzzling or annoying because of the culture difference.

Not only annoying because of the loud alerts at 4am, but also because the damn thing hasn't moved more than a foot since it was installed.

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