Prepositions after "alive"

"alive in", "alive for" or "alive with"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 28% of cases alive in is used

Real hope is alive in the NFRA.

Alive in ourhearts and memories.

Staying Alive in Lampasas County.

I felt alive in front of the camera somehow because I was a shy kid, believe it or not.

And why is it you voted YES to killing babies who were still alive in botched abortions.

Pakistan has lost an unsung hero who would always remain alive in the annals of history.

The iconic tales of 19th-century horror come alive in the all-new Spirits of the Past Tours Fridays and Saturdays, Oct.

A few were still alive in the morning, among them some children, saved perhaps, by the crush of bodies in the darkness.

Gradually, they overcome the tanker's defences and kill the defenders, leaving Max and the feral kid alive in the cabin.

In 15% of cases alive with is used

Hence I keep my relationship alive with it.

She is alive with the Life and Word of God.

Alive with no vision yet pretending to see.

Ah, nice! I just have a slightly less than legit copy of Alive With the Glory of Love.

Their hearts are alive with the remembrance of Allah, and His knowledge, and His love.

Make your screen come alive with Microsoft Exchange 2000 System Attendant Incorrect v.

The Valleys Are Alive With ' Carnage ' And ' Alot Of Nakedness '! %u2018The cast of new MTV show The Valleys which.

The thick forest was beginning to come alive with the singing of birds and insects welcoming the beautiful morning.

His hair matches his beard, in that, its alive with the bodies of thousands of bugs that feed on his flaking scalp.

Realistically, what damage can you do? It's better to be alive with a cracked rib from inexpert CPR than to be dead.

In 11% of cases alive for is used

Don't keep your pets alive for you.

Alive for what?? For the first time.

Keep your pets alive for their sake.

God has us alive for a reason, and I believe our Sweet Spot has so much to do with it.

One the sequel alive for a year, just on the digital medium so I can make the next one.

Visiting Alcazar will definitely make history come alive for you while you're visiting.

Whatever the style though, ones job is to help bring the story alive for the audience and to respond to the audience.

The officer is lucky to be alive for the bullet from Duggan? s gun reportedly lodged in his radio rather than his body.

Meanwhile James Reed and William McCutcheon had set out with enough food to keep the Donner Party alive for the winter.

And in 1971, Manemperi, the Matara beauty queen was shot and buried alive for not agreeing for sex of the Army officer.

In 8% of cases alive by is used

Adair's still alive by the way.

She was kept alive by the media.

She is broiled alive by the heat.

Because they want to camp by a ' beautiful ' river rather than be alive by next morning.

The concept is to maintain your relationship alive by making time collectively a priority.

I was only kept alive by the sustenance, both physically and emotionally, of the milkshake.

Recently in 2007 at least 1300 lives were lost in Palestine when one Israeli soldier was captured alive by the Hamas.

Mary was last seen alive by her friend Nelly at 2:30am on the morning of 31 st August on the corner of Osborn Street.

Twenty Japanese soldiers were captured alive by the British, and almost five hundred are known to have escaped Ramree.

Meanwhile, Lahaina's seafaring past is kept alive by the numerous whale-watching cruises that depart from its harbour.

In 7% of cases alive at is used

Alive at 4:30 am, dead at 5 am.

She was still alive at this point.

She remains alive at the end of her arc.

Your are and always will be still alive at the heart of music lovers all over the world.

It is not stated whether Ganon is killed, sealed, or left alive at the end of the story.

Safety Going out is great craic but you have to make sure you're alive at the end of it.

All the companions of the Noble Prophet (saws) who were alive at the time, the likes of the stature of Hadrat Ali (r.

As her husband is still alive at this time it is reasonable to assume that the marriage has irrevocably fallen apart.

From this larger work came? Dream Of Monk?, a trio version of which appears on the trio album? Alive At The Vanguard?

Why then invent a pretender? Especially when it led to rumours throughout the realm that Edward II was alive at Corfe.

In 6% of cases alive to is used

Yeltsin was alive to the dangers he faced.

I think all we can do is be alive to the issue.

Elisha went and ministered life to the young man and presented him alive to his mother.

Politicians therefore have to be alive to the critical challenges facing the electorate.

We are alive to the layers of history beneath the present and take notes and photographs.

Stationed in Dhaka, Safiuddin eyes gradually became alive to the difference between the two Bengals in natural beauty.

In Nichols? case there was about a 70 minute gap from the time she was last seen alive to the time her body was found.

And in the Bronx, the sidewalks came alive to the block parties of hip-hop pioneers DJ Kool Herc and Afrika Bambaataa.

In 5% of cases alive on is used

And the flow comes alive on the day.

No Arawaks remain alive on the island.

Practice is still alive on both sides.

From the quirky to the meditative, obsessions from around the world come alive on film.

If I awoke tomorrow to find Myself the only human alive on earth, I would be delighted.

Happy 53rd Birthday!! May all your dreams and wishes come alive on that very special day.

They know that they have only a few more years and want to indulge in harmless diversions while still alive on earth.

I have a hard time believing that the state would keep a prisoner alive on a machine for an indefinite period of time.

A practice of: stopping, enjoying the moment for what it is, simply one more glorious moment alive on the planet earth.

If you have a design in your mind for your website, these companies can help you to bring that design alive on the web.

In 3% of cases alive after is used

The town comes alive after dark.

God damn, he was alive after all.


The Evidence of Appearances - was Jesus seen alive after his death on the cross? 14.

K is still alive after a decade of hard partying in the limelight, but somehow he is.

It feels as if he came alive after the summer break when the car was properly sorted.

Next is the issue of keeping wild hogs alive after capture which can be difficult to do during a hot Texas summer.

His results are so clear -- the 18, with chronic heart diseases who followed his advice, all alive after 25 years.

They pulled the plug in him WHILE STILL ALIVE after 3 hours without telling or consulting with ANY FAMILY MEMBERS.

Colombo is also known to really come alive after dark as Sri Lankan's love to party on any given night of the week.

In 2% of cases alive as is used

Love keeps us alive as a species.

We are being kept alive as a conduit.

They became alive as a great army and nation.

Each shoe has a small solar panel attached to the heel and they come alive as the sun goes down.

He has the right to sell the house when he's alive as a major shareholder who controls the company.

He would judge Starbuck on his ability to keep Apollo alive as well as his ability to make him happy.

The Bank must recognise the incredible support the Irish people have shown to keeping it alive as a functioning bank.

For extremists, this means that the internet is coming alive as a new, singular, global, post-human, superior life form.

For extremists, this means that the Internet is coming alive as a new, singular, global, post-human, superior life form.

Feel history come alive as the walls resonate with the sound of the horses ' hooves and the battle cries of the warriors.

In 2% of cases alive through is used

Your ancestors come alive through the photographs.

We can learn it while still alive through soul travel.

You have to make that item come alive through photography.

In this way, Songhay myths are kept alive through social and religious activities.

Our faith is made visible and alive through our works of ministry (James 2:17, 18).

Gaza is currently kept alive through external funding and the illegal tunnel economy.

If we are alive through Jesus Christ those rules about not useing cannabis do not apply because they are man made.

The flame was kept alive through the few pure souls who believed in something greater than themselves; Free Lebanon.

Keeping the ceremonies, stories, dances and songs of past alive through continual practice is vital to our survival.

Their experimental artworks come alive through audience interaction and staged performance and this is no exception.

In 2% of cases alive from is used

I'd the only one alive from the family.

It's hardly even alive from an adoption standpoint.

Even they were alive from inside, only from inside.

Some came to hear about my experiences, How I came out alive From the troglodyte's den.

A baby is alive from the moment of conception, otherwise it couldn't even grow a heart.

The few people alive from that period still were children and have no memory of the time.

The sketches turned into Alive from Palestine, which toured abroad, with runs at the Royal Court and the Young Vic.

They will emerge alive from cataclysms that slaughter hundreds of sturdily-built adults, often with barely a scratch.

Rescuers pulled more people alive from the rubble at the weekend, but at least 70,000 people have already had burials.

Four days after the eruption the high priest T? hoto Ariki was dug out alive from a house, but died several weeks later.

In 2% of cases alive during is used

Abia was alive during his tenur.

Humans were alive during the Ice Age.

India comes alive during election time.

He was so much alive during high school days, though sometimes he looked so sleepy.

And ' near death ' is not death -- the brain is still alive during this experience.

Andy says Felix Baumgartner wore a pressure suit to keep him alive during the fall.

Milton was alive during a time known as the interregnum, which was a time when England didn't have a king or queen.

It was the continuation of services that kept us healthy and alive during my ten-year tenure at my previous employer.

All are fun flights of fancy, nicely explored in short form, but the book really comes alive during the longer pieces.

For the streets of Nassau Paradise Island will come alive during Bahamas Speed Week from November 24 to December 2 2012.

In 1% of cases alive of is used

But the strangest part of this coming alive of things was what they did.

It's all about keeping the memory alive of all those who never made it back.

He helped keep the spirit alive of generations when there was no Polish state.

My test scenario, using a qos of 1 and a keep alive of 2 minutes for faster debugging: 1.

Kelley Geary Thank you for keeping the memory alive of all those who supported the war effort.

I am glad we were able to beat Pakistan in this high pressure game and keep the hope alive of qualifying for semi-finals.

There have been reports of the burying alive of many of these sheep and the clubbing and stabbing to death of hundreds of them.

Although it is enlisted in threatened list but due to successful efforts today there are about 800 mature birds alive of this kind.

The most ghastly of this was seen in the burning alive of Pastor Graham Stains along with his two innocent sons, aged 11 and 7 years.

In 1% of cases alive into is used

They were then dragged, beaten and tossed alive into mass graves.

These both were cast alive into a lake of fire burning with brimstone.

These two were cast alive into the lake of fire burning with brimstone.

New born babies had their heads smashed off walls while others were thrown alive into furnaces.

Having refused to do so, they were thrown alive into a big ditch where a great fire had been set.

Great job of getting some of the sickest people alive into position of powers, you leftist twits.

Some sepoys said that the children still alive were killed first, others that they were tossed alive into the well.

Jesus tells us that he shall be in the heart of the earth in the same manner as Jonah entered alive into the whale's belly.

Now the world renouned Arab scholars are telling that there is nothing in the Quran and hadith that Isa went alive into the sky.

They loaded up Bin Laden's body, corralled those still alive into a room, piled explosives into the damaged aircraft and blew it up.

In 1% of cases alive because is used

I am alive because of you, Gerber.

I am alive because of high tech medicine.

The man became alive because of God's breath.

Few people believed she would come out alive because of the nature of her sickness.

A true ceremony remains dynamic and alive because of the mystery which it enshrines.

If the Jets win and progress to 4-5, they are alive because of their second-half schedule.

Modern Medicine: I have good friends still alive because of it that wouldn't be here if we were all born 100 years earlier.

Nanyuki is alive because of the hooker who speaks in a flawless British accent and can quickly change to Kikuyu and kikamba.

And yes, like others have mentioned here, this Nation is alive because of a number of such leaders, and great personalities.

As he recounted, after his release into exile in 1979?? prison was a long agony from which I emerged alive because of God's will.

In 1% of cases alive within is used

If we believe in Christ, then Christ is alive within us.

You will very quickly realize that your mother is always alive within you.

In a strange way everything that happens to us remains still alive within us.

Burden of proving death of person known to have been alive within thirty years 107.

I know that spirituality is alive within me and I embrace it and the joy it brings.

This book is about moments, and being as much alive within each moment as possible.

We all know people we've admired whose memories are kept alive within the collective memory of our community of faith.

It's time to think about the love brought into the world that Jesus Christ demonstrated for us, that is alive within us.

In fact, Nanjie's system can only be alive within the village, and within the period at the turn of the 20th-21st centuries.

To a man, they have sought to use their prestige as well as their material resources to keep hope alive within their communities.

In 1% of cases alive without is used

He was alive without breathing.

She would be still alive without.

It won't feel alive without that.

It will be better for one to be alive without nysc than dying for Nigerian government.

Neither male nor female cattle can be moved off your holding alive without a passport.

Life requires no soul, because plants and many other creatures are alive without soul.

But the activity is kept alive without them directly though and, by ever dwindling means of influence, indirectly.

Being a former RN, I was concerned and so I stopped to see if this individual even was alive without touching them.

You clearly need to re-read your history books if you think that we would not be alive without American assistance.

I've had some experience with Native storytellers who keep their tribe's oral history alive without a written source.

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