Prepositions after "amazing"

"amazing in", "amazing for" or "amazing to"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 19% of cases amazing in is used

God is amazing in how he works.

He was AMAZING in Pulp Fiction.

That is amazing in and of itself.

I think everybody is being amazing in their determination to deal with this disaster.

Ah, life is not what it was, but it's still pretty amazing in it's present time zone.

The parties have been amazing in the work that they've done, you know, the good will.

Name one player from the french league who has in recent times been amazing in the EPL? Nasri is the closest thing.

Up front, Giroud is probably going to start considering his performances have been amazing in the past few matches.

But it does look amazing in the end and the way that they do it is nuts! I will have to film it next time I see it.

Google ads banners are amazing in the fact that they are extremely targeted to how people behave on their internet.

In 18% of cases amazing to is used

It is amazing to me that the U.

The acupuncture is amazing to me.

It was quiet amazing to the staff.

It is even more amazing to me that you are determined not to fall into the same trap.

This was amazing to the people who up to now gained booties after any victorious war.

Its amazing to me that such dillettante can make it into such a position of authority.

The fact that the wii is contributing to creative behavior above and beyond playing the wii games is amazing to me.

It's still amazing to me and still bothers me to this day that something that started off so well ended up so badly.

Stan: It's amazing to me that this kid from Friday Harbor, Washington is now the head wine maker at Screaming Eagle.

I am an American who lives in China, and its amazing to me how many American's like to deny the existence of reality.

In 16% of cases amazing for is used

They will be amazing for the club.

It has really been amazing for me.

It was amazing for him and for us.

Moncler coat launched amazing for each gender and tempting varieties are accessible.

Still it's amazing for me and it's really improving my reading! Thanks for the post.

I may not have anticipated how it turned out but that's what makes it amazing for me.

A perfect bright colour for the summer but also amazing for the winter to put smile on your face on the dull days.

Yes, it is amazing for me, as a Blue Jays fan from Connecticut, to have connected with so many other die hard fans.

If not, while you are working for it, you might discover another path, more exciting and much more amazing for you.

In 9% of cases amazing at is used

I think you'll be amazing at it.

Which I'd amazing at, by the way.

Luminous will be amazing at Ksing.

I was amazing at the humility of the man, that it was hard to believe we were having.

However, what is amazing at the age of 2 may not be amazing once that child grows up.

Places like Barcelona are amazing at getting you anywhere you want whenever you want.

Paul Hutchinson was amazing at scoring from centre back, mainly from corners and penalties, but great non the less.

Spiritualized were amazing at Reading in ' 98, headlining one of the smaller tents, and the double CD of them live.

It's also amazing at how when a camera is whipped out, girl's ' heads mysteriously get magnetically stuck together.

I like to collaborate with people that are amazing at what they do in areas that I want to learn about and grow in.

In 8% of cases amazing with is used

Lori was amazing with the kids.

He was amazing with children, i.

My parents are amazing with this.

The whole house smells amazing with the concoction of warm spices and strong coffee.

I do! Of course this leads me to say that Park Si Hoo is amazing with cast and crew.

The rooms are amazing with open floor plan and you can see the ocean from each room.

I love your hats, they are amazing with all the work you have put into them and the designs are truly delightful.

The architecture was amazing with a huge glass window that opened to a stage where a performance would take place.

I adored their group songs, and Keith was utterly amazing with Last Christmas and All I Want for Christmas is You.

Chris, the Cafe Manager/Trainer has been amazing with the students and continues to build rapport and relationship.

In 7% of cases amazing on is used

She looks amazing on the cover.

Colour looks amazing on you lovely!!

It would be amazing on a warmer day.

As a longtime fan of 2D hand-drawn sprites, Majesty looks amazing on Android devices.

The stretchy cotton blend material will work with your figure and look amazing on you.

BTW, I wonder what happened to Miyoshi and others? That was amazing on so many levels.

While the cheese and the eggplant are amazing on their own, I felt they needed something to pull the dish together.

This bright lavender-toned blue was just the perfect summer colour and it looked amazing on short, manicured nails.

It works amazing on my new S3 as well, so it definitely makes my decision on purchasing the phone that much better.

Such a dress is going to look amazing on you if you have a special body and if you want to put it into the spotlight.

In 6% of cases amazing about is used

Nothing super amazing about them.

There is nothing amazing about this.

There's nothing too amazing about it.

As amazing as all this is to me, my own kids do not see anything amazing about it.

Comments There isn't anything amazing about the loss of support from women at all.

What's amazing about this particular machine is that Google Maps is built into it.

But, if one takes a close look, it actually does not show at all what would be so amazing about Sudarshan Kriya.

There's just something amazing about these bite-sized pieces of steamed awesome that just gets me going non-stop.

There is something amazing about the human capacity to walk this tightrope over the abyss without paralysing fear.

I think what's interesting and amazing about Susan Boyle is how quickly and massively people have responded to her.

In 2% of cases amazing as is used

Their dance is amazing as well as their voices.

The satay was amazing as well as the duck curry.

Dominique Le Blanc is amazing as the plucky Annie.

Oddly enough, it's amazing as an ingredient but I don't like to eat bacon on its own.

I've never seen or heard anything so amazing as the virtual choir performance of Sleep.

For man, it takes more than just a man to build something so huge and amazing as a city.

Im sure you wont crack and will be equally amazing as a mother - baby twinks will be lucky to have you Evening ladies.

The back end of his career was not as unremittingly amazing as the front third was but it was still an incredible run.

It isn't just their music, it's their message: that you CAN carry on, and that you ARE just as amazing as everyone else.

In 2% of cases amazing from is used

The sites are amazing from the.

It was amazing from start to finish.

It was amazing from beginning to end.

The views are amazing from the Top of the Rock so it's certainly something you must do.

The performance was just amazing from everyone in the team, even the guys on the bench.

Duplicable Business What amazing from this business is you learn duplication strategies.

This means that performance is not amazing from around the splice and the toe but this is the case with all bats.

This sounded so amazing from the reviews that i bought it outright instead of just downloading the normal sample.

It doesn't matter what happens at the end of this season, because the show has been simply amazing from the get-go.

Putrajaya - One of the beautiful glass buildings The 26 Boulevard building looks absolutely amazing from all angles.

In 2% of cases amazing of is used

Most amazing of all, the top 0.

Imagine that how huge and amazing of this fish.

The third accident was the most amazing of all.

It's not about how awesome Trevor is or how talented and amazing of a girl Lesleigh is.

But, most amazing of all, it also suggests that we are right in the middle of the universe.

It's also amazing of you to be thinking about helping others when you are suffering the way you are.

Reputations don't matter to this most amazing of all modern cricketers, whose way of thinking is unlike any I have seen.

The pitching has been amazing of late, especially the bullpen which has done incredible work since the start of last month.

The most amazing of all is the third crossing, as it is the only bridge on the entire railway which has concrete abutments.

They are truly the best friends I could ever ask for and I can only hope to be half as amazing of a person as they think I am.

In 1% of cases amazing after is used

Read about my amazing after death.

Life has been amazing after the win.

My skin felt so amazing after using it.

It's amazing after a year of not knowing what to do and going from doctor to doctor.

That they have survived so long is amazing after the way they folded up in the first.

Hats off to the owners of these beauties who still look amazing after all these years.

We feel amazing after a steady lead of a bold route because it is a feat that is extremely difficult to achieve.

It's ridiculously boring, but you do feel amazing after a pool session, your lungs and your whole body just buzz.

So, it's amazing after three years, we're in the same house, we spend evenings together and now have a normal life.

It's amazing after all that's happened to me in the last three years, in the last 15 years since I made my first ATP points.

In 1% of cases amazing by is used

Your outfit is amazing by the way.

I like that: Be amazing by persevering.

The Sherry selections here are also amazing by the glass.

After having read that last piece I was pretty amazing by your grasp of the technical aspects.

Awhile back, I pointed y'all to his work with the Blue Shadows, which is amazing by any standard.

Other areas you can acquire live concert seats programs are amazing by way of magazine grouped parts.

It was amazing by the end of the night what beautiful pieces had been put together and were flowing out of each box.

Santoria Nebula Collection It is amazing by Santoria is getting better and better with every new collection they release.

Internet sources could be great You can make your living room ambiance amazing by choosing the right living room furniture.

We're fine without them and the only reason they are seen as so amazing by the west is because they are supported by America.

In 1% of cases amazing considering is used

Pretty amazing considering DTESS came out 60 years ago.

Amazing considering what all they are expected to know now.

This is amazing considering the turnover rate at most companies.

Sounds amazing considering the fact that these guys are riding with small wheels.

Bono's seems to be holding up well, McCartney's is downright amazing considering his age.

The primer also comes in a luxe feeling glass jar which is amazing considering the RRP is 4.

Plus they like to text on the webs -- pretty amazing considering their difficulties with standard English and typing.

I ended up the leading wicket-taker in the series - amazing considering how low I was on confidence coming into the series.

The level of expert performance by this choir is all the more amazing considering the comparative frequency of its concerts.

All the more amazing considering this session was a last minute replacement for Dionne Brand who had to pull out due to illness.

In 1% of cases amazing like is used

Yeah, so writing is amazing like that.

By 2020 music will be amazing like the 60? s and 90? s.

Ports done in relatively short time will not be amazing like people expected.

Very amazing like nothing I, ' ve seen before I have reviewed by vidoe footage, it was 11.

I found a lamp that looked amazing like this lamp, or would, at least, after it was painted.

If you knew how much I hate it when people say amazing like that, you'd know just how good it is.

Dear Patrick, I just read your book A Monster Calls it was absolutely amazing like your other books but made me cry a little.

So least but not last (: D) keep being amazing like you always are and please keep the hair red cos I love it! http: //photochick.

His fund returned something amazing like a year on year 24% average when the market was around the 6-10 and he did that for ten years.

When that experience is something amazing like having a dream fulfilled - brothers, sisters, parents and carers all feel that in some way.

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