Prepositions after "alien"

alien to, in, from or for?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 91% of cases alien to is used

They are alien to our realities.

These notions are alien to Islam.

Often that can be alien to a child.

But while? ought? and? should? are alien to Science, they are very much a part of life.

If you consider yourself alien to your new workplace, you will demand more of yourself.

The sounds were new and totally alien to the parents of the teenagers -- always a plus.

Some Sinhalese have a problem understanding the fact that the Tamil Diaspora is not alien to the Tamils in Sri Lanka.

Any action plan designed to combat wild fire should not be alien to the people since they deal closely with the land.

Everyone will have become so Judaised that the very thought of a Judaic oppression will be alien to the minds of all.

Even though, the hip hop fusion performance might appear alien to some of us, it can motivate the young generation to.

In 3% of cases alien in is used

Sometimes we are alien in our own land.

I felt almost alien in church, almost a stranger.

Our leaders mostly are alien in their own societies.

This concept is totally alien in our modern age where we are allowed freedom of choice.

Old People homes were alien in concept and elder abuse was considered a Western problem.

For anyone feeling a bit alien in middle school, Emma-Jean may well seem like a kindred spirit.

They had trouble managing the flowing but mis-matched Arab robes on TV that are so alien in the parts from where they hail.

Beyond that anything that doesn't come from (INSERT LOCATION) is alien in (INSERT LOCATION ), but I get what you're saying.

France has the type of monuments and tourists attractions which would look hilariously alien in most countries outside of Europe.

Thanks for a great article again Dan! It's a shame that in over 100 years of league in Australia the game is still alien in many parts of australia.

In 2% of cases alien from is used

So alien from outer space visit us and live.

It's pretty alien from a female point of view.

They look and sound totally alien from each other.

Nothing, however, is alien from that original source whence it derives its own properties.

At the time, Barcelona had an approach to player recruitment completely alien from what we see today.

But here, the filters make each point of view seem somehow more different and more alien from the others.

Shows like this reinforce the myth that people with PhDs are so intelligent that they are somehow alien from the rest of us mortals.

Critical to Obama's plan is convincing working class whites that Romney has lived a life completely alien from their own and that his.

Yet these things Are not so alien from others, that I Of this same sort am ill prepared to name Ensamples still of things exclusively To one another adapt.

In 1% of cases alien for is used

Somehow, the people around me, the pace at which the organization moved, felt too alien for me.

It seems that the concept of a low cost carrier was too alien for the Kenyan market at the time.

But no Barcelona are so hard wired to pass pass pass, this is totally alien for them apparently.

Nexus and kindle are very alien for me, I never used android tablet just becoz of coolness factor.

Nor do I find it alien for Muhammad ' alaihis-salaam ' to have appointed Hasan and Huseyn as Khaleefas.

Of course, I like it very much, though it is still a bit alien for me, but I hope that soon this will change.

Given this, I figured the Thing to have some kind of intelligence, even if it was too alien for us to understand.

This could be very routine for you, but very alien for those who are used to a lot of family socialisation and a relaxed lifestyle.

But is it alien for rivals to be friends? The ability of these professional has led to this respect and mutual admiration for the others talent.

The picture of the Jew hating Palestinian is very alien for me and many of my Jewish colleagues that work at the theatre or support and regularly visit the theatre.

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