Prepositions after "amused"

"amused by" or "amused at"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 38% of cases amused by is used

I was pretty amused by what I saw.

Dai is rather amused by the confusion.

I am amused by the idea that Greek etc.

But mostly I'd amused by the people that seem to think that criticism is somehow evil.

I'd amused by almost all of it (but saddened at the same time -- a bacon roll? Triple.

Additionally, Washington was less than amused by Insulza's opposition to the Iraq war.

Posted by: Jim October 21, 2008, 1:22 am 1:22 am I am so amused by all the fear on display here by the Obama-haters.

I was so amused by my thoughts at the time that I didn't stop to think about whether I should have been having them.

Not so long ago I had a conversation with my mother who always seems amused by my interests in arts and photography.

In 37% of cases amused at is used

I'd easily amused at Cope Reynolds.

I am amused at Kabi's remarks about G.

I'd also amused at the line of defense.

On a personal level, I'd amused at your attempt to categorise me as a ' deficit hawk '.

I am amused at his statement relative to the quotation he gives from Alexander Campbell.

I'd always amused at how golfers grab onto something this and milk it for all its worth.

And I was amused at how often they used the words ' entrancing ' and ' enchanting ' or ' magical ' or ' beguiling '.

I turned my attention to my models, who were clearly amused at my developing phobia, and directed them into position.

I was particularly amused at the requirement for Dolan and Fozzie to change chairs and headsets/mics between matches.

The local patrons were amused at the sight of all us westerners and there was a lot of chatter going on amongst them.

In 13% of cases amused with is used

I'd just amused with what you wrote.

I was quite amused with this response.

Keep her amused with a child-safe mirror to face.

The kids were amused with little Bear's journey and found the echo replies hilarious.

The Education Minister, Andrew Holness, is not amused with the conduct of the teachers.

The client was pleased but Paul was not amused with Harvey disrespecting his expertise.

Manchester United manager Alex Ferguson is not amused with the rate at which his side isn't taking penalties well.

But, rest assured that most of us thus, the progressive and hardworking people are not amused with your Canada crap.

They give us another taste and turn; and will not suffer us to be more than transiently amused with paradoxical morality.

I was easily amused with how stamps, envelopes, and the idea of someone caring to write back so easily confirmed my existence.

In 3% of cases amused about is used

Am not amused about the mockup of the interpreter.

There was this man who was abviously amused about the shown props of a possible future.

All four of the passengers were apparently very amused about something and were laughing loudly.

Again, President Mahama was not amused about the NPP candidate's criticisms about the way the NDC was running the NHIS.

Again, President Mahama was not amused about the NPP candidate? s criticisms about the way the NDC was running the NHIS.

The office of Jerry Rawlings was obviously not amused about this allegation which it described as a complete fabrication.

The manager was highly amused about getting G in trouble: -) Here are some of the pictures of the garden/things they are growing.

Though outwardly calm and amused about the fears they express, the same fish dart about the deep cold well lurking below my heart.

Obviously they are not amused about the critical reactions and claim that the Council Presidency has nothing to do with Hungarian politics.

I was totally amused about the programme itself, I can not understand why anyone will let 50 people into their home, shadowing them everywhere they go.

In 3% of cases amused for is used

That has kept me amused for many a boring afternoon.

Keeps him amused for hours and tests his determination.

For older children, water pistols will keep them amused for hours.

Still less than full price games that would have kept me amused for the same amount of time.

Girls like guys who are able to keep these things interested and amused for some time of time.

Their short attention spans (they are 2 and 5 years old) were kept amused for an hour and a half.

A shopping and sundries budget reputed to run at $125,000-a- month (80,000) could only keep her amused for so long.

No I couldn't talk on it, but it did have a very primitive electronic golf game on it, that kept me amused for hours.

Then again, perhaps that's a good thing - the entertainment value alone will keep us all amused for some time to come.

Your wee you are able to press the symbols to listen to different sounds as well as request these to amused for some time.

In 1% of cases amused in is used

Amused in the sense that it is a question of kettle calling pot black.

Sheetal starts limping again and Arnav helps her leaving Khushi amused in the living room.

Kids can be looked after and amused in their own special playroom -- a supervised and completely safe environment.

In case you are wondering why they look so amused in this photo, that was because I tried to take a photo with my lens cap on.

In 1% of cases amused to is used

It keeps you engaged and amused to the very last page.

Either that or we will indeed have become amused to death.

We watch him go from amused to distressed to resigned to enlightened.

Amused To Death was a very, very coherent and simple concept, and very easy to understand.

As Chris and I sit smugly and watch, my son goes from amused to embarrassed to horrified to flinging them off of his lap and shrieking like a little girl, all in under two minutes.

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