Prepositions after "agreeable"

agreeable to, with, for, in or at?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 79% of cases agreeable to is used

Almost all are agreeable to me.

We wouldn't be agreeable to that.

Abide agreeable to their web site.

It would be most agreeable to those who do not want the Covenant to have any teeth.

It is however a material object, it is either necessary, useful, or agreeable to man.

Our entrance was unexpected, and by no means agreeable to the persons we found there.

On the other hand, good humour is lov'd and esteem 'd, because it is immediately agreeable to the person himself.

Any user not agreeable to the aforementioned terms of use shall not browse and/or register him/her with the site.

Here it means what is amiable - such a temper of mind that one can love it; or such as to be agreeable to others.

But the decision left the door open to continued negotiations around a solution that might be agreeable to all sides.

In 7% of cases agreeable with is used

Damned right it was agreeable with me.

Most newborns are agreeable with most people.

Even superannutions are not agreeable with it.

Not agreeable with the presence of former judges and lawyers on the proposed commission.

Since she was from home 4/5 days and I was so worried that I was kind of agreeable with her.

In Islam you can not find a single dot dIssagreeable with or contradictory to modern sciences.

All these while, I had patiently faced the condemning and criticize from those who were not agreeable with my writings.

Having 200000 soldiers in the North-East has the desired effect of making people very agreeable with regards questioning.

If you are not agreeable with these Terms of Use, kindly refrain from accessing and using the service provided by SportsLK.

In 3% of cases agreeable for is used

This is highly agreeable for householders.

They produce a capital black and are more agreeable for working in large studies.

Later on I was told she wanted this picture taken and was agreeable for the $2,500.

These conditions were agreeable for the seniors and made it possible for them to domesticate the technology.

It may be agreeable for certain people to live a retired life in a quiet place away from noise and disturbances.

Fortunately, with Invisible Sisters, we speak very frankly and come to a conclusion that is agreeable for everyone.

If we had such list that was agreeable for the entire community then i think the topic of variants would be much easier.

But nothing can be agreeable or disagreeable for its own sake, which is not rendered such by immediate sense and feeling.

But, without noticing all these beautiful specimens of Papuan flora, the Canadian abandoned the agreeable for the useful.

But it is much more agreeable for a government to present only a part of the bill to the people and to resort to inflation for the rest of its expenditures.

In 3% of cases agreeable in is used

We found the hotel agreeable in all respect.

All the world are good and agreeable in your eyes.

This is the case with every thing that is agreeable in any person.

The other class of odours consists of those agreeable in their essential nature, e.

There are two fundamental abilities to cultivate in order to be agreeable in conversation.

The climb of several hundred metres to the Port de l'Albe was agreeable in the cool morning air.

Nor are such excessive refinements more agreeable in the epistolary or philosophic style, than in the epic or tragic.

Moreover, it contains everything that is agreeable in a household--a laundry, kitchen with offices, sitting-room, fruit-room, and so on.

The whole thing looks rather like someone eager to find offence in a celebration of Britishness that in fact embodies many, if not all, he finds highly agreeable in a Welsh context.

To disappoint this curiosity, however, when it is kept within proper bounds, and aims at nothing which there can be any just reason for concealing, is equally disagreeable in its turn.

In 1% of cases agreeable at is used

COMMENT: again, this statement looks agreeable at first sight.

This course of action is actually likely to be agreeable at EU level.

In the old days, you made yourself agreeable at all times and to everyone you met, and eventually something might drop into your lap.

In 1% of cases agreeable by is used

If you can't find a solution agreeable by all parties, divide it.

We extend the age at least to 18 or if possible and agreeable by all to 20/21.

Make sure this fee is stated clearly in the contract and is agreeable by you before signing on the dotted line.

Be sure this fee is stated clearly within the contract and is agreeable by you prior to signing on the dotted line.

This was agreeable by most delegates other than those who felt the proposed structure will be too expensive to administer.

In any trading; there must be willing buyer &; seller for a transaction to take place at a price agreeable by both parties.

An object, for instance, which may be felt agreeable by one, may be felt unpleasant by another, and neutral by still another.

I would only accept what fits my 1) blog objectives 2) terms agreeable by both party 3) (like you) review what I think is true.

Have a discussion on what you both want to change in your relationship and work out a resolution that is agreeable by both of you.

One of the printing photos operation in a handmade ceremony piece of plastic could be agreeable by means of one of the similar webinar.

In 1% of cases agreeable from is used

This is indeed uncanny, but quite agreeable from my perspective.

The idea of tender tranquillity in a pastoral Arcadia is agreeable from a like principle, as has been observed above.

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In 1% of cases agreeable of is used

And I say we, in as much as it is us, collectively, who are conditioned by media to be the most agreeable of publics.

And, in common life, they have, in a great measure, perfected that art, the most useful and agreeable of any, l'Art de Vivre, the art of society and conversation.

In 1% of cases agreeable on is used

This is the basic principle, if we are agreeable on it then we go into the matters of detail.

Edwards, his daughter and son, who had made my visit a very agreeable one, and went on to Cincinnati.

Also agree, everyone seems in a better mood, more agreeable on a Friday as they are winding down for the weekend.

An alternate is to sell the goods and convert it into cash if the heirs are NOT agreeable on the actual portions of these material items.

I grew up in New Zealand, and as a student trying to save money we normally tried our clothes outside on the line, or of the weather was not agreeable on racks inside.

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