Prepositions after "african"

african in, with, on, from or to?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 35% of cases african in is used

Everybody is African in origin.

Very South African in touch, feel.

The term fufu is African in origin.

It involves every African in Kenya and it is their mouthpiece which asks for freedom.

Every African in Haggard story is either a fool, a buffoon, or some kind of ignoramus.

One of the tall, slender, Nilotic peoples, the Maasai are East African in physical type.

With reed ceilings, stonewalls and rich dark woods, the treatments, like the dcor, are uniquely African in essence.

He was reacting against colonialism, but forgot the who of the African in his pursuit of the what that is the conscience.

One African in four is a Nigerian; with a population of 80 million or more, Nigeria is larger than any country in Europe.

Ayanle himself (although he flipped back and forth) said the languages spoken in the near east are East African in ORIGIN.

In 10% of cases african with is used

Ah! I am so dragging my mom to be African with me.

Especially an African with great talent like Doumbia.

Yes, I am Somali and yes I am African with a billion fellow travellers.

I'd no longer a second-class citizen, but a proud South African with my own passport.

They may grab at my hair considering they may have never seen an African with kinky hair.

Firstly, I had an excellent script, written by a South African with deep feelings for his country.

Always willing to help any African with employment issues, speaks good Kiswahili &; wants to be in Kenya genuinely.

One can choose flip-flop or any other type, and can pick bright colors, metallic, or African with beading or paints.

She has performed throughout East African with local musicians, notably in Dar es Salaam, Zanzibar, Kigali and Bujumbura.

The income of most Africans is $400-$700 a year, making it nearly impossible for an African with AIDS to afford treatment.

In 6% of cases african from is used

Van Loon came to South African from Holland at age 20, in 1956.

He eventually moved out and another African from Swaziland moved in.

Visas are imposed to deter the African from roaming God's earth freely.

Maybe its true what they say about taking an African from the bush and handing him a tie.

But let me tell you something - as an African from Africa who has lived all over the continent.

I am an African from Zimbabwe heartbroken by the portrayal of not only my country but many others.

In 1999 Gordon Strachan, the then Coventry City boss, would sign the exciting North African from Deportivo La Coruna.

Note that it is hard to point out an African from an African American if they have assimilated fully into the new society.

At my concerts in Europe you see a big mix of African from all over the continent mixed with a very international mix of Europeans.

We are great supporters of everything African from all across the world with the idea that our art keeps us in touch with our heritage &; culture.

In 6% of cases african on is used

There was a South African on offer.

Jacob Zuma: Every South African on merit is there.

Another African on the list is Malawian President Joyce Banda.

This salvation should be the mission of every African on the face of the earth.

The truth is that not every one that is Black or African on the outside is African inside.

But the truth remains that there is still African on African slavery in Africa (and elsewhere too, I'd sure).

In an article in the East African on February 18, I estimate that, running at 50% capacity, IPTL will cost Tanesco $4.

Seeing an African on the street was a novelty, and I may have even asked my parents what was going on when I did spot a black face.

Donaire said that Nishioka has vowed to be ringside for his bout with Mathebula, a 5-foot-10 South African on a three-fight win streak.

The pair quickly build up a convincing lead, lapping at record pace, until James wrestles the lead from the South African on lap 46 of 59.

In 5% of cases african for is used

I can't say how much happy I am as an African for him.

All the best young regens seem to be French or African for some reason.

It's funny because it's very African for extended families to live together.

A strong start had been eluding the 16-year-old South African for a while, but things fell in place.

It typically African for us to start making excuses, the truth of the matter is we better learn to tell it like it is.

CONCEPT OF THE SUPREME GOD, MAN AND NATURE The concept of God, religion, and nature varies in African for Western cultures.

Well who have the birthrate decline among nations? And don? t tip African for the blood infusion, they?? of our heat is strong.

No American, European, Asian, or any African for that matter, would build Nigeria, Nigerians, wherever they may be will do that.

Kagame would thus be seen as a traitor to the continent if he didn't back an African for the World Bank job, particularly a Nigerian.

She not only blames the male African for most of the physical and verbal aggression but also delves deeper into the cause of such violence.

In 5% of cases african to is used

About Sunny South African to the core! Passionate about.

The game is set in a predominantly black area of the world, and, if it is indeed Africa, those people look African to me.

Nick's music effortlessly spans genres, with influences ranging from rock, reggae and African to hip-hop, ghoema and jazz.

The hospital scene looks very African to me, and the flag of Kenya pin on the doctor is something much easier to obtain in Kenya than here.

It did not take long to ascertain that the spiritual consolation derived from converting the African to Christianity had its utilitarian counterpart.

Working in a group you will sing carefully selected a cappella arrangements from around the world including African to contemporary pop and R ' n ' B songs.

In addition, evidence suggested Heathrow airport was being used as a port to transport khat from East African to other countries where it is illegal, such as the US.

Senator Barack Obama jets into Kenya today as part of his African tour, concerns have once again been raised on the security preparations for other visitors and residents.

Eclectic sounds One of the attractive qualities of the Standard Bank Joy of Jazz festivals is that it invites artists who perform all types of jazz, from straight-ahead to African to nu-jazz.

In 4% of cases african as is used

Kan-ye West is an African as the rest of us because he was born in Kenya.

Bird Walks: Sangare Lake is home to over 300 species of African as well as migratory birds.

At the end of the month, I had an almost equal number of African as opposed to enslaved Baluchi.

Their experience is African as well as North American, and gives a good example for understanding New World history.

A Canadian who is also an African as well as an Indian? Surely that's as unacceptable as being both Hindu and Muslim.

William Abraham describes the African as a man of two worlds: belonging to one world, but being fiercely exposed to another.

I am confident we can use the fibe optic project to harness the full potential of ISPs in Tanzania and East African as a whole.

He hasn't tried to ban the book; only urged that caricatures depicting African as a sub-species shouldn't be presented to children.

Although urbanization and industrialization have their advantages, yet they exact their full toll from the African as from anyone else.

Infant morbidity and mortality are increased by the use of infant formula in developing nations such as African as well as in developed nations.

In 4% of cases african by is used

I am an African by birth, a South African.

Black Americans are not African by culture.

The question that I ask, and I am African by the way,.

The education of the African by this former colonial master is a contradiction in terms.

A negative aspect that must be mention is the condemnation of anything African by these missionaries.

The Ball is becoming more African by the day! The operation is a success but The Ball looks very strange.

Brian Joffe -- South African by nationality, Brian Joffee is the founder of one of the largest conglomerates of Africa.

The following account was adapted from Equiano's The Interesting Narrative of Olaudah Equiano or Gustavus Vassa the African by H.

The problem with Congo is the curse of what lies underneath, the wealth untapped! The question that I ask, and I am African by the way,.

Tony Evans Tony is South African by birth but brings his experience of travelling across the world to his role as an innovative photographer in Singapore.

In 3% of cases african at is used

Your visit there will be the chance to see African AT ITS MOST UNTAMED.

Christianity was introduced to the Indian and African at the point of a gun.

Yes the lack of any Ugandan or African at a decision-making level is galling.

Now, Federer has 51 consecutive Grand Slams and needs five more to tie the South African at next year's US Open.

Tumi personally as Timothy i just fell in luv with the shows she hosted, her articulate English, an African at that.

A presentation by a South African at the Angola-South Africa workshop about efforts to attract more black students unnerved the Angolans.

A further 11,400 have shared with the Department of Arts and Culture the values we should subscribe to as a nation in the South African at Heart campaign.

Tarab is the music of Zanzibar - a wailing vocal over a beat that is curiously Arabic and African at the same time, and traditionally only danced by females.

Tarab is the music of Zanzibar -- a wailing vocal over a beat that is curiously Arabic and African at the same time, and traditionally only danced by females.

In 3% of cases african of is used

My wife is South African of Indian descent.

This is the most African of islands, its capital both captivating and claustrophobic.

The Gumbay play is regarded as one of the most African of Jamaica's indigenous religions.

In the white-ruled South African of the 1970s, apartheid was something you learned to live with.

In 2% of cases african about is used

There is nothing African about reality television.

There is something altogether very South African about the way our three cats interact with one another.

But many names are either borrowed from unusual sources (brand names like Courvoisier) or made up (Chuntania) -- nothing African about either.

I'd an emerging screenwriter living overseas and I can't wait for when I start making pictures, pictures told by a black South African about South Africa.

And when it hasn't been in Africa, I spend a lot of time talking to other people who aren't African about how Africa isn't really as violent, isn't as murderous, isn't as corrupt as.

In 1% of cases african like is used

I want my mate BLACK, AFRICAN like me nothing against other people of color but I don't rely on interracial dating to bring my life out of any censored holes.

In 1% of cases african within is used

With a promise of delivery in South African within 24hrs for orders placed before 13:00, it seems that famous last minute is taken care of.

China has provided assistance to African within its capacity, with an emphasis on improving livelihood and helping countries address their immediate difficulties.

Young African Leaders logo I bet he didn't know or expected it to be an initiative from African within Africa but does it really matter? We live in a global world.

In 1% of cases african under is used

Each African under French control was considered a French Subject.

The 2012 AEC meeting was also marked by an award for the best paper of the conference submitted by an African under the age of 40.

But when he stood behind that ball on that Friday night he had 80 years of world cup history and African under achievement to change.

Q: Where were you raised? How has that shaped you? A: Growing up as a white South African under Apartheid presented unique challenges and a remarkable environment.

A true story of how one girl, born of white parents but appearing mixed race (most likely due to race mixing in generations past) grew up in South African under apartheid.

In 1% of cases african through is used

We gain an insight into the middle class south African through the figures of Claudia and Harald.

After that the gene pool was made more and more European and African through successive generations.

The deep-rooted virtues, expressed in each Odu, sustained the African through one of history's darkest hours.

In 1% of cases african rather is used

It's a simplified rap rhythm with lyric chorus and feels East African rather than Arabic.

She also insisted that pupils at her schools use their African rather than European names.

It firmly places Islam within its pre-Islamic contexts, and in so-doing anchors the material as African rather than being a foreign implant.

In 1% of cases african without is used

In that case, you will not see any African without a head load.

In 1% of cases african out is used

This place had created another African out of him.

After the abolition of slave trade, British came up with an agendum pretending they wanted to help rebuild African out of the ruins of slave trade.

In 1% of cases african off is used

It was crewed by current South African off road championship leaders Duncan Vos and Rob Howie, who finished 10th overall in the 2012 Dakar Rally in South America in an Imperial Toyota Hilux.

In 1% of cases african near is used

I hate to disappoint loyal, supportive and discerning fans, so coming soon to an East African near you is a piece about.

In 1% of cases african into is used

He was sent to Cheltenham College where it took some time for him to be changed from a small, freckled, crop-haired South African into an orthodox English public school boy.

In 1% of cases african instead is used

In fact, you'd get farther calling yourself African instead of Negro.

African instead of a half-white guy or half-black guy at the White House.

A few of my Jamaican friends want to know why I chose an African instead of a Jamaican.

In 1% of cases african during is used

Realising that, as a South African during apartheid, this could not happen, he considered applying for Israeli citizenship.

It has been estimated in two separate studies that around 350,000 people died unnecessarily in South African during this period.

In 1% of cases african against is used

Republican against Democrat, Palestinian against Israeli, African against African and more.

In 1% of cases african according is used

The issue of forced sterilization is neither small nor new in African according to the international lobby group, Stop Torture in Health.

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