Prepositions after "aggrieved"

"aggrieved by" or "aggrieved at"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 62% of cases aggrieved by is used

It is something i do feel aggrieved by.

Scots are forever aggrieved by the fact.

We feel hugely aggrieved by the situation.

Speaker, I am aggrieved by that fact, because I think he has got no care whatsoever.

I believe that the Igbo's have a genuine case to feel aggrieved by what has happened.

If any copyright owner feels aggrieved by our use of these images, please contact us.

After all, the law does provide for remedial action in the courts for named suspects who become aggrieved by this.

Citizens who are aggrieved by actions of other citizens must have visible and tangible relief for their grievances.

He, therefore, confirmed the addition made by AO, aggrieved by which, the assessee is in appeal before the Tribunal.

It turned out that Bellamy was aggrieved by John Arne's reluctance to get up on stage and sing a bit of Rod Stewart.

In 16% of cases aggrieved at is used

O Ibrahim! We are aggrieved at your demise.

She is aggrieved at this agonising incident.

The complainant was aggrieved at what had happened.

Palestinians were not the only ones aggrieved at the government's new refugee policy.

Should the State of Maine be aggrieved at the instructions given, they will be modified.

I'd sure my ancestors could have found numerous ways to be aggrieved at their new country.

Capello felt rightly aggrieved at being undermined by the FA over the John Terry captaincy and I don't blame him.

At no point did I suggest that Louise Mensch does not have a right to feel aggrieved at the abuse she has endured.

Remember that it was a church member who gave the CD to DI because they were so aggrieved at the lie from Victory.

Tuohy and McCarthy will feel aggrieved at Kidney's loyalty in O'Callaghan, especially with the Munster man now 32.

In 5% of cases aggrieved about is used

It's OK for you to feel aggrieved about this.

Both players can feel aggrieved about how it started.

Lots of people feel aggrieved about all sorts of things.

The public though, has a right to feel pretty aggrieved about being left in the dark.

It seems now that my mother and father in law also feel aggrieved about the situation.

When that happens, players, fans and teams have every right to feel aggrieved about it.

Oman Fm has had a few such physical reactions by persons aggrieved about public discussions unsavoury to them.

As a Barnsley supporter however, I do feel aggrieved about the comments that Sam has resurrected Vaz Te's career.

Ernest still felt aggrieved about his beer, as if Enid had snatched the tankard from his lips with her own corrective hand.

Whether their grievances are justified or not is another matter; they feel aggrieved about quite a lot of things about the U.

In 5% of cases aggrieved with is used

Being aggrieved with the decision of the **30;147590;TOOLONG.

I understand it was a difficult call but I'd aggrieved with their goal.

The day after my past life regression I was seriously aggrieved with myself.

Being aggrieved with both conviction and sentence, he has now appealed to this court.

The standard is even reached by a humble picket line that compels shoppers to confront workers aggrieved with management.

Aggrieved with the referee and then themselves, because of the two goal that tipped this tie firmly in Waterford's favour.

This is why people get aggrieved with some cyclists habitually performing petty traffic offences such as red light jumping.

One man who is very aggrieved with the party, who believes he gave everything to APGA but got a bloodied nose is, Chekwas Okorie.

The association had maintained that IIT alumni spread across the globe was deeply aggrieved with the change in format of the exam.

The reason for so doing is that as the matter had been heard and determined by the Ward Tribunal the one who was aggrieved with its decision i.

In 3% of cases aggrieved over is used

In the same vein, shareholders in the capital market are aggrieved over the return of the D.

Just over 48 per cent of people surveyed felt aggrieved over how they received the penalty points.

Without doubt, the Boko Haram feels aggrieved over issues that only the sect and its members clearly understand.

According to him, a party aggrieved over the demarcation would have to appeal to a three member panel set up by the Chief Justice.

Students also feel aggrieved over the planned scrapping of EMAs, which provide poorer sixth form students with financial assistance.

A torchbearer and a leader of politics simultaneously, he was very much aggrieved over the oppressions against Muslims in Balkan and Trabulus.

The Freiburg faithful feel aggrieved over the decisions to award Bayern a spot-kick, and also to let a clear handball by Martinez go unpunished.

She is very affectionate toward you, and since you have been taken away from her, she has been living like a cow aggrieved over the loss of its calf.

The police chief asked those aggrieved over the election process to seek redress in the courts, and cease any acts that would incite the public to violence.

Prachanda is known to be deeply aggrieved over President Ram Baran Yadav's order that the army chief should stay put, despite the government's express desire to sack him.

In 1% of cases aggrieved after is used

Still, I think Levy too had cause to feel aggrieved after Redknapp's public courting of the England job.

The Thora boys were quite aggrieved after the game, but there was no excuse one of the boys marching upto the table and pointing fingers at the referee.

Daly had reason to feel aggrieved after that result as he watched his team dominate possession for long spells but still puck a woeful 19 shots wide of the target.

Real had the ball in the net before halftime, but the visitors were left aggrieved after striker Karim Benzema appeared to be incorrectly ruled offside from Xabi Alonso's free-kick.

Hurling: Pat Donnellan (Clare) Wayne McNamara may have good reason to feel aggrieved after his brilliant solo goal just four minutes into Limerick's superb win over Clare on Saturday night.

In 1% of cases aggrieved against is used

The assessee is aggrieved against the sustenance of this disallowance.

In 1% of cases aggrieved from is used

Aggrieved from the said order, revenue is in appeal.

Aggrieved from the said order, the appellant is before me.

Aggrieved from the order of acquittal, the State has preferred the present appeal.

In 1% of cases aggrieved in is used

Shame the aggrieved in the case lived quite some distance away.

I believe that the Luo's are more historically aggrieved in this issue.

But now we are back, Barry Moran can feel justifiably aggrieved in my opinion.

All of us will be unhappy, disappointed, and aggrieved in the course of our lives, more than we would wish.

Indeed, Mr Wilkie may also have a second reason to feel aggrieved in respect of how his allegiance and the basis on which it was procured was breached.

We felt aggrieved in Jamaica by a few decision, and West Indies felt aggrieved (now ), so the system is not ideal if people feel aggrieved by it, but personally, I have no.

DSP Tettey cautioned the factions to be mindful and respect the laws of the land saying anybody who feels aggrieved in any situation should seek legal processes for redress.

In 1% of cases aggrieved of is used

The third is Jonjo Shelvey, who may well have felt most aggrieved of all having been overlooked in favour of Henderson.

A single judge bench of high court has asked the persons aggrieved of acquistion proceedings in the Ring Road project to approach the high power committee consituted under the charimanship of JDC.

In 1% of cases aggrieved on is used

When the letter was read, he was aggrieved on hearing about the punishment that was being endured by Branwen.

The wives of Kamsa and his eight brothers became aggrieved on account of their husbands ' sudden deaths, and all of them were striking their foreheads and shedding torrents of tears.

In 1% of cases aggrieved to is used

At the same time I appeal to all those aggrieved to not to react emotionally and thus prove the decorum of a teacher in your postings.

The crowd seemed to consist largely of grizzled, embittered Marxists, and the tenor of questions spanned the range from aggrieved to despairing.

This is more so because the heart is sore at injustice, and aggrieved to the marrow at the current political climate that has led the fortunes of this nation moving in all directions but forward.

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