Prepositions after "akin"

akin to, in or of?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 96% of cases akin to is used

Akin to the time they failed to.

It's akin to being a maid or Mr.

Akin to having a laughter track.

It would be akin to being forced to purchase a BBC newspaper because you wanted the NME.

Akin to a God on Earth the power to kill is executed with a nod from one man to another.

Todd Akin to stand aside and clarify his position on women's ' reproductive health issues.

Akin to buying a car thats half the price of another car even though you know in 3 months the engine is going to blow.

Akin to the Ibanags and Ivatans, the Ilocanos are the inhabitants of the lowlands and coastal areas of northern Luzon.

He was determined to be a part of Israel's most elite security cadre, akin to the American Green Berets and Navy SEALs.

Meanwhile, if anything, we British are beginning to crave something akin to the traditional French ' food experience '.

In 1% of cases akin in is used

Or idiots like Akin in Missouri.

We did not support Akin in the primary.

Remain blessed from Akin in Akure Nigeria.

And yet! Here's Todd Akin in 2008 revealing that he's a bit iffy on how an abortion works too.

Yes, the whole Republican Party is now aligned against Akin in name, but solidly behind his ideas.

Clearly an attempt to keep Akin in the race the next 24 hours! Ppp tracking polls are agenda driven.

I am on the other side of the world, and I'd like to lock Todd Akin in a room with some victims and some heavy objects.

Melody Warbington (rwm52) and I'd be thrilled to have Akin in the position to influence policy regarding women's issues.

Obama skipped as fast as he could to the press conference so he could kick Akin in the groin and promote his War On Women.

Heathcliff, or you? ll not keep him long; and he? s all you have akin in the wide world, that you will ever know? remember.

In 1% of cases akin of is used

Jimmy Akin of Catholic Answers, Catholic.

And then there's Representative Todd Akin of Missouri.

Denny Rehberg of Montana and Todd Akin of Missouri lost.

Todd Akin of Missouri, the Republican candidate for the Missouri Senate race, told a St.

We should be cerebration about what is the appropriate akin of authority force retention.

US Rep Todd Akin of Missouri went on the record saying that pregnancy rarely results from rape.

The centermost akin of dreamless beddy-bye corresponds with basin after-effects which are of an acutely low frequency.

Senate candidate Todd Akin of Missouri, against all medical evidence, suggested that a rape could not produce a pregnancy.

Quests are addition advantage for pbands to yield allotment in even though aggravating to ranniversary the bestmum akin of.

Likewise with the defeat of the women-hating Republican Senate candidates Todd Akin of Missouri and Richard Mourdock of Indiana.

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